Pocket Gamer
Marvel Puzzle Quest gets team-ups, a new name, and Deadpool (iPhone) 29 July
Cowabunga, or something
Foursaken Media unveils iOS and Android wizard 'em up Phantom Rift (Android) 29 July
Bro, do you even Rift?
Kairobotica, Kairosoft's Silver Award-winning spaceship sim, is out right now for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 29 July
You could win a copy of the original Chainsaw Warrior boardgame if you're any good at the digital adaptation (Android) 29 July
Saw to win
Plants vs Zombies 2 is set to be updated on iOS and Android with the second chunk of the Dark Ages content (Android) 29 July
Tomorrow for iOS
Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition, is set to hit iPhone and iPad on August 7th (iPhone) 29 July
Fish and tips
The entire Anomaly tower-offence saga is on sale right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 29 July
Cheap lines
148Apps round-up: Meerkatz Challenge, Cultures, and Helmut (iPhone) 29 July
The week in casual games
Bik, a retro-style adventure game, coming to Google Play and App Store on August 14th (Android) 29 July
Also on Steam Greenlight
Spot the pairs in Tap Two, a timed matching game (Android) 28 July
Race to the top
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