Pocket Gamer
Antihero is what happens when Civilization meets Oliver Twist (Android) 01 September
Having a Dickens
PS Vita is getting custom themes in a firmware update this autumn (PS Vita) 01 September
Decorate the walls
Island Delta is an upcoming iOS sci-fi stealth game that has shades of Thief (iPhone) 01 September
Sneak tech
Square Enix can't justify bringing Dragon Quest VII for 3DS to the west right now (3DS) 01 September
Make some noise
Gold Award-winning Unstoppable Gorg has destroyed its price, currently free on iOS (iPhone) 01 September
Price tag killer
Silver Award-winning roguelike 868-HACK is on an anniversary sale right now (iPhone) 01 September
Card Dungeon is an interesting mix of roguelike and card game that's heading to iOS soon (iPhone) 01 September
Slay your cards right
Icewind Dale is the latest D&D RPG to get the enhanced edition treatment on iOS and Android (Android) 01 September
Cold winds
Dragon Quest I-III are heading to iPad and iPhone according to Square Enix (iPhone) 01 September
Three-headed dragon
Stunning monochrome heist game Calvino Noir lets you manipulate time to play co-op with yourself (iPhone) 01 September
Touch of evil
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