Pocket Gamer
The Sun And Moon is a stylish momentum-based platformer heading to Vita (PS Vita) 16 September
Switch and flow
Earthcore: Shattered Elements for iOS has over 500,000 "card crafting" possibilities (iPhone) 16 September
Elemental extravagance
SteamWorld Heist takes the series into space with turn-based ship boarding in early 2015 (3DS) 16 September
Steam rises
Kemco holds a limited time sale for four of its iOS JRPGs at 69p / 99c each (iPhone) 16 September
Critical strike
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX soft-launched on iOS as a free to play game (iPhone) 16 September
Waka waka wait-timer
Warhammer 40,000: Carnage has been updated with a new Space Wolf character and some killer drones on iOS and Android (Android) 16 September
Crush, kill, destroy
Out at midnight: Ninja Raft pits ninjas against pirates in raft-based battles on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 16 September
Ninja starring role?
Sentinels of the Multiverse is bringing the classic card game to iPad and Android tablets next month (Android) 16 September
Wily hacker makes Nintendo 3DS games work with Oculus Rift (3DS) 16 September
Virtual Boy 2
Selfie Slam is a collection of silly mini-games from Rovio that's in soft launch for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 16 September
Hahahahaha, silly
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