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Location-based RPG Fighter City punching its way onto iPhone tomorrow
by Will Wilson 11/4/2012
Product: Fighter City
Publisher: Gamevil
Format: iPhone
Genre: Location- based, RPG
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Gamevil's attractive-looking location-based RPG Fighter City will go live on the UK and US App Stores at midnight tonight (a little earlier than that, actually, if you're on Pacific Time).

In Fighter City, you create your own colourful fighter and train him in various real-life martial arts in order to seize real-life territories from real-life rivals.

Thankfully, the characters themselves bear little resemblance to brawlers you'd find in the real world, with a ton of customisation options allowing for some really weird-looking men and ladies.

My personal favourite from the screenshots is the man in a suit and facemask, whom I'm going to call "The Biz Burglar".

Fighter City is a freemium game, so expect an energy or social system to stop you from playing until you've conquered the world. Fighter City will be out from midnight this evening on iPhone.
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