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Award-winning studio behind Dots releases Dots & Co. onto iTunes and Google Play, out now (Android) 21 July
I guess Three Dots would have been misleading.
Rakoo's Adventure gets a refreshing update by Playdigious (Android) 21 July
Cute...a little creepy, but cute.
Short-and-simple sports game Dunkers out now on iTunes (iPhone) 21 July
Who needs friends so long as you win?
Eden: The Game sets up camp on iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store (Android) 21 July
Keep that camp fire burning
Pokemon GO hype sparks Legendary Entertainment to announce 'Detective Pikachu' film (Other) 21 July
Move aside, Sherlock
[Update] Cubway, a slightly confusing yet very intriguing puzzler, is out now on iOS (iPhone) 21 July
I'd certainly have to use the word 'unique' here
Be scared of the (bioluminescent) dark in Seashine's new update (Android) 21 July
Beware the light
[Update] Guild of Dungeoneering is out now on iPad and iPhone (Android) 20 July
Dungeon decks (Updated: released)
Simultaneous to Transistor, Bastion drops its prices to a fraction of the original (iPhone) 20 July
Am I dreaming?
Warp Shift widens its reach and beams onto Android, out now (Android) 20 July
Well, shift me
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