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Kinect Star Wars companion app for Windows Phone lets the force flow through your Twitter account
by James Gilmour 17/4/2012
Product: Kinect Star Wars
Publisher: Microsoft
Format: Windows Phone
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When developers release companion apps for their console games, it's usually with a mind to letting players explore additional elements of the game while they're away from their sofas.

So, you would presumably expect the Kinect Star Wars companion app for Windows Phone to provide a datapad filled with Force Lore, or a list of dance combos to revise while you're flying solo, right?

Wrong. Instead of just letting you interact with your Xbox data, this particular companion app acts as a Star Wars-themed mobile hub, tapping into your Twitter and Facebook feeds and displaying them over images of a galaxy far, far away.

Alert all commands

The app lets you post updates, view your profile pages, and pin a shortcut to your phone's start screen for easy access.

Twitter options are fairly robust, too, with separate pages allocated for messages, mentions, follows, and so on. You'll even get a dedicated Kinect feed with updates from the Star Wars characters themselves.

Also, if you've always dreamed of viewing your status updates in the form of a Star Wars title sequence, we strongly recommend checking out the landscape view.

Anyone running Windows Phone 7.5 or above can download the Kinect Star Wars app for free now [download].

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