Sony hits adhoc player snag with Vita v1.65 update, promises fix 'soon'
Sony's PlayStation Blog is reporting that yesterday's planned release of the v1.65 update for the PS Vita will remain offline but will be available for downloading again "soon".

Sony pulled the software update from the PSN after numerous users complained they could not access the adhoc play feature in PSP games after installing it.


Thankfully for customers, Sony responded to the complaints quickly and pulled the update before it affected more users.

And thankfully for Sony itself, the update is largely a matter of housekeeping and minor system adjustments so it won't likely face a huge consumer demand.

As it stands, v1.65 aims to address the following issues:
These are welcome enhancements to the Vita's software (the notification alert option specifically) certainly but are hardly the sort of thing gamers will be holding their breath for.

With any luck, after Sony irons out the kinks and makes the v1.65 update live again they will begin working on a way to make PSone classics playable on the Vita.

[source: PlayStation Blog]
Matthew Diener 3/4/2012
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