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Excellent iOS puzzler Dark Nebula rolls onto Android for 63p
by Anthony Usher 18/6/2012
Product: Dark Nebula
Developer: 1337 Game Design
Format: Android
Genre: Action, Puzzle
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Free Lunch Design's excellent iOS puzzle game Dark Nebula, which - along with its sequel - has amassed six million iPhone downloads, has just rolled onto Google Play.  

"It's not necessarily easy to build on an existing, and very successful, brand but our talented team has outdone themselves. Dark Nebula for Android is as brilliant as the iOS versions plus some awesome HD element and full tablet support," Magnus Alm, Free Lunch Design's CEO, said.

If you're unfamiliar with this first episode of Dark Nebula, it's a labyrinth-style affair that tasks you with tilting your device in order to guide a ball around various arenas - all of which are packed obstacles, hazards, and traps.

Dark Nebula is 63p.

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