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Authentic skateboarding sim True Skate does deceptively unimpressive ollie onto Android
by Mark Brown 19/7/2013
Product: True Skate
Developer: True Axis
Publisher: True Axis
Format: Android
Genre: Sports
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Realistic skateboarding sim and Gold Award-winning iOS game True Skate is now available on Android.

This is not like the Tony Hawk's series, mind. You can't do a backflip with a button press, and the in-game gravity is not based on the moon.

Instead, you are challenged to pull off basic skateboarding tricks in True Skate via gesture-driven controls and down-to-earth physics.

In our review of the iOS version of the game, we said: "Its learning curve is steep, but the feeling of pride you get when you pull off something incredible is second to none."

Parking fee

Like in the iOS version, you only get one skatepark in this Android edition. You'll have to cough up more cash - through an in-app purchase - to get the second.

You can also optionally spend real money on bonus nonsense like slow motion and board customisation.

True Skate's available on Android right now. It's £1.29 / $1.99. It's good. Knock yourself out.

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