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Cytus II is a rhythm-based game from the creators of VOEZ, coming to iOS next week (iPhone) 11 January
Tap to the beat
Nintendo teaches the media a lesson for listening to Direct leaks and it's just magnificent (Switch) 11 January
GG, Ninty. GG.
Lineage 2: Revolution celebrates 5 million users with a new event (Android) 10 January
Happy belated New Year!
It’s Full of Sparks arrives on iOS next week at long last (iPhone) 10 January
With a little help from Noodlecake Studios
The best iOS and Android updates this week - Homescapes, Runewards, Meshi Quest, and more (Android) 10 January
What updates are you hoping for?
If Card Crawl, Adventure Time, and Reigns had a baby it'd look a lot like Meteorfall (Android) 10 January
And you'll be able to play it REAL soon
Hero Hunters is a new team-based shooter which lets you switch heroes mid-battle (Android) 10 January
And it's coming to iOS and Android next month
JYDGE is definitely heading to mobile this month, but will it be as good on touch screen? (iPhone) 10 January
And we know exactly when jydgement day is
Pokemon GO cutting support for iPhones that can't run iOS 11 is a kick in the teeth for players (iPhone) 10 January
Neko Atsume developer’s latest game is about an adorable traveling frog (Android) 10 January
A ribbiting adventure
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