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Crazy Taxi: City Rush is now taking passengers worldwide on iPhone and iPad (iPhone) 31 July
Android version coming 'very soon'
Pixel Dungeon is a completely free and completely addictive roguelike adventure for Android (Android) 31 July
Angels in the Sky is an Unreal Engine 4 powered shooter that's out now for iPhone 5S (iPhone) 31 July
Funny angels
Grab massively multiplayer strategy game King's Empire ahead of massive Dragon Island expansion (iPhone) 31 July
Dragons ahoy!
Kapsula, Beavl's futuristic mash up of a racer and a puzzle game, is out right now on Android (Android) 31 July
Coming soon to iOS
Dragon Quest IV will be getting a Western release on iOS if Squeenix's Gamescom schedule is anything to go by (iPhone) 31 July
Uncle of dragons
[Updated] Blood Bowl will be hitting a sanguine touchdown tomorrow on iPad and Android tablets (Android) 31 July
Brutish ballin' (Update: Out now on iPad and Android)
Blast multicolored discs in SPINRUSH, a free arcade-style reflex game (Android) 30 July
Recommended for fans of Super Hexagon
Metrico and FEZ among new free games lineup for PlayStation Plus members (PS Vita) 30 July
Starting August 6th
Bizarre fungal fumbler Mushroom 11 will hopefully be coming to iOS, Android, and handheld (Android) 30 July
At home on the touchscreen
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