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3DS outsells Vita 14 to 1 in Japan

Short and sweet… for Nintendo

Product: Nintendo news | Manufacturer: Nintendo
Nintendo news 3DS, thumbnail 1
The weekly sales figures from Japan are in, and they paint a grim picture for Sony.

Sales of the PS Vita continued to decline, falling roughly 10 per cent from 9,081 units sold last week to 8,203 sold between July 30th and August 5th.

Sales of Sony’s PSP also took a downward turn yet it still managed to outsell the Vita, falling 14.5 per cent from 14,029 units sold to 11,989.

Although difficult to quantify, it’s easy to undertstand how the news about Sony’s shaky Q1 profits did little to encourage consumers.

Never count Nintendo out

The 3DS sales for the same period nearly halved, falling 49.5 per cent from 235,974 units sold to 118,786. This steep drop-off was expected, as last week’s sales were heavily inflated by the release of the new 3DS XL.

On the software side of the sales, the DS and 3DS combined to hold 5 out of the 10 top spots with New Super Mario Bros. 2 coming in at #2. The sole PSP or PS Vita game in the top 10 was Digimon World Redigitize, which came in at #8.

The top-selling game for the week was Dragon Quest X for the venerable Wii, which is not altogether surprising given the Dragon Quest-crazed populous of Japan.


Reviewer photo
Matthew Diener 9 August 2012
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Aug 2012
Post count:
Austin McCaleb | 15:29 - 10 August 2012
When I meant reviews I meant player reviews not reviews from critics cause they are never good to go by. Gameinformer gave the critically acclaimed Wii game The Last Story a 6 out of 10, and when you look at the user reviews they give it a 9 out of 10.
Jul 2012
Post count:
Paul_Murphy | 08:39 - 10 August 2012
@ Gamezero the 3G aspect is obsolete with many games not offering Mp on it.

@ Austin the thing is, review scores are just someones opinion and are not fact. I've enjoyed many games that were critically panned.

And I only asked if people who say it has no good games actually have one. You don't. Proved my point. ;)
Jul 2012
Post count:
gamezer0 | 23:21 - 9 August 2012
Honestly I think both 3DS and PS Vita are great.
Both have good/great RPG, Platform, Fighters and Back-catalog games.

The 3DS is doing well because of two things.
1. Good Games
2. 3DS Price Drop :)

PS Vita has Great games no doubt. But Sony drop the ball on the price(or atleast bundled a MC with it to justify the price)and some PSN game compatibility... Also the 3G speed will be/is obsolete. I don't know about non-U.S. gamers but, AT&T being the only 3g carrier for the Vita wont help it sell well in the U.S.
Aug 2012
Post count:
Austin McCaleb | 15:18 - 9 August 2012
I never said it didn't have any good games just meant that it didn't have a lot of them. I have games on the 3ds that I think are fun but if you look at reviews that people give them, they aren't rated that high. There isn't any game out right now that I would buy if I ever got a Vita besides Uncharted. There a quite a few ports from other consoles. But if you already have that game for another system why buy it again.
In the future there are many promising titles like Assassins Creed, LittleBigPlanet, COD, FFX HD, etc.

Jul 2012
Post count:
Paul_Murphy | 09:05 - 9 August 2012
Interesting to know if any of the "vita has no good games" brigade actually have a Vita.

Because everyone who does have one says the same thing; there are and too many to play.

Aug 2012
Post count:
s4ndm4n87 | 08:47 - 9 August 2012
I completely disagree with the comment the vita has no good games. Its been out for 6 months. Compare the games out for vita to the games out for the 3DS after 6 months. the 3ds had maybe 3 good games (ocarina, star fox and SF4). The vita has so many good games. I've already got a back log of games for the vita (after the PSN sale a few weeks ago). I think its just become popular to complain about the vita having no games but compared to the 3ds at the same point it has more games and more 80%+ games.
The 3ds price cut and the release of mario kart and mario 3ds really stole the vita's thunder. its annoying for someone like me that bought it day 1, but sony should drop the price before christmas.
Aug 2012
Post count:
Austin McCaleb | 03:26 - 9 August 2012
The Vita is a good system but its lack of good games is what's killing it. To me the 3ds is better even though it has less power than the Vita. It has great games that help it sell.
Aug 2012
Post count:
Austin McCaleb | 03:25 - 9 August 2012
The Vita is a good system but its lack of good games is what's killing it. To me the 3ds is better even though it has less power than the Vita. It has great games that help it sell.
Aug 2012
Post count:
@BodineJeffro | 02:55 - 9 August 2012
Ironic, since the games on Vita look 14 times better than the games on 3DS.
Aug 2012
Post count:
Josh Powers | 02:13 - 9 August 2012
This makes me a sad panda. I personally think the Vita is a far better system than the 3DS. I own both and I rarely touch my 3DS since I got my Vita. I only wish Sony would get their act together and make the PSN for the Vita better. Well, I suppose it could be lack of developer support too. Anyway, I wish the Vita would get more attention in the game department. It isn't going to last long at this rate.
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