Pocket Gamer
Gusty puzzles are coming in With The Wind - a pretty, wind-based iOS puzzler (iPhone) 20 October
Wind bag
You don't need a £100 capture rig to record iOS gameplay - just a Lightning cable (iPhone) 20 October
And a Mac. And OS X Yosemite
Escape from Montegrande is wacky, weaponised skiing action with exploding horses (Android) 20 October
Life on the run
Inside Pete sends you inside the guts of a lazy man to cleanse it of filth (Android) 20 October
Tactical innards scrubbing
Archos launching budget range virtual reality face case for your smartphone (Virtual Reality) 20 October
Bring your own display
Unbroken has dark castles, He-Man imagery, and a deep tap-only combat system (iPhone) 20 October
By the power of Greyskull?
Offroad Legends 2 is a big dirty driving platformer that's set to hit iPad and iPhone in November (iPhone) 20 October
Floor it
Agents of Storm, a free to play strategy battler from the makers of Alan Wake, is set to hit iPad and iPhone this Thursday (iPhone) 20 October
Woo yeah
Here's a shiny video showing a good 5 minutes of Tilt to Live: Gaunlet's Revenge (Android) 20 October
Dodge this. And this. And that. Keep dodging
Coders behind official Sonic the Hedgehog remasters release Sonic 3 & Knuckles proof-of-concept (Android) 20 October
To be this good takes ages
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