The Korean National Police Agency will use Angry Birds to combat violence in schools
The multi-million-selling Angry Birds franchise really does get everywhere.

Yesterday, the Korean National Police Agency and Angry Birds's developer Rovio announced that the Angry Birds franchise will be used in Korea as an ambassador in the campaign against violence in schools.

Images of Rovio's infamous birds and piggies - which will be familiar to the majority of young students - will be displayed in prevention centres and public relation buildings around the country.

This move shows that the Korean police doesn't link video games with violence or bullying, which is in direct contrast to Korea's Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

The latter has announced plans to limit the daily access children have to video games by implementing a system that would automatically shut down games after just two hours of play.

KNPA [via Kotaku]
Anthony Usher 23/2/2012
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