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New iPad mini 3 is a tiny step up from last year's model, first iPad mini now $250 (iPad) 16 October
Apple unveils ultra thin iPad Air 2 with Touch ID (iPad) 16 October
Slow-mo video! Anti-reflective screen! A8X chip!
Kickstart this: Space adventure Her Majesty's SPIFFING aims its comedy at British patriotism (iPhone) 16 October
To space we politely go
Intricate, tense mechanical contraption puzzler A Mechanical Story will have you fixing a robot friend (iPhone) 16 October
Fix it up
Hyspherical isn't very funny, it's a tough iOS action puzzler that'll test your timing (iPhone) 16 October
Spin up a storm
Comic book-inspired card game Sentinels of the Multiverse is now out on iPad and Android tablets (Android) 16 October
Digital transformation
Fight against the Demon King in RPG Crystareino, Kemco's latest iOS RPG (iPhone) 16 October
Chop and change 20 classes, too
Outcast Odyssey, a card battler with dungeon crawler elements, is available for download worldwide (Android) 16 October
Play your cards right
Play Galaxy Siege 2 if you fancy building a spaceship to shoot lots of cartoon aliens (Android) 16 October
Built for the job
[Update] NBA 2K15 slam dunks its way on to iOS with controller support, improved looks (Android) 16 October
Throw away the cards (Updated with Android details)
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