Pocket Gamer
Toasting simulator I Am Bread will flip-flop its way to iOS later this year (iPhone) 28 January
All toasters toast toast
The second chapter of sci-fi western shooter Space Marshals arrives in March for free (iPhone) 28 January
Full of bugs
Arena non-shooter Particle Mace arrives on iOS today after a slight delay (iPhone) 28 January
Swing those trashbags
Survive a cutesy car chase for as long as you can in MiniChase, out today (Android) 28 January
It's harder than it looks
Traffic Buster is now causing huge, destructive pile-ups on iOS as well (iPhone) 28 January
Play it sensibly (or don't)
Also out at midnight: Exit Strategy, Yet It Moves, Punchy, and more (iPhone) 28 January
Total Destruction, Football Showdown, Ted the Jumper
Tactical turn-based roguelike Lamp and Vamp doesn't sheathe its fangs, out today (Android) 28 January
Night stalker
The Harvest Moon series got its first ever DLC yesterday (3DS) 28 January
Is that good or bad?
Genius iOS app lets you simulate opening a Counter Strike: GO case (iPhone) 28 January
Stop stop stop!
Out at midnight: Exiles is a 24th-century RPG from the team behind Ravensword (iPhone) 28 January
Mash effect
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