Endless invasion game My Army marches onto iPhone
Putting a spin on the endless running game comes the latest release from UK studio Distinctive Developments' Bad Puppet label.

It describes My Army as Cannon Fodder meets Snake as you control your squad of soldiers by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch to move them around obstacles such as barbed wire and mines, while picking up ammo.

You start each level with a squad of four, but you can pick up POWs to add to your lifeline. Obviously hitting an obstacle will see your team depleted by one soldier.

Other hazards include incoming shells that you have to tap on to explode them before they cause damage. Your soldiers will automatically shoot at enemies, as long as they have ammo.

Band of brothers

As you can tell, gameplay-wise My Army is pretty simple, but as with such games, you're encouraged to play more thanks to achievements, unlockables and social elements.

In the case of the latter, if you connect to Facebook, the game will turn your friends' contact details into soldiers, and you'll get multiples if they - in turn - buy, play and connect the game.

Your score in each game, which is calculated by how far your squad got before they died, is used to unlock new uniforms (which act as power ups) and vehicles.

Your accumulated distance is also used as a measure of where you've invaded, with each country rated in terms of its population, so you can liberate Samoa for 187,030 Army points, but China requires 1.3 billion points.

My Army is out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 69p for iPhone and iPod touch.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

Jon Jordan 23/1/2012
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