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World of Tanks Blitz 2.1 update rolls out shortly, here's what's included (Android) 01 September
Clans improved! New British tanks! More ways to make money!
Square Enix confirms Dragon Quest VII is on its way to iOS and Android (Android) 01 September
But will it come to the west?
Pokemon Shuffle for iOS and Android is now available in the west too (Android) 01 September
Roll up! Roll up! Get your Pokemon here
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's companion app is now out on iOS and Android (Android) 01 September
Digital boardgame Armello is coming to mobile in early 2016 (Android) 31 August
Call of the wild
This week on Twitch: the regulars, plus a last-minute bonus stream (Android) 31 August
Monday: Sega 3D Classics. Rest of the week: awesome.
The Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 328: Lara Croft GO, Metal Gear, Calvino Noir, Mazecraft, and punk rock tunes (Android) 29 August
Plus AG Drive, Prune, Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion, and more
Stone Story is an unusual RPG with animated ASCII art, coming to iOS and Android (Android) 28 August
Prepare for b@ttle
Divide By Sheep gets updated with another world of devious puzzles (iPhone) 28 August
Also on sale for 79p / 99c
This War of Mine on NVIDIA SHIELD explores the harsh realities of war survival (Android) 28 August
Horrors of survival
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