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Get a sneak peek at the hugely popular mobile game Subway Surfers' upcoming TV series (Android) 06 December
That character art though
Bridge Constructor Portal meshes structural engineering and Aperture Technology (Android) 06 December
Coming to iOS and Android later this month
Construction Simulator 2 just got a lot more 'riveting' thanks to a jam-packed new update (Android) 06 December
New Mack Trucks and MEILLER Kipper vehicles
Panzer Corps, the epic historical strategy game with tabletop roots, is on sale for iOS (iPhone) 06 December
Cheap tanks
Pokemon GO's Ho-Oh Raid Battle has been extended by 48 hours (Android) 06 December
And we MIGHT have glimpsed some Gen 3 Pokemon flitting about
Discovery Card Quest is a mobile CCG that teaches your kids to love science (Android) 05 December
Because science is the bomb
Mega Man 11, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2, and Mega Man X 1-8 are coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 (Switch) 05 December
It's a Mega Manapocalypse
Darkest Dungeon developer hopeful for a mid-January Switch release (iPad) 05 December
Plus a little DLC chatter for iPad
X-Files nerds rejoice! The X-Files: Deep State arrives on iOS and Android in 2018 (Android) 05 December
JUMANJI's gotten its own competitive iOS/Android game to celebrate the release of the film (Android) 05 December
Welcome to the jungle
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