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Agents of Storm, Remedy and flaregames's splishy splashy mid-core strategy game is out right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 24 October
Boat time
Heroes and Castles 2 is going to be hacking and slashing its way onto iOS in the not-too-distant future (iPhone) 24 October
Rival Stars Basketball is PikPok's latest sports game, free on iOS and Android (Android) 24 October
Slam dunk!
Free oceanic adventure game Deep Loot dives onto Android, more features incoming (Android) 24 October
Hold your breath!
Match-3 RPG hybrid Super Glyph Quest launches on iOS (iPhone) 23 October
[Update] Heavy Metal Thunder dev takes you through dangerous Mayan myth in Necklace of Skulls (iPhone) 23 October
Fashion tips for the dead (Updated: Release was a mistake)
Hitman GO gets 8 new levels based on the St. Petersburg Stakeout in Hitman 2 (Android) 23 October
Plus, it's on sale for a limited time
Oddworld New 'n' Tasty dev explains why the Vita version has been delayed (PS Vita) 23 October
Plus: Stranger's Wrath on mobile coming soon
Paint splashing exploration game The Unfinished Swan spreads its wings on Vita next week (PS Vita) 23 October
Fill in the gaps
Experience peace and power in Felllice's cell-eat-cell world simulation (Android) 23 October
Just drift along
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