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PerBlue doubles up releasing location-based RPG Parallel Mafia for Android and iOS
by Jon Jordan 5/4/2012
Product: Parallel Mafia
Developer: PerBlue
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Location- based, Multiplayer, Strategy
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Location-based mobile games are a sector that's seeing plenty of innovation.

And one of the leading outfits is US start up PerBlue, which has successfully built up its fantasy RPG Parallel Kingdom to more than one million players.

It's now looking to double up with new free-to-play launch Parallel Mafia, which has just been released for iOS (separate iPhone and iPad versions) and Android.

Gang clash

Of course, there are already some mafia-themed location games available, notably Red Robot Labs' Life is Crime.

PerBlue CEO Justin Beck isn't worried, however.

"Competition is good. It shows the concept works," he says, although also pointing he considers the gameplay of Parallel Mafia to be very different.

"There are menu-based games and there are click-and-move games. I think they appeal to different players," he argues.

Getting the balance

In terms of PerBlue's release, it uses the well understood themes of the genre such as avatar customisation, levelling up via completing jobs, controlling territory and extorting protection money, and working your way up the leaderboards.

Beck says the developer has learnt from its first game too.

"We've simplified the gameplay and user experience compared to Parallel Kingdom," he says.

"I think this one is more dynamic, while we use the gang concept to add another layer, which generates more depth."

Starting gun

In terms of the game's rollout, the developer expects to be supporting it with regular content updates.

"The launch is exciting, but the hard work really starts now," Beck laughs.

Other features to be rolled out include the ability to play via browser (statically of course), while language support - German, Spanish, French and Japanese - is also planned.

You can find out more about the game via its website, or check out the video below.

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