Sony unveils UK Vita download game prices - Stardust £6.49, MotorStorm £4.79
Sony has announced the launch prices for its first batch of download-only PS Vita titles, pricing the games between £4.79 and £9.99.

The cheapest of the five games on offer is surprisingly MotorStorm RC, the top-down spin-off from the PS3 racing series.

We were told by Evolution Studios during our hands-on with the game last year that the title would be in "impulse buy" territory, but while it's not quite in the smartphone game pricing range, the £4.79 price tag and glossy presentation are sure to grab people's attention.

Fire at will

In the second-cheapest pricing bracket of £6.49 is another surprise: Super Stardust: Delta. This is a title that takes the PS3 exclusive - pyrotechnics and all - and transplants it onto the smaller screen.

Alongside Stardust in the £6.49 price bracket are two Vita sports sims - Top Darts and the pool-playing Hustle Kings.

Finally, the puzzling Escape Plan 'wins' the dubious honour of being the most expensive download-only launch title, coming in at £9.99.
Will Wilson 13/2/2012
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