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Endless space gunner Star Drift hits App Store with launch discount (iPhone) 24 February
In space... there are no IAPs.
Apple's crackdown on images of guns has been a 'huge' inconvenience for Overkill 3 dev (iPhone) 24 February
You could say it's... overkill
Striker Arena brings warriors playing 'no rules' tactical football to iOS today (iPhone) 24 February
What's a red card?
Download minimalist iOS puzzler Okay? right now for free, pay-what-you-want later (iPhone) 24 February
Tip jar
Kemco's having a big sale on its old-school JRPGs on iOS and Android right now (Android) 24 February
Party-based attack
Kickstart this: Help turn musical puzzler Cadence into a digital instrument for iPad (iPad) 24 February
Tuneful toy
Regeria Hope brings Ace Attorney-like courtroom drama to Android (Android) 24 February
You can emulate Nintendo's 1995 VR console Virtual Boy with an Android phone (Android) 24 February
Back in time
Shadow Blade: Reload, the enhanced version of the brill ninja platformer, is coming to PS Vita (PS Vita) 24 February
Sliced and diced
Prison Life RPG's App Store rejection will create no controversy whatsoever (iPhone) 24 February
For once Apple has got it right
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