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Out at midnight: Vietnam...'65 has you tackling guerrilla tactics and anti-war movements (iPhone) 04 March
Make love, not war
Out at midnight: RAD Boarding has you racing against the apocalypse, '90s-style (iPhone) 04 March
OlliOlli 2 and CounterSpy are your PS Plus games on Vita this month (PS Vita) 04 March
Skateboarding and sneaking
SimCity BuildIt goes to Tokyo and gets an airport in its first major update (iPhone) 03 March
Neon skyscrapers also included
Table Tennis Touch is coming to Android on March 12th, but only for Lollipop (Android) 03 March
Blame Unity
Heart Forth, Alicia is a metroidvania RPG inspired by '90s games heading to Vita in 2016 (PS Vita) 03 March
Love heart
Apple rejected Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager because Buzz Aldrin is in it (iPhone) 03 March
You can't make this up
Gameloft reveals Dungeon Hunter 5 will be coming to mobile on March 12th (Android) 03 March
Sharpen those blades
Take a look at the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D face plates and Home menu theme for New Nintendo 3DS (3DS) 03 March
And there's a new trailer
The Pocket Gamer Awards 2015 winners announced (Android) 03 March
Stoic, ustwo, Nitrome, and Nintendo win big
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