Pocket Gamer
Build a fleet, recruit heroes, and explore a Carribbean world in Pirate Power sailing to iOS soon (iPhone) 30 June
Minimalist iOS puzzler Okay? has been downloaded 3 million times, gets new red level pack (iPhone) 30 June
Seeing red
Expect big changes to Clash of Clans that will shake up the multiplayer leaderboards (Android) 30 June
Welcome to Legend League
The Sandbox gets a new "In The Labs" campaign that'll teach you explosive chemistry (iPhone) 30 June
Includes a gigantic Death Worm
Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls helps keep you fit while romancing a cute virtual boyfriend (Android) 30 June
Work out for love
Painterly action-puzzler and Big Indie Pitch-winner Soft Body snaking to Vita this year (PS Vita) 30 June
Two at a time
Strange Telephone is a mysterious 2D adventure game from Japan heading to iOS and Android (Android) 30 June
Brain It On! is a clever physics-based problem solving freebie (Android) 30 June
Forever Lost trilogy wraps up next week with Episode 3 launch (Android) 30 June
Forever found
Minecraft maker Mojang will shut off Scrolls servers in 2016 (Android) 30 June
iPad edition scrapped?
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