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Tainted Keep is a 3D RPG slasher that's out right now on iOS and Android (Android) 25 November
Keep it clean
2048 in Widget! is the first game you can play entirely in the notifications bar of your iPhone or iPad (iPhone) 25 November
And obviously it's a clone
Wicked Lair, a mashing together of tower defence, RPG, and dungeon building, is out right now on iOS and Android (Android) 25 November
If you build it, they will die
The Longest Journey Remastered is spinning its spell on iPad and iPhone right now (iPhone) 25 November
How long is it?
Talisman: Digital Edition receives The Dungeon expansion (Android) 24 November
Digital dungeon
Humble Crescent Moon Mobile Bundle has Shadow Blade, The Deer God, loads more (Android) 24 November
Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores expansion comes to Android (Android) 24 November
Not so forgotten
Dumb Ways to Die 2 has more funny cartoon deaths to avoid, out on iOS (iPhone) 24 November
Careful does it
Classic 3D fighting game Soul Calibur is on a limited-time sale on Android (Android) 24 November
Raise your sword
Roguelike adventure Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon revealed for 3DS in Japan (3DS) 24 November
Crossover capers
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