Pocket Gamer
Lumines is back this year on mobile with premium and free to play titles (Android) 09 February
[Update] Kairosoft aims and hits Android and iOS with the release of Tennis Club Story (Android) 09 February
Smash hit
Downwell is jumping to Playstation Vita this year (PS Vita) 09 February
Well, down we go again
Sci-fi stealth game Volume gets updated with cross-saving (PS Vita) 09 February
Go go gadgets
Game of Dice has received a massive Pirate Attack update (Android) 08 February
Ahoy me landlubbers
Ravensword: Legacy, prequel to the Ravensword series, announced and illustrated (iPhone) 08 February
Minimalist Legacy
Chillingo releases Apple TV exclusive top-down racer Go Rally (Apple TV) 08 February
Go Play
Get dungeon crawling in the surprisingly addictive gem The Greedy Cave (iPhone) 08 February
Enchanting experience
Supercell's mix of TCG and MOBA Clash Royale set for global release in March (Android) 08 February
Clash in March
Shape a physical book's story with your iPad in The Ice-Bound Concordance (iPad) 08 February
Book 2.0
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