Pocket Gamer
Mojang cancels Scrolls for iPad, ahead of 2016 server shutdown (iPad) 02 July
Paper cut
Geometry Wars 3 hits Vita next week - free for PS Plus users (PS Vita) 02 July
Throwing shapes
148Apps Round-Up: Riff the Robot, Boss Monster, SettleForge, and more (iPhone) 02 July
The week in casual games
Out at midnight: Divide By Sheep is a colorful math puzzler about slicing sheep in half (iPhone) 01 July
Out at midnight: Punch werewolves in the face in stylish brawler The Executive (iPhone) 01 July
Mad Maim
Arcane Legends new expansion Rage of the Ren'gol throws dynamic environments and dungeon crawling into the mix (Android) 01 July
Those orcs are at it again
Overkill 3 is about to get a lot more social with an extensive multiplayer update (Android) 01 July
Oh, and Android TV support
Big Miiverse redesign coming 'this summer' for 3DS (3DS) 01 July
Improved screenshot functionality, Play Journal, more
Groove Coaster Zero upgraded to Groove Coaster 2, launches on Android for first time (Android) 01 July
New update includes missions, mic controls, and arcade track versions
Panzer Corps dev Slitherine planning long-term collaboration with BAE Systems (iPad) 01 July
War never changes
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