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Red Robot crosses the platform dons, brings successful Android location-based title Life is Crime to iPhone
by Jon Jordan 18/1/2012
Product: Life Is Crime
Developer: Red Robot Labs
Publisher: Red Robot Labs
Format: iPhone
Genre: Location- based, Multiplayer
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Having been downloaded over a million times on Android, Red Robot Labs' location-based game Life is Crime is now successfully released on iOS.

Soft launched early in January, and now available in the US, Canada and the UK, the developer has proclaimed itself happy with the version that's hit the #2 position in the free US iPhone chart.

Go anywhere

A cross-platform title - so you can share your account across Android and iOS should you wish - you play as a gangster, collaborating and competing to commit virtual crimes at real locations.

Mission including picking up and dropping of contraband, plus lots of PVP action as you attempt to take control of real-world locations, collecting protection money and building your REP. Another layer is the ability to create gangs - including live chat - to compete for bigger prizes and territory.

Of course, as with all free-to-play games, you can spend real cash in order to get the R2 credits that will speed up in-game actions and enable you to buy better weapons and gear. Life is Crime also hooks into Tapjoy's incentivised exchange program if you want to earn in-game currency by signing up to things.

Make your own world

Adding more customisation, Red Robot has implemented a crowd-sourcing tool that enables you to add places into the virtual world. Players can participate in map and venue creation, moderate the locations where they play, and including their local bar, coffee shop or eatery.

"We have a great community of players and a host of cool locations and turf that they vigilantly defend," commented co-founder and chief product officer, Pete Hawley.

"We wanted to take it a step further so our users aren't just crime dealers, but crime architects. In essence, we're creating a mobile MMO that empowers the community to create the world together. We want people to feel so connected to Life is Crime that they will continue to play for years to come."

Life is Crime is available for Android [link] and iPhone, and is free-to-play.
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