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Explore a world of fairytales in PAPER Anne (iPhone) 09 February
Paper dreams
Embark on a new kind of RPG adventure in Onmyoji (Android) 09 February
Why has PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds been released for iPhone and iPad in China twice? (iPhone) 09 February
Winner winner?
Indie strategy gem The Battle of Polytopia finally gets an online multiplayer mode next week and the fans are going wild (Android) 09 February
Get ready for an update on Thursday 15th February – and prepare to join our Pocket Gamer tournament (can you beat us? There'll be prizes!)
Rayquaza swoops onto Pokemon GO - here's how you can catch it (Android) 08 February
Unleash the dragons
Marvel Puzzle Quest is celebrating the debut of Black Panther in a big way (Android) 08 February
Are you ready for it?
New iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch games out this week - Dandara, Kitty Powers' Love Life, Darkside Detective, and more (Android) 08 February
With more to come, as always
Tabletopia is a brilliant app for any board gamer, and you can grab it right now for iPad (iPad) 08 February
But what does it do?
Mario Kart Tour is going to be 'free to start' but what does that actually mean? (Android) 08 February
Start your uhhhhh....
Warhammer Quest 2 launches its first major DLC and there's certainly a lot to chew on (iPhone) 08 February
Glorious chaos
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