Fire toasted bread at time-stealing alien scum in Toast Time for Android
Toast! Delicious warm crispy bread. The snack choice of the discerning muncher.

According to Bristol-based indie developer Force of Habit, it's also a deadly weapon. Especially when fired out of a toaster called Terry.

He's the star of Toast Time, you see, a mixture of arena shooter and tower defence that will be - ahem - popping up on the Google Play Store in the not-too-distant future.

Toast Time has a decidedly retro aesthetic (think white lines and block-colour backgrounds), which wouldn't look out of place on a ZX Spectrum.

A cheeky bleep-bloop soundtrack adds weight to the old skool atmosphere.

There are 15 different weapons from which to choose in Toast Time. You can fire toast from some of them. You can fire crumpets from others.

Anyway, it's your job to kill the interdimensional time-stealing blobs that are invading your neck of the woods. Which makes perfect sense.

With more than 45 missions to battle through, a bonus Coffee Time mode to master, achievements to collect, and a social high score table to climb, Toast Time contains plenty to sink your toast-hungry teeth into.

We'll let you know as soon Toast Time goes live on the Google Play Store.
Harry Slater 24/7/2013
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