Switchcars is a fast-paced vehicle swapping escape-from-aliens game that might be coming to mobile
Switchcars is described by developer Altfuture as "an action roguelike-like sidescroller with 1000 vehicles."

I'm not so keen on the "roguelike" label, but it feels great to play as a fast-paced, chaotic action arcade game.

Your challenge is to escape from a horde of hostile aliens as they chase you across various landscapes. You can do this by running but the aliens will soon catch up and kill you. 

Your best option is to grab a vehicle, then, and speed off to the right as fast you can. That's what you're supposed to do.

There are boats, planes, camper vans, motorbikes, and all sorts of vehicles to grab and go.

That's fun by itself, sure, but there you have to be tactical in your vehicle choices.

There are three primary problems that you'll face during your escape. Firstly, the vehicles tend to run out of fuel pretty quickly, so you'll have to swap regularly.

Luckily, the game gives you the ability to store three vehicles and switch between them at any time like magic (hence the title). They'll still run out of fuel, mind, so finding new ones is essential.

Being able to store vehicles also helps you out with the second big problem. As you travel to the right, the terrain is procedurally generated and tends to change dramatically. This can mean going from snow, to sea, then to busy highways.

Different vehicles are better suited to each terrain, so it's in your best interests to have a decent variety of vehicles.


The last problem you face are the aliens. If they do catch up with you, and it's likely that they will, then you'll want to battle them.

This part comes nearer the end of the game, and by then you should aim to have a tank, or maybe a gunship to take them on with. If you drive along solar roadways then futuristic vehicles will spawn, too - that potentially means laser guns.

Apparently, there will be an endgame, but it certainly won't be easy.

Switchcars is currently in development for PC, but Altfuture has said that it would also like to make a mobile version when finished

It's a fun game and one that would work very well on mobiles due to its simple controls. You can keep up with the game's development on its website.
Chris Priestman 12/6/2014
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