Grab your monocle - it's time for a mannerly game of Gentlemen...Ricochet! on iOS
You've been cordially invited to a good game of ricochet, so fetch your monocle, brush your moustache, and we'll start with the wall bouncing.

Gentlemen...Ricochet! bounced on to the App Store [buy] yesterday, and it's not only one of the most polite games we've had the pleasure of meeting, but one with good manners in the gameplay department, too.

You'll need quick fingers to play ricochet with the gentry, as each of the tables is played by pulling back an elastic handle on your ball, to send it flying off in the opposite direction.

Then, if and when it reaches one of stop mats, you'll have to tap to ensure the ball is stopped in motion so you can line up your next shot.

As you bounce your ball around the table, you should try to collect the stars scattered around too, if you want the highest score, that is.

Things get quite barmy the further you go into the game, with a pipe-smoking raptor turning up, and destructible walls, cannons, punching gloves, and gravity manipulation.

Keep yourself in good order and enjoy Gentlemen...Ricochet! on your iOS device right now for just 69p / 99c. There are no in-app purchases either. Such good manners.
Chris Priestman 19/9/2013
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