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See the new Hearthstone card backs from the latest iPad update (iPad) 30 October
Bringing sexy back
Haunt the House: Terrortown is a spooky sandbox puzzler, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 30 October
Bump in the night
Gunslugs 2 gets a new trailer, release date pushed back to January (Android) 30 October
Developer promises delay will be
Out at midnight: Medford Asylum: Paranormal Case is a spooky hidden object adventure (iPhone) 29 October
Just in time for Halloween
Soft-launched Puppet Punch lets you do exactly what its title says - a lot (iPhone) 29 October
Arena puncher
Slash up enemies with a swordfish in fast-paced kitty combat game Obslashin' (Android) 29 October
Cat fight
Adventure game spin-off Secret Files Sam Peters has you survive the beasts and demons of the African jungle (iPhone) 29 October
Take a backpack
Cute F2P monster-catching RPG Adventure Age has been soft-launched in Canada (iPhone) 29 October
Grow an army
Telltale's The Wolf Among Us is on the Google Play Store at long last (Android) 29 October
Howling for it
Out at midnight: Bulkypix's Grey Cubes is a brick-breaker with devious 3D physics (iPhone) 29 October
3D problems
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