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Establish a kingly line in Reigns when it releases on August 11th (Android) 29 July
Better to be feared or loved?
Avast mateys and check out Disney Crossy Road's newest update (iPhone) 29 July
Stay out of Davey Jones' locker
The Sims FreePlay launches an update perfect for the prima-donna inside all of us (Android) 29 July
Aaaand that's a wrap
SimCity BuildIt receives a sporty update, releasing over the next few weeks (Android) 29 July
Just in time for the Olympics...I think
This 3D-printed, Raspberry Pi-powered NES Mini shows Nintendo how it's done (Other) 29 July
It's adorable AND functional
Twisty-turny Orbyss now out on iOS (iPhone) 29 July
Around - and around - and around - and
Prepare for mayhem as Buddyman Run blasts its way onto the App Store (Android) 29 July
Dishing out chasos with everyone's favourite stress relieving friend
A-list RPG Final Fantasy VI drops its price on Android (Android) 29 July
Well, it's not really the FINAL fantasy
[Update] Adult Swim's Try Harder comes to Android, out now on Google Play (Android) 29 July
Sometimes you've just got to - ahh, you know the drill
Gerty: Robots in Love is upcoming sci-fi interactive fiction from the developers of Docking Sequence (iPhone) 29 July
A journey across space and time
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