BlackBerry World 2012: RIM reveals Games, its version of Game Center
In keeping with its push to be the second great gaming platform behind iOS, RIM has announced its own version of Game Center.

Called Games, it will be a standalone app that acts a social hub and a discovery tool.

Integrated with BlackBerry Messenger and the Scoreloop social gaming network, it will launch - time frame to be announced - with the usual ability to add friends, see what they're playing, show achievement and offer challengers.

Features such as multiplayer gaming, both turn-based and real-time are also planned.

Building foundations

The move is all part of RIM's concerted attempt to ensure that its key BlackBerry 10 release (hardware and software) offers developers a solid platform that they can release games on and make money from.

With Android seemingly now limited to free-to-play titles and suffering from very high piracy rates, RIM argues the strong security and payment options on BB 10 mean it can steal a march on Android, despite its install base being numbered in the hundreds of millions.
Jon Jordan 3/5/2012
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