Pocket Gamer
Android version of Crossy Road follow-up Shooty Skies 'is in the works' (Android) 02 October
Air delivery
Cyberpunk RPG Dex is being enhanced for its arrival on PS Vita next year (PS Vita) 02 October
Electric dreams
Kemco's retro-style JRPG Chronus Arc is now available on the 3DS eShop (3DS) 02 October
Puzzles and dungeons
JRPG-inspired Pixel Noir is getting music by the Secret of Mana composer (PS Vita) 02 October
Good work, detective
Exos Saga is a new Korean RPG with art talent from Ragnarok Online, out now on Android (Android) 02 October
Recover the Axisturk
Minecraft: Story Mode's first episode 'The Order of the Stone' gets its first trailer (Android) 02 October
Legends return
Farewell to Peter Willington (Android) 02 October
Hello to Alysia Judge
Jetpack Joyride hits 88 miles per hour with a Back to the Future-themed update (iPhone) 02 October
City Invaders is a tactical zombie apocalypse MMORPG coming to iOS and Android (Android) 02 October
Strategic scavenging
Horizon Chase - World Tour, Sorcery! 3, and Legend of Grimrock are all on sale in the App Store right now (iPhone) 01 October
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