Pocket Gamer
Experience peace and power in Felllice's cell-eat-cell world simulation (Android) 23 October
Just drift along
Make short work of Napoleon in Hunted Cow's latest iOS strategy game Peninsular War Battles (iPhone) 23 October
History repeats
Now Android players can turn zombies into rotting goo with their fingers in GunFinger (Android) 23 October
Keep a nail brush handy
More multiplayer WWII strategy arrives on iPad with Slitherine's Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front (iPad) 23 October
In this together
Micro Battles is a collection of same-device multiplayer games from the dev behind Traps n' Gemstones (Android) 23 October
Teeny tiny
Galaxy on Fire - Alliances, the strategy builder set in deepest space, is now available on Android (Android) 23 October
Galactic time
Final Fantasy V for iPad and iPhone now supports iCloud and MFi controllers (iPhone) 23 October
Like a console game
République, the Triple A one-touch-ish stealth game is out right now for Android (Android) 23 October
Where've you been hiding?
RPG sequel Rainbow Skies is heading to Vita in 2015, gets a new gameplay trailer (PS Vita) 22 October
Somewhere over the rainbow
Papercraft puzzler Twisty Hollow is about restoring order in a topsy-turvy town (Android) 22 October
Frown at bacon
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