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Toast Time will pop up on Google Play with insane bread-based action on September 5th
by Chris Priestman 29/8/2013
Product: Toast Time
Developer: Force of Habit
Publisher: Force of Habit
Format: Android
Genre: Action, Retro, Shooter, Tower defence
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Toast is the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

That's why you must fire it at aliens, who intend to steal the alarm clock and stop your morning munch time from happening.

It's not been long since we last covered Toast Time, but this arcade action game now has a release date. It's coming to Google Play on September 5th, and will be 50 percent off during launch week. That means it will be £0.99 / $1.49.

Ashley Gwinnell, co-founder of developer Force of Habit, reckons that Toast Time will also come to iOS and WP8 once he has devices to test it on. He's not ruling out other Android markets, either.

Inspired by Super Crate Box and Cave Story, Toast Time has 45 single-screen levels in which you must defend an alarm clock for between 30 and 120 seconds as Terry the Toaster.

Each level has its own music too, "so when loads of enemies come in, the music is written to go crazier," says Gwinnell.

You tap anywhere on the screen to fire toast, which has the extra benefit of shooting Terry in the opposite direction, turning him into a bullet as well.

There are cereal bowls and dustbins in the levels that will help and hinder you, and picking up crates grants you a new weapon with limited ammo.

According to Gwinnell, these weapons include "bagels, baguettes, farmhouse slices, croutons, a loose plug socket to swing around, a dodgy grill to fire burning napalm death," and so on.

Crates also unlock customisations for Terry, like a tophat or whiskers. Gwinnell emphasises that these are unlocks and not purchases - there are no IAPs.

So make sure you're hungry for toast on September 5th, Android players.
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