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NHL 2K returns to iOS and Android shortly with new Career mode, multiplayer matches, and more (Android) 17 September
Clash of Clans updated with Dark troop Lava Hound, new levels, and more (Android) 17 September
Like a bat of out hell
What time is iOS 8 coming out? (And what should I be doing to prepare) (iPhone) 17 September
Your update survival guide
Undefeated is the first official RPG Maker game ported from PC to mobile (Android) 17 September
A surprise encounter
Bronze Award-winning Alien Creeps TD now beating back the invaders on Android (Android) 17 September
Get off our planet
iPhone 6 review roundup: What do the critics make of Apple's latest smartphone? (iPhone) 17 September
Getting to the core
Kickstart this: AirVR straps an iPad mini or iPhone 6+ to your face for virtual reality (iPhone) 17 September
A Retina display right next to your retinas
Out at midnight: Tactics Maiden is a fast-paced SRPG that focuses on flexible character builds (Android) 17 September
Switch up the stats
Out at midnight: Robot Rundown sees a rogue robot rampage against an evil corporation (iPhone) 17 September
Out at midnight: Huerons is a dot-squishing puzzler for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 17 September
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