Lead a group of survivors in stylish point and click Once Upon An Apocalypse
Any serious gamer has probably survived a dozen zombie apocalypses already this week.

Once Upon An Apocalypse is yet another, and it doesn't change the usual fiction up much. But that works in its favour, as it means it doesn't faff about with explaining itself. 

You know the score by now. Zombies are everywhere, and you need to survive. It's the kind of experience you can jump into and emerge on the other side with roughly 15 minutes of play.

It takes place inside a camp where you remain with a handful of survivors. You tap the screen to move around and talk to the others and give them orders.

You're quite a bossy leader, deciding on whether or not to ignite or extinguish the the camp's central fire, instruct people to search for food or other survivors.

Once Upon An Apocalypse

You have a time limit strapped to morning, noon, and night when making these decisions and seeing the results. Food rations are important, and extra survivors can be put on watch to warn of an overnight zombie invasion.

It may take a few replays to discover the strategies within the game that will lead to your rescue. It's quite a repetitive game, though, which is the biggest downer. 

You can check out Once Upon An Apocalypse for yourself on Google Play for 99p [buy]. 
Chris Priestman 16/9/2013
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