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Award-winning Disney puzzlers Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? splash onto Windows Phone 8
by Anthony Usher 24/12/2012
Product: Where's My Water?
Developer: Creature Feep
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Format: Windows Phone
Genre: Puzzle
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Excellent iPhone and iPad physics-puzzlers Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? have just splashed onto Microsoft's Windows Phone Store.

In Disney's Silver Award-winning Where's My Water?, you're tasked with directing a crystal-clear stream of H2O around algae, acid, and other hazards, and into the bathtub of a lovable croc named Swampy.

You do this across 400 stages, which are packed with rubber duckies and hidden items that boost your high score and unlock special levels.

Brother from the same mother

Bronze Award-winning Where's My Perry? is, in truth, rather similar to the abovementioned croc-based game. And that's no bad thing, at all.

Your aim is to manipulate water in its solid, liquid, and gas forms in order to solve puzzles and help Agent P get back to his super-secret headquarters.

There are currently only 80 levels in this follow-up, but more will be introduced in free updates.

You can download Where's My Water? [buy] and Where's My Perry? [buy] for your Windows Phone 8-powered devices for 79p / 99c apiece.

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