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Point-and-click adventure game, Avolteha, re-surfaces after a two-year break (iPhone) 23 September
Pretty, but also pretty far away
Pokemon GO loses out to Clash Royale as highest grossing app on iOS (iPhone) 23 September
Pokemon OH dear....
Papers, Please is back on track as it releases its iOS 10-friendly update (iPad) 23 September
I asked nicely-
Pokemon GO's newest update features capture locations and Incense for the Pokemon GO Plus (Android) 23 September
Yes, let me catch more Rattata
Virginia is a new interactive crime drama inspired by Twin Peaks and The X-Files (Android) 23 September
Expect the unexpected
[Update] Red Dwarf brings its own mobile game to iOS and Android, available now for £1.99 (Android) 23 September
Just in time for the series premiere
Dog Sled Saga brings canine racing management to iOS and Android (Android) 23 September
Treat those dogs well
Disco Party busts a move and hustles onto the App Store (iPhone) 22 September
Or do you prefer line dancing?
Get a free trial of the fitness RPG, MarchQuest, on the 30th September (iPhone) 22 September
You ain't gonna make any progress sat there on your butt-
Square Enix slashes Deus Ex GO's prices on Android and iOS for the first time (Android) 22 September
Why are you still reading this? GO!
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