Pocket Gamer
Go on a giant worm-riding journey with a robot in Nubs' Adventure, out on iOS and Android (Android) 28 May
Robots have feelings too
You won't stop them now: Queen, the band, now has an official mobile game (Android) 28 May
I Want to Break Free-to-Play
Space trading sci-fi and alien humour collide in Cosmonautica, heading to iOS and Android (Android) 28 May
Early access version already available on Android
Desktop Dungeons to deliver a roguelike experience in 10 minute sessions, out now [Update] (Android) 28 May
Condensed and cruel (and also on Android)
Out now: Desktop Dungeons, Up You Go, and more (iPhone) 28 May
Zombiebucket, Storm Zone, BreachTD
148Apps Round-Up: Hardboiled, Languinis, and more (iPhone) 28 May
The week in casual games
Epic Square Enix RPG Chaos Rings 3 is out now in English, for £15 / $20 (Android) 28 May
What goes around
Fallen London is a browser-based adventure game with over 1.2 million words (Android) 27 May
And it's coming to mobile!
Jenny LeClue provides a peek at the game in new playable teaser on iOS (iPhone) 27 May
Clue yourself in
Pokemon Shuffle's free to play mechanics have been dialed back to improve user experience (3DS) 27 May
Easier catch
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