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Nonogram puzzling goes 3D with Picross 3D for DS
by Jon Jordan 15/1/2010
Product: Picross 3D
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: DS
Genre: Puzzle
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If the brain twisting aspect of Japanese game Picross - in which you fill in blank squares within a grid to make a picture - wasn't hard enough, there's now a 3D version coming to DS.

Knowingly called Picross 3D, it adapts the nonogram puzzle mechanic by getting you to apply it the four sides of each of the offered puzzles. In this way, you chisel out the required object by removing cubes rather than filling in blank squares.

Apparently, Nintendo reckons Picross 3D has fewer rules when compared to normal 2D Picross though as it only requires you to apply logical rules, not to work out which blocks might be filled based on contradictions by comparing multiple rows.

The game - developed by Nintendo firstparty developer HAL Labs is also said to introduce new gameplay elements and tactics.

And guess what? When you complete one of the 350 objects, it will do a little celebratory animation for you.

But if 350 isn't enough, Picross 3D also comes with a level editor for you to create new puzzles and share them via local wireless and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. New official content for the game will also be made available by the NWC, as well as enabling you to download other players' puzzles.

Indeed, you'll even be able to enter an international competition for the best Picross 3D puzzle.

Picross 3D will be released in Europe on 5th March.
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