Pocket Gamer
Deftly leap over futuristic traps in the fast-paced autorunner Scrap (Android) 27 April
Keep jumping, little robot
Ninja Pizza Girl proves parkour is the best way to deliver pizza, in this new iOS platformer (iPhone) 27 April
Delivered in style
[Update] Keep control of your garden in Topsoil, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 26 April
Miracle grow this
The Guardians of the Galaxy makes an appearance in five Marvel games this week (Android) 26 April
Nothing goes over my head
Hothead Games releases new details about the upcoming zombie-shooter, Kill Shot Virus (Android) 26 April
Mm, brains...
Clash Royale launches Prince Card Challenge for the next 24 hours (Android) 26 April
It's a short-time thing
[Update] Gamevil's newest tactical RPG, War of Crown, is out now on iOS and Android (Android) 26 April
Make your move
Make your way to Valhalla in the viking adventure game Die With Glory, out now on iOS (iPhone) 26 April
With Android/Steam on the way
New Sonic Forces footage shows off a rather good-looking Green Hill Zone (Switch) 26 April
But it's not all about looks
Fire Emblem: Heroes gets new Story Chapter, new summons event, and new characters (Android) 26 April
Ike's here, baby
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