Rumour: Google's new Android 5.0 Jelly Bean OS to be released in Q2 2012
Grab your salt. We have another DigiTimes rumour for you.

According to "Taiwan-based supply chain makers", Google is likely to release the next iteration of its Android operating system during the second quarter of this year.

Furthermore, it's believed that Google will appeal to hardware manufacturers to either solely adopt Android 5.0 Jelly Bean or add the operating system to Windows 8-powered devices.

Said devices, which would feature dual-booting capabilities, would apparently allow you to easily switch between both operating systems without needing to be shut down first.

Just no

It seems unlikely that Google would release another version of its Android OS so soon after the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich, which - after three months - only runs on around one per cent of active Android-powered devices.

Also, Google has previously stated that it would release any new major OS updates on a yearly schedule, which again would appear to refute this new rumour.

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Anthony Usher 17/2/2012
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