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Chainsaw Warrior, the Bronze Award-winning Games Workshop boardgame adaptation is on sale on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 28 July
Cheap saws
True Skate, True Axis's Gold Award-winning finger-flipping skate sim, is free right now for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 28 July
Cheap tricks
The Walking Dead: The Game will get a third season Telltale Games has revealed at San Diego Comic Con (Android) 28 July
More zombies
Majestic Nights is an upcoming isometric RPG set in a world of conspiracy (Android) 26 July
KiiiZ: Tiny Music Robots wants to teach you how to read sheet music (iPhone) 26 July
Band class dropouts rejoice!
10 great mobile games from this year's Casual Connect SF (Android) 26 July
Action! Puzzles! Silent reflection!
Hands-on with Assassin's Creed Memories - the history spanning RPG that trades blades for cards (iPhone) 25 July
All filler, no killer
Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 284 - Shooty shooty bang bang (Android) 25 July
A Modern Combat story
The Banner Saga dev says Apple is frustrated that mobile gamers 'don't want to pay anything' for games (Android) 25 July
Bargain hunters
Sky Tourist dev soft-launches F2P trial bike racer Badass Trial Race in New Zealand App Store (iPhone) 25 July
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