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[Update] Gorgeous one-touch platformer published by Canabalt's creator Runaway Toad out now on iOS (iPhone) 28 April
Fury Toad
Get building in VR with Minecraft: Gear VR edition (Gear VR) 28 April
Hardcore platformer Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers updated with MFi controller support, iCloud support and more (iPhone) 28 April
Super Meat Sock
[Update] Rovio's take on pinball and movie tie-in, Angry Birds ACTION!, is out now (Android) 28 April
Camera's rolling
The Walking Dead: Michonne's last episode, What We Deserve, is out now on mobile (Android) 28 April
Plus some details on The Walking Dead Season 3
Vainglory gets a new mode built for ten minute matches, new skins and more (Android) 28 April
Not Japan's Battle Royale
[Update] The Rocky Horror Show Touch Me gets first footage, Kickstarter campaign launched (Android) 28 April
Time Warp
Silver-Award winning Dust: An Elysian Tail finally gets controller support in latest update (iPhone) 28 April
Plus support for old devices
Slide the Shakes receives a major update, discover 50 new levels and more (iPhone) 28 April
Bacon and Egg milkshake is the best!
[Update] The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy is a kickstarted adventure game out now (Android) 28 April
Pizza and pizzazz
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