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Soul Sacrifice Delta will come to western Vita owners this May (PS Vita) 14 April
Not-so-Grim news
Kickstart this: Salvaged is a multi-screen fusion of FPS and RTS about communication (Android) 14 April
Stay together, squad
Mojang is answering your questions about Minecraft: Pocket Edition right now (Android) 14 April
Small talk
Kickstart this: 16-bit detective RPG Pixel Noir will have you snooping around a dark city (Android) 14 April
Smoky streets
Fore! A Mario Golf: World Tour demo is coming this week on the eShop (3DS) 14 April
Plus: Get a free copy of Mario Golf GBC when you buy the full game
Ossian Studios needs Android players to beta test Silver Award-winning The Shadow Sun (Android) 14 April
Sign up right now
Unpossible's first-person take on the dodge 'em up is spinning onto iOS on April 17th (iPhone) 14 April
Round we go again
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will swing onto iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on April 17th (Android) 14 April
My spidey senses are tingling
Adult Swim Games is bringing physics-based survival platformer Rain World to Vita (PS Vita) 14 April
Bring a brolly
Severed is an upcoming slashy adventure game for mobile from Guacamelee! dev DrinkBox Studios (Android) 14 April
Severed out of ten
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