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Valkyrie will test your reflexes as you run through a retro-future fantasy
by Chris Priestman 6/8/2013
Product: Valkyrie
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Endless running
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Once the battle has been fought and foe slain on either side, someone has to decide the fate of the fresh souls creeping from their mortal bodies.

Legend has it that valkyries - winged female creatures - decide the fate of every soldier; which should live and which to take with them to the great halls of Valhalla. 

In Bitfrost Studio's Valkyrie, you play as one of these noble deciders of fate, as she runs across a mystical retro-future land collecting souls as fast as possible.

No doubt there are many ways to transfer the frantic flight of a valkyrie into a gaming experience. Bitfrost sided with a first person runner that tests your reflexes with swipes and touches.

You run through vast rocky canyons aligned with mystical architecture, and past the collapsing ruins of an ancient civilisation that you can only imagine the rich history of. 

While Valkyrie's visual design is certainly eye-catching, your attention will be sternly focused on the upcoming obstacles and huge gaps to jump. 

Swiping up lifts your valkyrie over treacherous falls, swiping down causes her to slide under low-hanging blockades, and touching the right side of the screen de/activates light bridges and walls.


While each of these obstacles are quite manageable by themselves, combinations such as a series of jumps with light walls and bridges in between, as well as rocks to slide under, can get very finicky. 

It's certainly testing of your reactions and precision with touch and swipes. However, it's possible that frustration can be found when you're sure you issued a touch command but the game failed to react. 

You might want to get prepared to screen at your screen a few times.

Fortunately, failure in Valkyrie sees the player quickly reset to a previous section so they can try again without penalties. 

Valkyrie is served up in two gameplay modes. First, there are 10 levels, each unique in look, soundtrack, environment and difficulty.

Then there's the inevitable Endless Mode, which comes with online leaderboards.

If you're up for the challenge of becoming a figure of legend, then you can already purchase Valkyrie on the App Store for $0.99 / £0.69.

Whereas on Google Play it's being sold for $1.99 / £1.20 (Thanks for the correction @SuperGameDroid!).

It should be noted that the website lists the game's price on the App Store at $1.99 too, which implies the current price is a launch week discount. Still, Android users are missing out on a discount here.
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