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From the makers of Bastion, Transistor plummets massively in price (iPhone) 20 July
Just take my money
[Update] Escher-esque puzzler kubic out now on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon (Android) 20 July
Sometimes you've just gotta look at things from a different angle
[Update] Indie platformer George: Scared of The Dark looks to be spookily adorable, out now (iPhone) 20 July
Move over, Casper
Prepare for endless relaxed puzzles in the upcoming Blyss (iPhone) 20 July
Circular shooter Super Arc Light goes free for the first time (iPhone) 19 July
Spin and shoot
Batman - The Telltale Series to launch digitally on August 2nd this year (Android) 19 July
Swear to me...that you'll come out on time
Cutest Pokemon since Pikachu revealed in new Pokemon trailer (Android) 19 July
Also my spirit animal, a wimpy blob
Minecraft: Story Mode, episode 7, announces release date and teases a new trailer (Android) 19 July
Try and craft your way out of this one
Lumines: Puzzle & Music soft launches in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand (Android) 19 July
That line between music and gaming blurs more and more...
Golem Rage, an up-and-coming beat-em-up with good content and humour (Android) 19 July
When in doubt, smash through 'em
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