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DICETINY blends board game, card game, and RPG in a gothic wrapper on iOS and Android in 2015 (Android) 22 December
Heart of darkness
DivCircle is a personal game about trying to fit into society when you feel different to everyone else (Android) 22 December
Keep in line
Iron Finger is a slightly less bizarre take on WarioWare for iOS (iPhone) 22 December
Finger fun
Luna League Soccer is a magically imbued kickabout that's out right now for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 22 December
Flying tackle
Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (iPad) 22 December
Gotta free 'em all
Beatshapers turns PS Vita into a virtual reality headset (PS Vita) 22 December
In your face
Galaxy Trucker is now available on iPhone in the shape of Galaxy Trucker Pocket (iPhone) 22 December
iPad version updated too
Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - Pair Solitaire (iPhone) 21 December
Suits you
Deus Ex: The Fall is on sale for only 69p / 99c on iOS and Android (Android) 21 December
Price fall
Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - World of Tanks Blitz (Android) 20 December
Tanks for the gifts
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