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The first episode of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, Iron from Ice, is set to hit iPad and iPhone next week (Android) 28 November
Android later in the month
The Witcher Adventure Game is out right now for iOS and Android (Android) 28 November
Roll to swing
Lucha Amigos has you flinging bouncy Mexican turtle heroes at evil cacti on iOS (iPhone) 27 November
Hard shell
TravelShooting JP is a free Space Harrier-like shooter with added Japanese schoolgirl (iPhone) 27 November
And a guitar-shaped gun
Super Cane Magic ZERO is a nonsense cartoon action-RPG coming to mobile, and maybe Vita (Android) 27 November
Make believe
December PS Plus lineup for Vita contains Titan Attacks! and Final Horizon (PS Vita) 27 November
Double whammy
Record of Agarest War Zero is out now on iOS with a holiday discount (Android) 27 November
The first game is cheap too
Touch Racing 2 is a two-finger free to play racer that's out right now on Android (Android) 27 November
Two finger-ish
Shadowrun Dragonfall, the sequel to the Silver Award-winning RPG, is set to hit iOS and Android next week (Android) 27 November
Fall for it
Proun+ is a dangerously fast twitchy racer that's out right now for iPhone and iPad (iPhone) 27 November
Pipe it!
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