Jagex CEO believes new Apple hardware could 'kill the App Store'
Mark Gerhard, COE of developer Jagex, has made some doom-laden predictions regarding the future of the App Store.

Speaking at a BAFTA-chaired Games Question Time, Gerhard spoke of how advancements in browser technology will lure developers away from closed platforms.

"This is controversial, but the mobile bubble will burst this year," Gehard said.

"There just isn't the money there. The only people that are winning right now are Apple and consumers."

The price of success

Gerhard believes that the cost of developing a highly-polished profit-making game for the App Store doesn't justify the return, revealing that Jagex's four chart-topping iPhone games only generate £3,000 or £4,000 profit a month. 

Going further still, he declared that Apple hardware updates like the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 could make the situation worse, and ultimately "kill the App Store".

"I think that fundamentally, bar a handful of winners that Apple is keeping, nobody makes money on their platform. It's great for consumers, not good for developers, and that's going to be the death of it," Gerhard continued.

Right of reply

Not everyone agreed with Gerhard's assessment, however.

Elite creator David Braben argued in favour of the App Store model, praising it as an excellent "route to market", ensuring developers can effectively and directly reach their audience.

"The advantage of The App Store is that it's a place that focuses you; you're seeing what's coming out," Braben stated. "With the internet it's a lot, lot harder."


James Gilmour 22/2/2012
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