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Future Sense is a time-controlling stealth adventure from the developers of Sentinel series (Android) 08 October
Time is on your side
Delisted apps have started reappearing in your iOS purchase history (iPhone) 08 October
So what the heck was with that story, PG?
The finale of Telltales's Tales from the Borderlands is out on October 20th (Android) 08 October
Check out the sneak peek trailer
Psych! Outwit your friends with Ellen Degeneres' new quiz game on iOS and Android (Android) 08 October
Just keep quizzing, just keep quizzing...
Mysterious Ad Cube appears on Google Play, promising a reward for watching loads of adverts (Android) 08 October
Dear God, whatever next
Minions Paradise gets the party started on iOS and Android on October 13th (Android) 08 October
The world turns yellow
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom sprints, flies, and climbs its ways onto iOS, out now [Update] (iPhone) 08 October
The sequel you never asked for (Updated with Apple Watch details)
Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes brings bomb defusal to your living room (Virtual Reality) 08 October
tick, tick, tick, tick, boom
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom isn't coming to Android until October 15th (Android) 08 October
Slow start
Brilliant, quickfire card game Sage Solitaire gets updated with the ultimate gamble (iPhone) 08 October
Make no mistake
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