Pocket Picks round-up: March 31st - LG manufacturing flexible displays, Apple offering iPad refunds, Galaxy S III to have 'Retina' screen
Welcome back, handheld tech lovers, to the treasure trove of gadget-related goodness that is the Pocket Picks round-up.

As usual, we've spent the past week scanning the horizon for exciting new developments in the world of mobile phones and portable devices.

As a direct result of this ceaseless searching, we can bring you news of flexible LG screens, Samsung Galaxy S III rumours, and irate iPad customers.

So, take your seat, keep your elbows off the table, and prepare to get news all over your nice white top as we serve up the latest portion of Pocket Picks updates.

LG manufacturing flexible displays

Though this isn't the first time that Pocket Picks has covered the topic of flexible displays, the futuristic viewscreens never really made it past the prototype stage.

Now, however, LG is putting theory into practise with its new bendable 'e-ink' dislay, which can flex up to 40 degrees at its centre without breaking. 

According to the Korean manufacturer, the idea is to use the displays for e-readers, giving busy commuters with full pockets a flexible alternative to the brittle Kindle.

If it catches on, there's nothing to stop the technology from being used in mobile phones, and possibly even bringing an end to the financial heartache of cracked screens.

Samsung Galaxy S III rumoured to feature Retina-class display

As with any hotly anticipated item, rumours regarding the successor to Samsung's hugely popular Galaxy S II handset have been swirling unchecked around the net with wild abandon.

The latest report, published by Digitimes, claims that the Galaxy S III will have an ultra-high definition screen, capable of rivaling the crystal clear images produced by the iPhone 4's Retina display.

According to the article, Samsung has come up with an AMOLED screen that contains 319 pixels per inch (ppi), a serious contender to the iPhone 4's 326 ppi count.

As for the rest of the handset, the Galaxy S III is expected to have a quad-core CPU, a 4.6 inch edge-to-edge display, and a 12 megapixel camera.

Apple offers refunds over iPad 4G claims

Among the cutting-edge features that Apple's marketing team trumpeted to flog the new iPad was the device's super-high speed 4G LTE support.

However, the high speed internet service's limited global reach has prompted an Australian customer rights group to cry foul play, given the fact that anyone outside North America or Canada will be unable to use the service.

Apple has responded by offering any unhappy Aussie customers a full refund, a result that has prompted other consumer groups - including some in the UK -to consider taking similar action.

There may be more howls of discontent next year, however, when customers realise that their new iPad's don't support the LTE band that British 4G networks are planning to use. You have been warned.

BlueStacks runs Android apps on your PC

In a move that will likely delight Android developers, Bluestacks has launched a Beta of its App Player for Windows.

This means that PC owners will be able to run most Android games and apps on their Windows desktop, and push purchased software from their Android handsets to their computers via a companion app.

Apparently, the emulation for the majority of apps is actually rather good, with games like Angry Birds Space running without a hiccup on the LayerCake-powered App Player.

It'll be interesting to see how many apps benefit from a mouse and monitor interface, and whether developers start coding with Android and Windows platforms in mind. 

Instagram for Android opens registrations

The developers of Instagram are offering to put Google customers in the picture directly regarding the Android launch date of their popular image processing app.

Mobile snappers eager to put a fauxlaroid spin on their pictures can sign-up to be notified the instant the app lands on the Google Play Store, allowing them to be the first Android customers to sample the app's tint-tastic features.

Already catering to 27 million Apple users, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom system stoked the fires of anticipation further still, saying "in some ways, it's better than our iOS app."

If you want to be informed the moment Instagram arrives on Android, jot your email address down here.
James Gilmour 31/3/2012
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