iPhone games ahoy
Now that the iPhone has been out for over a week, some Apple-crazed upstarts have got the jump on releasing games for the must-have device.

We covered Fun4iPhone's tongue in cheek iWhack last week, but since then a couple more sites have emerged, each hosting a unique and fairly broad selection of browser-based games.

MacMost has gone the tried-and-tested route with a selection of predictable titles that, while a tad uninspiring, will certainly help to keep boredom at bay for those who have already become desensitised to the iPhone's glitzy interface.

The games are Solitaire, Minesweeper, Match Three, Collapsing Blocks, Sudoku and the ominous sounding iPhone Assassin, which is listed with no details besides that you can 'Play against others in the real world'.

Not bad, but not the sort of line up that will build the iPhone's credentials as a closet portable gaming wizard. The brand new outfit iGiki, however, seems to be making more of an effort to provide original iPhone content.

How about Sink or Swim, a casual effort that challenges you to save flailing overboard people from shark attacks? Meanwhile Outer Wars is a 3D shooter featuring ships and backdrops that should have a certain Mr Lucas wondering where his licence went if it gains any sort of popularity. There is also the gloriously macabre EuroDarts, which takes the pub classic and adds a human target complete with spumes of claret after successful throws.

There are hordes of other more casual titles and fun there such as the iGiki Music Maker, although unfortunately they are not all free. Giki's games are divided into GikiSingles, GikiPacks, and GikiMinis. The GikiPack costs $2 for three months worth of access and the GikiSingles are $1 for three months. The GikiMinis, howeve,r are free.

Although we haven't had the chance to play any of the games being that Pocket Gamer is based in the UK and we're sadly sans-iPhone, it seems clear there is some momentum out there for playing games on Apple's wonder device. Once the iPhone is granted Flash capabilities, there is no telling how far it could drive a browser-based gaming scene tailored specifically for it.

Hopefully by the time the iPhone is released in Europe there will be plenty of games available for review.
Fraser MacInnes 9/7/2007
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