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Free Diablo III Server Checker app for Android keeps you updated on server status
by Matthew Diener 18/5/2012
Product: Diablo III Server Checker
Publisher: Eluamous
Format: Android
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Fans of Diablo III with Android devices can now plan their weekend and days off intelligently thanks to a new app on Google Play, Diablo 3 Server Checker.

Developed by Eluamous (also responsible for WoW Realm Checker and SWTOR Server Checker), Diablo 3 Server Checker allows players to monitor the real-time status of Diablo III servers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

The rocky launch of Diablo III this week has angered players and left Blizzard with some egg on its face as continuing problems with server maintenance and emergency patching have plagued the game since its launch on May 15th.

The devil’s in the details

Worse still for Blizzard is the fact that the Diablo III offers no real offline, single-player mode and is essentially unplayable when the servers are down due to aggressive, always-on DRM requirements.

While Diablo 3 Server Checker will not help get Diablo III online and stable any faster, it's free and its tiny profile (517k) make it a great tool for planning your social life around Blizzard’s unpredictable - and extended - server maintenance.

Google Play: Diablo 3 Server Checker

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