Manomio shows off IK+, Turrican 2 running on iPhone
For gamers of a certain age and persuasion, the prospect of Amiga emulation on the iPhone is almost painfully exciting. We've already seen Flashback and signs of IK+ thanks to retro developer Manomio, and now the company is showing off cold hard shoot-'em-up classic Turrican 2 along with IK+ in a new video.

For those who don't know, Turrican 2 is a masterpiece of early on-foot horizontally scrolling shooter design. Using just a single 'action' button (or two with certain joysticks) it's possible to fire in 360 degrees, turn into an indestructible ball, and generally wreak havok in a strange alien world with hovering platforms.

The verson on display in the video Manomio released the morning seems to use slightly odd touchscreen controls - instead of an onscreen D-pad you tap anywhere on the screen to move, shoot, and jump. Presumably multi-touch will play a role in distinguishment movement from fighting.

It looks like a pretty solid version, though, with graphics and sound perfectly intact.

Also on display in the same video is IK+. We've heard about this one already but it's good to see the game in action. Like Turrican 2, it doesn't use an onscreen D-pad, but rather appears to involve swiping in the direction you want to strike, again presumably using multi-touch to distinguish movement from attack.

Rob Hearn 19/4/2010
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