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Humble Mobile Bundle 18 contains Broken Sword 5 and This War of Mine (Android) 04 May
Charity starts on the Google Play Store
Megan Fox becomes Captain of the High Council Guard in Stormfall (Android) 04 May
Squad-based competition gets unique twist in new Star Wars: Commander update (Android) 04 May
Sullust'ial being
Plants vs Zombies turns 7 and celebrates with new levels and costumes (Android) 04 May
Ice Creem and Brainz
The Sims FreePlay update now allows you to pamper yourself (Android) 04 May
Facial recognition software
Square Enix Montreal hire Fez and Hyper Light Drifter developers (Android) 03 May
Lara Croft GO devs teasing 'something special'
Sorcery! 4 is midway through development, inkle reveals new details on the series' epic conclusion (Android) 03 May
The end is nigh
Shadow Fight is going full 3D with its third installment (Android) 03 May
Hitting the App Store and Google Play this autumn
Battleborn Tap is out now and unlocks extra content in main game (Android) 03 May
Born to tie-in
Clash Royale gets 6 new cards, live spectating, and rewards (Android) 03 May
Clash! A-ha!
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