Pocket Gamer
Prepare to shoot yucky aliens in epic sci-fi RPG Exiles, now out on Android (Android) 18 December
Hive killer
Docking Sequence is a parking simulator set in space that's out right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 18 December
Just leave it there, it's fine
My Om Nom is a virtual pet version of the Cut The Rope star for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 18 December
Feed me. Feed me now
Pocket Gamer's Christmas Freebies #9 - RGB EXPRESS (iPhone) 18 December
The Drive: Devil's Run is a retro 3D racer that's out right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 18 December
Devil's due
[Update] Out now: Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a F2P WW2 TPS (Android) 18 December
Acronym bingo (Updated: Out now on iOS and Android)
The first episode of Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands is now available on Android (Android) 18 December
You do the Zer0 Sum
Dark Souls-inspired Lords of the Fallen coming to iOS and Android (Android) 17 December
Lord of the phone
All the cuties in quirky puzzler Kiwanuka now wear Christmas hats, it's on sale too (iPhone) 17 December
A time of togetherness
Infect the world with happiness in new Plague Inc. Christmas update (Android) 17 December
Spread some Christmas cheer
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