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The subway simulator Mini Metro kicks off its long-awaited Endless mode with a cracking sale (Android) 23 February
Subway to subway
The fast-paced arcade game Wobblers is out now on iOS and Android (Android) 23 February
With steady hands comes a steady responsibility
Challenging endless shooter Puff hovers onto the App Store (iPhone) 23 February
Smoke and bullets
Semidome's Nightgate goes on sale for free for the first time (iPhone) 23 February
A colorful gauntlet
[Update] All 46 confirmed Nintendo Switch games, prices, and release dates so far (Switch) 22 February
With release dates and prices
[Update] Become a wealthy oil baron in the simulation game Turmoil, out now on iPad (iPad) 22 February
Money, money, money, money - monaaay!
The NES Mini could be back in production, as a few retailers had just released (and run out) of more stock (Other) 22 February
Not quick enough, my pretties
Check out the first official unboxing video for the Nintendo Switch (Switch) 22 February
I'd smell the product too, to be honest
Avoid spikes and collect diamonds in Temple of Spikes, coming to mobile on March 2nd (Android) 22 February
Watch out for - er - rising spikes
Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is the 'real Futurama deal', coming soon to iOS and Android (Android) 22 February
Bite my shiny, metal AHHHHHHH
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