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Five things you need to know about GeForce NOW (Android) 01 October
PC gaming on your sofa
Could the Nexus 5X be set for an October 19th release? (Android) 01 October
Carphone Warehouse seems to think so
Pac-Man bounces onto iOS with a free to play puzzler Pac-Man Bounce (Android) 01 October
Classic JRPG Dragon Quest VI goes on sale for the first time on iOS and Android (Android) 01 October
Slimy savings
Afro-noir adventure The Journey Down's final chapter needs some Kickstarter help (iPhone) 01 October
The big finish
Murder will let you explore the neon-lit streets of cyberpunk Tokyo on October 21st (Android) 01 October
Explore morality and sentience
Hiversaires creator reveals mysterious, upcoming iOS space exploration game Verreciel (iPhone) 01 October
Learn how to operate an enigmatic ship
Ski Safari 2 is skiing down the snowy slopes of Android right now [Update] (Android) 01 October
Google Play it soon (Updated: Out for Android now)
Labyrinthine 'fourth-person' puzzler Pavilion will arrive on PS Vita later this year (PS Vita) 01 October
It still looks absurdly gorgeous
World of Goo creator's multiplayer strategy game Subterfuge comes out on October 15th (Android) 01 October
We all live in a tactical submarine
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