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Platinum Award winner Prune shifts 100,000 copies, Android version in the works (Android) 26 August
Dev wants to 'encourage indies to not discount mobile'
Real-time turn-based tactics game Nova-111 hits PS Vita (PS Vita) 26 August
Wait... what?
Tin Man Games is making a trilogy of Warhammer 40,000 game books (Android) 26 August
Turn to page 40,000
Clouds of Steel will bring tactical airship action to iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 25 August
Combat above the clouds
Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest blends match-3 RPG and card game this fall (Android) 25 August
Luck of the draw
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is getting a companion app for iOS and Android on September 1st (Android) 25 August
iDroid for your i or Droid
The Grand Tournament is now open in Hearthstone (Android) 25 August
Joust kidding
Taiko Drum Master's mascot shows up in Puzzle and Dragons (Android) 25 August
Arcade memories
Vita gamers get Super Time Force Ultra, La-Mulana EX, and Xeodrifter for free on PS Plus next month (PS Vita) 25 August
Not a bad haul
Project Highrise is a skyscraper management sim from the developers of 1849 (iPad) 24 August
iPad version slated for late 2016
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