Sony publishes list of 275 PSP titles that will be playable on PS Vita at launch
Sony has listed hundreds of PSP titles that will be playable on PS Vita when it launches in Europe and the US later this month.

A grand total of 275 PSP games and PlayStation Minis will be compatible with Sony's new portable powerhouse on day one, including popular titles such as both God of War games, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and Patapon 2.

If you can't find your favourite PSP games on the full list, fear not: Sony has said it intends to make more PSP games available for the Vita in future.

Forgot your passport?

PSP owners who purchased their games digitally via the PlayStation Store will be able to redownload them to their shiny new handheld at no extra charge.

European PSP fans clinging onto their physical UMD collection, meanwhile, are still awaiting confirmation from SCEE on whether its UMD Passport scheme will make it across to their region.

This scheme, which went live in Japan in December, allows you to purchase digital copies of your PSP games for between £4 and £12.

The PlayStation Vita launches in Europe and North America on February 22nd.

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Tom Worthington 10/2/2012
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