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Nintendo unveils not 1, not 2, but 3 DLC packs for Mario Golf: World Tour on 3DS (3DS) 22 April
Bamba is an upcoming quirky unicycling game for iOS and Android (Android) 22 April
Keep your back straight
Atomic+, Amidos Games's twitchy Silver Award-winning arcade belter, is free for today on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 22 April
Get it while it's hot
Word Up Dog, the Bronze Award-winning letter puzzler, is free for iPhone and iPad right now (iPhone) 22 April
Warbits is an intriguing looking upcoming Advance Wars-style strategiser for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 22 April
Another Warbits the dust
Apple and Google are offering to heavily promote games in their app stores in exchange for exclusivity (Android) 22 April
Well I never
Monument Valley, ustwo's Gold Award-winning architectural puzzler, will be getting some new levels in the not-too-distant future (Android) 22 April
Android version in the works as well
Guacamelee! dev's upcoming Severed will be a bit Mega Man and a bit Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (iPhone) 21 April
Get equipped with Piston Hondo?
Indie puzzler 10000000 is on sale for 99c / 69p over on Google Play (Android) 21 April
Score one for the Android side
Magic 2015 to feature cards designed by the creators of Super Meat Boy, Plants vs. Zombies, Minecraft, and others (Android) 21 April
One stacked deck
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