Official Space Invaders lands on the iPhone
Being a long time lover of the arcades, Taito holds a special place in my heart. Not only for revolutionaries like Space Invaders, which just made its official debut on the App Store, but for the constant stream of smaller classics it filled those neon temples with.

Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, Renegade, Chase HQ, Operation Wolf, Rastan, Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story
... the list is endless.

So the fact that Taito has just joined the fraternity of big name developers on the iPhone is big news indeed. It’s kicked off with the original and the best, Space Invaders, which provides a pixel perfect representation of the 1978 coin guzzler, complete with stylish bezel and coloured screen overlay.

But does this mean the arm-long list of games mentioned above might also find their way onto the App Store, too? Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and New Zealand Story leap off that list for me, but Taito’s 35 years of arcade game design means it’s got a wealth of retro jewels that it could now bring to the iPhone.

Let us know which Taito games you’d like to see the most, and perhaps we can put together a petition.
Spanner Spencer 23/2/2009
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