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Radiangames slices the price of its Silver Award-winning iOS puzzler Slydris down to free
by Harry Slater 7/8/2013
Product: Slydris
Developer: Radiangames
Publisher: Radiangames
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Puzzle
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If you like variations on the Tetris mechanic and you haven't got a great deal of credit on your iTunes account, then I've got some good news for you.

Radiangames's Silver Award-winning Slydris is free on iOS for a limited time.

At review, we described Slydris as "an engaging, neon-bright puzzler", and said that it "plays with the building blocks of the best and comes up with something pretty damn good".

There are no falling Tetrominos for you to swish and swipe into place here, mind.

Instead, you shift coloured chunks to try and create a solid line across the playing area. By doing so, you clear some space and buy yourself more time.

Slydris is an addictive and challenging little game. And getting through to the later stages requires a heady combination of dexterity and mental agility. And a bit of luck.

You can grab Slydris from the App Store right now for nothing at all [download]. You'd better be quick, however, because this promotion is set to end pretty soon.

Unfortunately, Android gamers still have to pay full whack for the Google Play version of Slydris, though it's still pretty cheap at just £1.49 [buy].
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