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Epic Eric is a cheeky one-tap puzzling platformer that's out right now for iPhone and iPad (iPhone) 28 August
Epic swinging
MLB Perfect Inning receiving "grand slam" update on Thursday (Android) 28 August
Bases loaded!
Glorkian Warrior is on sale between now and September 4th (iPhone) 28 August
Pixeljam also hosting contests for art and games
TxK, Velocity 2X, Joe Danger among free Vita games for PS Plus members in September (PS Vita) 27 August
Risk and reward
Hands-on with SineWave - a rhythm-based tunnel shooter with big bass drops (Android) 27 August
From ex-DJ Hero devs
Fuhrer in LA is a grindhouse-style dark comedy about the demise of Hitler (Android) 27 August
Where's my mecha suit?
Hit PC horror game Five Nights At Freddy's is now terrifying Android players (Android) 27 August
Call security
Gold Award-winning Ridge Racer Slipstream update adds new cars, MFI controller support (iPhone) 27 August
Out at midnight: Optika will teach you all about manipulating light to complete its puzzles (iPhone) 27 August
Take a look in the mirror
Out at midnight: Back to Bed is a puzzler with a surreal twist for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 27 August
Sleepy time
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