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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon will be out in Europe for 3DS in early 2016 (3DS) 21 May
It's certainly a mystery
See Portal Pinball in action in this trailer featuring Wheatley, GLaDOS, and Chell (Android) 21 May
Still alive
Tiki Taka Soccer to bring quickfire footie action on and off the pitch on June 4th (Android) 21 May
Ready for a knockabout?
2D horror-adventure Tokyo Dark may come to PS Vita if its PC version is successful (PS Vita) 21 May
Nightmare in waiting
Japanese-style RPG Project Light teases cute characters stuck in an underground cyberpunk metropolis (Android) 21 May
Dreams of escape
Pac-Man gets new mazes, a new multiplayer mode, and an old look for its 35th birthday (iPhone) 21 May
Golden oldie
Episode 2 of space combat sim Strike Wing: Raptor Rising launches on iOS (Android) 21 May
Not on Android just yet
Snail Games has released Taichi Panda's second expansion the Ascension Update (Android) 21 May
There's nothing slow about this snail
Also out now: Sword of Xolan, Capitals, Earthcore, Flite, more (iPhone) 21 May
Brickies, Flite, Shredmill...
WayForward's Til Morning's Light is all a bit Luigi's Mansion, and out now on iOS and Amazon Fire (Android) 21 May
That's a good thing
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