Exclusive: Audi A1 Beat Driver zipping towards iPhone
The words ‘promotional app’ may conjure up terrifying visions in your head - visions of pause screens every three seconds extolling the virtues of a product, or flimsy gameplay styled on another more popular title.

Audi A1 Beat Driver surprised me somewhat during my exclusive hands on with the title, as it doesn’t force the car down your throat every two seconds, and isn't a poor carbon copy of Real Racing or GTR: Motor Academy either.

Instead, VeeMee has gone down the unusual route of making a rhythm-action title disguised as a car game, that looks a little like cult-classic Rez and plays a little like the PC indie game Audiosurf.

There are nine licensed (music) tracks that double up as the (racing) tracks, which range from artists I’ve never heard of, like Torpedo, to some familiar names such as Le Roux and White Lies.

Each track snakes away with the music and is littered with small blocks that need to be collected and subsequently ‘banked’ before you hit any obstacles. Think The Weakest Link without a smarmy middle-aged woman and with an as-yet-unreleased car.

There’s the usual smattering of individual leaderboards as well as an intriguing Challenge mode that charts the leader’s score in real-time on screen against your own, which should encourage a bit of competition.

It’s surprisingly feature-packed for a free app, especially considering you get nine licensed songs for free. It should be out on the App Store on the 19th of April.

Will Wilson 16/4/2010
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