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Final Fantasy IX gets released on mobile, out worldwide RIGHT NOW (iPhone) 09 February
Not a PS2 game
Rez's creator match-3 puzzler Eighteen is coming west (Android) 09 February
With a matching story
Noir sniper thriller Lonewolf took its time but finally hits Android (Android) 09 February
Musketeer gets buffed, Tombstone gets nerfed and more in Clash Royale balance update (iPhone) 09 February
Tweak in, tweak out
Sublime and bizarre Cube Escape series gets its seventh episode this month (Android) 09 February
7th wonder
Want to see Monument Valley in Lego form? Go vote for it now. (Android) 09 February
Monumental Idea
The official game from The Martian movie is free for the first time on iOS (iPhone) 09 February
Throw me a lifeline
Get your free copy of the surprisingly good Heroes Reborn: Enigma for a limited time (iPhone) 09 February
Save some money, save the world
Lumines is back this year on mobile with premium and free to play titles (Android) 09 February
[Update] Kairosoft aims and hits Android and iOS with the release of Tennis Club Story (Android) 09 February
Smash hit
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