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Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Plaza gets a free update, with paid option for more features (3DS) 17 April
Shorten Mii convos
Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night gives you 60 tough minutes to save the world, out now (Android) 17 April
Death becomes you
#PGCBangalore - Discover O uses your reactions to explore pleasant, minimalist cities (Android) 17 April
Swipe around the world
Must Deliver sees the Touchdown Hero dev swap football for zombies (Android) 17 April
Can you do that?
Mystery adventure The 7th Guest remastered exclusively on Android for its 20th anniversary (Android) 17 April
Brush off the cobwebs
Once you start playing Century City it's hard to put it down, out on iOS next week (iPhone) 17 April
Just one more building...
[Update] Microsoft drops both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike onto the iOS App Store (iPhone) 17 April
Those wizards came from the moons (Updated: Now with hands-on video)
There's a Duck Hunt clone heading to the Apple Watch, too (Apple Watch) 17 April
Zapper not included
#PGCBangalore - minimalist tile puzzler Socioball is the Very Big Indie Pitch runner-up (iPhone) 17 April
Puzzlingly pleasing
#PGCBangalore - hard-as-nails retro platformer Super Nano Jumpers wins the Very Big Indie Pitch (Android) 17 April
Mobile Super Meat Boy
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