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Gobble up cubics and evade monsters in Crescent Moon Games's new puzzler, Glow Monsters (Android) 04 August
Sonic Dash coming to Angry Birds Epic this month, all new game-changing elements revealed (Android) 04 August
Plus China-exclusive edition details announced
It looks like The Deer God is bringing its pixelised survival platforming to iOS in September (Android) 04 August
Android version to follow a month later
Win five premium iOS games this #FreeGameFriday on Twitch (iPhone) 04 August
Plus a chance to grab all five at once inside!
Checkpoint Champion creators reveal the squishy, springy world of Sling Kong (Android) 04 August
Out on August 6th
PlayStation Now fully launches on PS Vita and PlayStation TV in North America (PS Vita) 04 August
Game-streaming for your Vita
Real Boxing 2 announced for iOS and Android with a smack around the chops (Android) 04 August
Create your own fighter
Doom & Destiny Advanced is a tongue-in-cheek RPG reboot about nerd culture, out now (Android) 04 August
A sequel, a prequel, and a reboot
Beautiful bird flock adventure Gathering Sky will be out for iOS and Android on August 13th (Android) 04 August
Swooping in
Bullet hell fans should check out .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne now it's out on iOS (iPhone) 04 August
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