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Silver Award-winning virus puzzler Pathogen is free on iOS for a short time (iPhone) 28 August
Caught a cold
Silver Award-winning Jellies! is even cuter as it's free on iOS today (iPhone) 28 August
Tastes so sweet
Gold Award-winning Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is only 69p / 99c right now (Android) 28 August
Not an illusion
Desert Ashes is Luc Bernard's return to turn-based strategy on Vita, with added multiplayer (PS Vita) 28 August
Take your time
Terraria gets hard mode in biggest update yet on iOS and Android (Android) 28 August
Pick axe to the face
[Update] Nine new levels coming to Toast Time next week, plus a Steam release (Android) 28 August
Bread lightly (Updated: The new levels are out now)
Shapist, the Bronze Award-winning puzzler, is free right now for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 28 August
Free corners
[Update] Out at midnight: Appointment with F.E.A.R. brings back the '80s camp of superheroes (Android) 28 August
Take that, super villain! (Updated with Android details)
Dragon Quest VIII, the Silver Award-winning JRPG port, is on sale right now on iOS and Android (Android) 28 August
Cheap quests
Tiny Tower Vegas, NimbleBit's casual casino-building sim, is out right now for iOS and Android (Android) 28 August
Put it all on red
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