#PGCBangalore - Discover O uses your reactions to explore pleasant, minimalist cities
One of the finalists of the Very Big Indie Pitch in Bangalore was the recently released Discover O. It's certainly different.

The idea is to swipe a blob of colour either up, down, left, or right as quick as possible.

The way it should be swiped depends on where the the colour it matches appears in the circle surrounding it.

As you do this, images of cities from around the world appear in circles around the screen. San Francisco, Goa, Patagonia, Australia and even outer space are included.

In this way, it's like your reactions are being turned into footsteps, exploring the globe.

However, the longer you can keep up matching the colours, the tougher the challenge gets. The outer circle will speed up more and more as it shrinks. If it shrinks so small that you can't see it you lose.

But your score will be recorded and you can go again to try and better it. You can even try exploring a different city.

If you want to give Discover O a go then you can download it for free on the App Store and Google Play for free right now.
Chris Priestman 17/4/2015
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