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Doug dug. is a new and amusing mining game that channels Dig Dug's retro vibe
by Chris Priestman 16/5/2014
Product: Doug dug.
Developer: The Electric Toy Company
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Arcade
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Doug dug. won me over as soon as the line "Congratulations, you have reached a new low" flashed up on-screen upon my digging down farther than I had before.

That's the sense of humour that runs throughout the game. It's a game that has a lot of character packed into its pixels.

Luckily, it doesn't need to rely on amusing you with quips like that all the time. Doug dug. is a solid and fun arcade mining game that will please fans of genre classic Dig Dug.

Straightforward four-way swiping controls mean that digging is as easy as moving Doug around. The challenge lies in not being crushed by the dirt crushing you.

Get a little farther down and you'll start to encounter vicious monsters amid the scattered shining treasure. Luckily, with the cash you make, you can buy upgrades to help you out.

The jackhammer is a prime example. Rather than your making slow progress with a pickaxe, the jackhammer lets you dive through the dirt.

Of course, it comes with the added risk you'd expect when you lack control of a drilling machine.

At 69p / 99c, Doug dug. is an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys mining games. Go grab it right now on the App Store.

Oh, and Android players: Doug dug. will be heading to Google Play soon. Honest.
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