Blow up your friends or bots in multiplayer iPad blast Tank of Tanks
Tank of Tanks is perfectly summed up by its title. It's a four-player deathmatch between tanks. Only one of you will be crowned the best.

Like King of Opera, Tank of Tanks gives each player a single button to press to operate her tank. Each of the buttons is located in the four corners of the iPad.

If you hold the button down, your tank will move forward, shooting the one-hit-kill shells from its cannon. By letting go of the button, you cause the tank to spin in a circle on the spot.

So, yes, steering does get a little awkward, but that's just part of the chaotic fun.

You should manage alright, mind. And if you get lucky and chain a few kills together, your tank tracks leave rainbows behind.

Tank of Tanks

Oh, and if you don't have anyone else with which to play, there is a single-player mode with bots. They're not easy to beat, though.

Tank of Tanks is available from the App Store for £1.49 / $1.99. It's everything a local multiplayer game should be: simple and fun.
Chris Priestman 28/3/2014
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