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Mobile and console working in harmony, iOS 8 adoption hits 30 percent, and why western practices don't work in Asia (Android) 27 September
The past 7 days in bite-sized portions
Shades is a minimal puzzler about creating and clearing rows of color (iPhone) 26 September
Shades of Tetris
Free to play Pokémon Trading Card Game soft launches on Canadian App Store (iPad) 26 September
I choose you!
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth arrives in Europe for 3DS on November 28th (3DS) 26 September
Pre-order tarot cards available
NES-inspired sci-fi action platformer Rex Rocket will be blasting onto iPad soon (iPad) 26 September
Inspired by Mega Man
Play Dr Quizington if you think you're smart enough to find the source of the River Nile (iPhone) 26 September
Send us a postcard
Save sheep and blast aliens in the ZX Spectrum-style Air Supply - SOS (Save Our Sheep) out now on iOS (iPhone) 26 September
Praise be to the Mothersheep
Torque Burnout scraps racing for donuts and burnt rubber on iOS in November (iPhone) 26 September
Give it a spin
Cosmophony is a new twitchy rhythm shooter that features only drum 'n' bass by DJ Salaryman (Android) 26 September
Turn it up
Gory puzzle game Hellraid: The Escape is currently on sale for 69p / 99c (iPhone) 26 September
Head scratcher
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