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Gamescom '14: Machineers turns you into a robot repairman, then boggles your brainbox with puzzles (iPhone) 20 August
Another cog in the machine
Gamescom '14: EarthCore: Shattered Elements is Magic: The Gathering minus the mana (iPad) 20 August
Breaking new ground
Gamescom '14: Hands-on with gorgeous WWI adventure Valiant Hearts: The Great War (iPhone) 20 August
Fighting for hearts and minds
Meta RPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has flashy sword play for your Vita right now (PS Vita) 20 August
Comes with HD version of Infinity Moment
Out at midnight: Fallin Love has you flipping gravity and dressing up to impress the one you love (iPhone) 20 August
Now do a backflip
Earth Defense Force Portable V2 is an upgraded version of the PS2 game for Vita (PS Vita) 20 August
Handsome bugs
Out at midnight - Ancient Battle: Hannibal enjoys the strategic slaughter of Rome's nemesis (iPhone) 20 August
Bring out the elephants
Out at midnight: Wan Nyan Slash has animal samurai slicing up ancient Japanese demons (Android) 20 August
The claws are out
Table Tennis Touch update removes all IAPs to become a 'fully premium experience' (iPhone) 20 August
Out at midnight: Ace Ferrara and the Dinosaur Menace is a 3D shooter with some jokes for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 20 August
Pew pew ha ha
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