Namco Bandai's ace dogfighting sim Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory soars onto the Xperia Play
Namco Bandai's WWI iOS dogfighting sim Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory has soared majestically onto the Xperia Play launcher.

In Rise of Glory, you are able to pull off all manner of aerial acrobatics using the Play's dedicated gaming controls - and you'll need to if you're to stand a chance of evading enemy fire while carrying out the game's 100 missions.

Furthermore, you can take to the skies online to get involved in eight-player real-time aerial combat.

Sky Gamblers: Generic Subtitle

In our review of Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory for iOS, we noted that there's a rather steep learning curve to overcome regarding the combination of touchscreen and accelerometer controls.

The Xperia Play-optimised version should prove that much more accessible, then, though it still, of course, offers the same Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning aerial battles and dogfighting fun.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory is available from the Xperia Play launcher or Google Play, and it's free to install [download].
James Nouch 4/5/2012
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