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Proun+ is a modern art racer as energetic as its jazzy music, releasing on November 27th (iPhone) 30 October
Race through art
Drift'n'Drive funnels racing into a loop of bustling car bumping and engine upgrades (iPhone) 30 October
Driving in circles
Kemco's latest RPG Asdivine Hearts stars a chubby cat claiming to be the Light of Deity (Android) 30 October
Cat-like confidence
Raise your own aquatic friends, teach them tricks in virtual pet iOS game TouchFish (iPhone) 30 October
Find your Nemo
Cute cuboid Frogger-like freebie Crossy Road is out November 20th (iPhone) 30 October
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Angry Birds Transformers does a relevant, pun-based verb onto Android (Android) 30 October
Robots in disguise
Defend or destroy the galaxy in Star Wars: Galactic Defense, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 30 October
Choose a side
Quirky time management game Lumo Deliveries plops through the App Store's letterbox (iPhone) 30 October
That means it's out now
LittleBigPlanet tie-in Run Sackboy! Run! is now available everywhere on this medium-sized planet (iPhone) 30 October
Sack it to me
See the new Hearthstone card backs from the latest iPad update (iPad) 30 October
Bringing sexy back
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