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148Apps round-up: The Hunger Games: Panem Rising, and more (Android) 27 January
The week in casual games
PC platformer And Yet It Moves hits iOS this week, renamed Yet It Moves (iPhone) 27 January
New controls, graphics, and daily runs
Kickstart this: The Incredible Baron mixes 19th century colonialism with Pokémon-like creature collecting (Android) 27 January
Mutant Mudds Super Challenge will test veterans of the original game, coming to 3DS in 2015 (3DS) 27 January
Steel yourself
Paneuropa is a split-screen game for one person, heading to PS Vita (PS Vita) 27 January
A game for both your eyes
Out There: Omega Edition gets a new trailer showcasing its new artwork in motion (Android) 27 January
Space vista
K-POP stars invade the App Store in the first ever movie / game crossover title Cinema Game: RAGE (Android) 27 January
Featuring members of K-POP groups 5urprise and Hello Venus
Cult classic Grim Fandango Remastered is out on Vita in the US, hits Europe tomorrow (PS Vita) 27 January
Day of the dead
Check out this teaser trailer for horror threequel Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (Android) 27 January
Wrist racing Android Wear action in My Fitness Racer (Android Wear) 27 January
Out running
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