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Help animals escape from vicious hunters in Crashing Season out soon on Android (Android) 29 June
iOS version due shortly after
Running Circles is a one touch multiplayer endless runner out now on Android (Android) 29 June
Music game studio Cipher Prime switches its tune with new iOS game Monster Want Burger (iPhone) 29 June
Nom nom nom
Crescent Moon counts on free to play on Android as 'the premium model is already dead' [Update] (Android) 29 June
As a dodo
Slashy Hero is for anyone who fancies a mobile hack 'n' slasher from ex-Dynasty Warriors devs (Android) 29 June
Spooy slasher
Classic sci-fi shooter BioShock is currently selling for half price on iOS (iPhone) 29 June
You don't need a plasmid for that
Gamelab Barcelona 15: Tower defender Super Barista puts you in charge of a space Starbucks (iPhone) 29 June
Pixel artful
The Little Crane That Could 2 lets you play in the mud with big machinery, out on iOS (iPhone) 29 June
Digger time
Sword of Xolan's chunky pixels and classic hack 'n' slash action hits Android on July 1st (Android) 29 June
Man vs. monster
Banned Civil War games return to the App Store, confederate flags removed from icons (iPhone) 29 June
Journey south
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