Accidental Queens' Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story arrives on iOS September 21st
Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is the upcoming sequel to the mystery game, A Normal Lost Phone. Teased earlier this year, the game will be coming to iOS in a couple of weeks. 

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story starts off much like its predecessor - with a lost phone and a mystery to solve. You're digging into a total stranger's phone, cracking codes, and trying to solve puzzles whilst also enjoying the deep story within. 

Though A Normal Lost Phone originally tackling issues about gender, this time around the game take on a different issue but we're not sure what it is yet. Our own Harry Slater was lucky enough to give the game a shot at Gamescom last month so check out what he said about the game

Keep your eyes open as the game'll be dropping on iOS September 21st. We'll let you know when it arrives. 
Emily Sowden 13/9/2017
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