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One lucky gamer gets the Nintendo Switch early and shows off its operating system (Switch) 17 February
Not long to wait now.
80 new Pokemon from the Johto Region added to Pokemon GO (Android) 17 February
And the Night Mode is here at last!
Flamboygen challenges you to destroy killer robots through intense arena combat (iPhone) 17 February
Throw a wrench in the works
The coming-of-age puzzler Where Cards Fall just got a new trailer and release window (Android) 16 February
It's an exciting day, indeed.
Take to the pitch in Tiny Striker: World Football, coming soon to Android (Android) 16 February
It may be tiny but it still scores
Use your powers for good or evil in Mage The Ascension: Refuge, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 16 February
Interactive fiction is always welcome here.
Vampire: Prelude is a new interactive fiction, available on iOS and Android (Android) 16 February
Man or beast?
The hand-drawn adventure game, Whispering Willows, drops to a mere 10p on Google Play (Android) 16 February
Better grab it while it's cheap!
Check out the bizarre upcoming Pokemon-inspired game, Splash! Magikarp (Android) 16 February
Magikarp, I...choose you?
Slam basketballs like a pro in Mascot Dunks, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 16 February
Dunk it, LOUDER.
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