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Terra Battle gets The Last Story crossover update soon; more details on Thursday (Android) 15 April
Two RPGs walk into a bar...
Amazon App Store promotion gets you more Hearthstone Card Packs for your money (Android) 15 April
Into the jungle
Nitrome updates the brilliant Magic Touch with new spells, enemies, more (Android) 15 April
A wave of the wand
The European Commission is investigating whether Google is illegally hindering Android's rivals (Android) 15 April
Monopoly problems
Beat free puzzler AUX B in the next month to have a chance at winning tickets to the B-Sides Music Festival (Android) 15 April
Win the music
Cult classic Japanese platformer Sayonara UmiharaKawase heading west on PS Vita (PS Vita) 15 April
Rubber rods at the ready
The remake of JRPG classic Ys Chronicles 1 is coming to iOS and Android soon (Android) 15 April
Esteria is in trouble once again
Out at midnight: Tiny Guardians looks cute but doesn't hold back on challenging tactical play (iPhone) 15 April
Small but mighty
Out at midnight - Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic lets you doodle to cast spells (Android) 15 April
Squiggle magic
Super Smash Bros add-on shop opens, Mewtwo codes sent out via email (3DS) 15 April
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