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Gamescom 2016 - Codenames is like a James Bond card game (so it's awesome) (Android) 25 August
Code games
Epic RPG Sacred Legends is now out on iOS and Android (Android) 25 August
Fight without courage; fight with honour
Clash of Clans addresses players' concerns about upcoming balancing patch (Android) 25 August
Clash of interests
Nitrome's Magic Mansion rocks up on iOS and Android in all its classic glory (Android) 25 August
I think I'd sleep in the woods
Gamescom 2016 - Love Dark Souls? Check out Lords of the Fallen: Blades of Fate (Android) 25 August
A little different to Blades of Glory
Gamescom 2016 - Ever heard of an auto-digger? Check out Tiny Miners (Android) 25 August
I dig this
Pine Entertainment's pulse-thumping Super Atomic is out now on iOS (iPhone) 25 August
Beat - jump - beat - jump - beat - darn it -
[Update] Colourful puzzler Spectrum 6 hits the App Store, out now for iPhone and iPad (iPhone) 25 August
Red and blue make brown - no, purple -
[Update] Nightgate is Semidome's arcade action follow-up to Last Voyage, out now (iPhone) 25 August
Digital dangers
Space Marshals 2 rocks up on the App Store a day early, out now on iOS (iPhone) 24 August
Put your hands, or whatever you have, where I can see 'em
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