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Calling all mobile, wearable, or VR game devs: enter the Very Big Indie Pitch at PGC Helsinki 2015 (Android) 29 July
Get free conference passes, your game noticed, and a chance to win big
Iconoclasts is a beautiful pixel art action-platformer that's heading to PS Vita (PS Vita) 29 July
Five years in the making
Actual Sunlight, a game about love and depression, is heading from PC to PS Vita (PS Vita) 29 July
Tough love
Galaxy on Fire team's upcoming roguelike space shooter EVERSPACE could come to iOS (iPhone) 29 July
Space is the limit
Remixed bullet hell shmup .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne will be out on August 4th (iPhone) 29 July
Try out the lite version right now
You can grab the Silver Award-winning Worms 3 for free on iOS right now (iPhone) 29 July
Holy hand grenade!
Try to fly through Red Game Without a Great Name's hostile steampunk world on iOS now (iPhone) 29 July
This little birdy has a trick or two
Plants vs. Zombies 2's latest update celebrates the hot summer nights until August 13th (Android) 29 July
Sizzling flesh
Beastopia is a 'beast powered' turn-based RPG out on Android now [Update] (Android) 29 July
Give us a roar
First Angry Birds 2 footage shows that we were right / awesome (Android) 29 July
Watch birds murder pigs
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