You'll be able to generate a level in upcoming roguelike #Dungeon with just a single tweet
Kieran Hicks and Sean Oxspring's #Dungeon is a roguelike with a unique feature. Rather than rely on procedurally generated levels, its developer decided that you should do the work.

Yes, YOU.

"The game's main hook is that rather than just procedurally generating dungeons, they are all collaboratively made by the players, which allows players to express themselves and leads to more unique experiences," Hicks told us.

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Okay, so player-created dungeons aren't unique. But what IS unique is the method in which they are made.

With a single tweet, you can generate a level in #Dungeon. Seriously.

There's a Twitter account tied to the game. From that account, the dev tweets out code that is then transferred into levels.

You can do the same by using the right syntax and including #HashtagDungeon at the end of a tweet.

The result is something like this...

Hashtag Dungeon

Pretty neat, huh?

As you can see, #Dungeon looks a bit like The Binding of Isaac, albeit with pixel-art. Levels contain exits, slime creatures (among others), rocks, pick-ups, and small decorations (like a skull in the corner).

The code in the tweets determines the contents of each dungeon and the position of the contents. You'll also be able to make dungeons with the in-game editor.

"There are a couple other social elements to the game as well, like being able to leave messages on the floor that other players can see to provide hints or maybe grief fellow players," Hicks told us.

"There is also a basic room rating system with a leader board for the top rated designers."

There isn't a concrete release window for #Dungeon, but we're told to expect it summer 2014. That will be on mobile and PC.
Chris Priestman 11/2/2014
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