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Burn the Boards aims the Papers, Please format at India's poor working conditions (Android) 27 July
The hazards of e-waste workers
Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir confirmed for a western release on PS Vita (PS Vita) 27 July
Glory be
Simon the Sorcerer Between Worlds will be heading to iOS and Android according to dev StoryBeasts (Android) 27 July
Sorce of my power
Five Nights At Freddy's 4 is out right now on Android, and will probably make you soil yourself (Android) 27 July
That's not a guarantee
This week on Twitch: what is the future of Angry Birds? (Android) 27 July
The AppSpy team gets Red
Fallout Shelter will finally get an Android release next month (Android) 27 July
About time
Roguelike platformer Collecton lets you battle the undead and make sacrifices to the gods (Android) 27 July
Coming next year
Out this August, RymdResa will be a 'poetic space odyssey' for iOS and consoles (iPhone) 27 July
Plus an iPhone spin-off
In Between will combine gravity-bending puzzles and a mature story on iOS and Android (Android) 24 July
Releasing later this year
[Update] Kabam soft-launches light saber-swinging action-RPG Star Wars: Uprising on iOS (iPhone) 24 July
Come to the dark side (Now with hands-on video)
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