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Dragon Ball Legends just surpassed 2.5 million pre-registration participants and it's still going (Android) 17 April
Taste my spirit bomb
Octopath Traveler introduces new characters and Path Actions in its latest overview trailer (Switch) 17 April
And, oh, so pretty
Gattaca director Andrew Niccol creates a new world for the upcoming AR game ANON (Android) 17 April
Stealthy puzzles in futuristic noir
Guns of Boom teams up with Danny Trejo for an exciting new update (Android) 17 April
Get ready to go lone wolf
Check out the video of our Catan VR Twitch stream right here (Android) 17 April
Plus other streams
Meteorfall's 'Necrodude' update should be coming next month and there's even more on the way (Android) 17 April
Shiny new things
Venture Kid is headed to Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive (Switch) 16 April
A blast from the past
A Pokemon Switch game could kick off with the 8th generation (Switch) 16 April
But when?
Best iOS and Android sales this week - Dungeon Rushers, The Quest, Deemo, and more (Android) 16 April
A little easier on your wallets
Shadowmatic gets a brand new chapter this week with tons of new levels to enjoy (iPhone) 16 April
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