Gameloft picks up Men in Black 3 licence with freemium game inbound for iOS, Android, and Java
Gameloft has picked up the mobile licence for Sony Pictures's summer blockbuster Men in Black 3.

Once again starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones - also with Josh Brolin - the film adds time travel to the whole saving the world from aliens thing.

Part of the mix

As for the mobile game, Gameloft hasn't said much, only that it will be a free-to-play title that will be accessible to all players thanks to its casual nature.

The press releases explains, "Players will not only get to interact with a selection of faithfully inspired characters and aliens of the Men in Black franchise but will have access to special equipment ranging from the Neuralyzer and Gravity Bombs, to the famous Noisy Cricket as well."

"Sony is thrilled to be collaborating with Gameloft on the creation of the new Men in Black 3 game," Mark Caplan, Sony Pictures's VP, said.

"Together, we have developed a game which will bring many hours of interactivity by giving fans keys to the expansive universe of Men in Black. The mobile game is an important part of our marketing for the film."

Let's hope Gameloft makes a better job of the situation than EA did with its recent The Simpsons: Tapped Out game.

The Men in Black 3 mobile game will be released for iOS, Android, and feature phones around the time of the movie's release on May 25th.
Jon Jordan 20/3/2012
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