Pocket Gamer
Telltale's The Wolf Among Us is on the Google Play Store at long last (Android) 29 October
Howling for it
Out at midnight: Bulkypix's Grey Cubes is a brick-breaker with devious 3D physics (iPhone) 29 October
3D problems
Help the citizens of Twisty Hollow meet the wacky demands of their barmy mayor, out on iOS (iPhone) 29 October
Looks good on paper
Out at midnight: Guide clumsy sheep down a mountain in Madow - Sheep Happens (Android) 29 October
You win some, you lose some
Out at midnight: Smash Champs is a furry F2P fight watcher from the Subway Surfers studio (Android) 29 October
Falcon punch
Out at midnight: Woah Dave! is a manic arcade romp from the guys behind the Bit.Trip games (iPhone) 29 October
Calm down
King of Dragon Pass goes cheap, and a spiritual successor is coming in 2016 or later (Android) 29 October
Just a short wait
Vanquish Halloween baddies with your torch in iOS and Android freebie Monster Flash (Android) 29 October
Light 'em up
Vektor is a free cyberpunk take on Road Rash, out now on iOS (iPhone) 29 October
Motorway massacre
Zombie Catchers is a scrumptious new iOS game about harpooning the undead (iPhone) 29 October
Free to slay
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