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Punch Club comes out swinging on Switch on May 24th (Switch) 21 May
The first rule of Punch Club is...
Soulgest is a promising survival adventure game coming to Switch (Switch) 21 May
Kickstart an adventure
Gudetama Tap lets you cook and poke gross, weird egg creatures (Android) 21 May
Bad case of the Mondays
Fortnite is finally dropping onto Android this summer (Android) 21 May
All the emotes
Handelabra Games is bringing another awesome-looking board game adaptation to mobile this week (Android) 21 May
And it's already on Steam
Resident Evil 7 is coming to Switch, but only via cloud streaming (Switch) 21 May
Scares in the skies
TapTap Heroes will change the way you think about idle RPGs (Android) 20 May
Tappingly good fun
Touching narrative adventure game To the Moon is getting a full-length film (iPhone) 18 May
Get your tissues ready
Spectacular shooter Guns of Boom launching its first esports season this June (Android) 18 May
Starting the summer with a bang
TableTap is taking over Twitch again with a stream of digital board game, Scythe (Android) 18 May
Cut it up
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