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Dropsy will be bringing adorable (or creepy) clown hugs to iOS and Android on September 10th (Android) 30 July
Give us a big wet one
Pretty fairy-tale puzzler A Day in the Woods is now available on Android (Android) 30 July
Nothing can stop this one
Thwack balls into whale blowholes in silly sports game Battle Golf (Android) 30 July
From the dude who did Wrassling
Exclusive: Team17 unveils Worms 4, with faction battles, new weapons, and loot (Android) 30 July
First of the blood
Also out now: Rinka, Angel Stone, Tyga, and more (iPhone) 30 July
Jump! Chump! Revenge, Domino Drop, You Against Me
Angry Birds 2 is out now on iOS and Android (Android) 30 July
Free bird
Out at midnight: Race the Sun is a minimalist arcade game about dying in darkness or a collision (iPhone) 29 July
Now with strange
Out at midnight: Cube Jump - Crossy Road in space (iPhone) 29 July
Crossy Road in space
Out at midnight: Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon - Endless Earth defender (iPhone) 29 July
That isn't very nice
Out at midnight: Operation Dracula - Putting the Hell in bullet hell (iPhone) 29 July
25% off for a limited time only
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