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Super Phantom Cat 2 is a delightful catformer sequel, coming to iOS this week (iPhone) 15 August
Lemme hear you PURRRRR
Mewtwo will be coming to 'Exclusive Raid Battles' in the coming weeks (Android) 15 August
Not just for Yokohama
Outmaneuver cats, ghosts, and ghouls in weird puzzler cityglitch (Android) 15 August
Not a glitch
Sonic Mania's launch trailer shows off new levels, new enemies, two-player mode, and more (Switch) 14 August
Bring me my velvet leggings and ugly jumpers
Portal Walk is a pixel art platformer coming to iOS this Wednesday (iPhone) 14 August
I'm here, now I'm there
The point and click adventure Rusty Lake Paradise will feature slightly different gameplay mechanics (Android) 14 August
But I want it nooooow
Fire Emblem: Heroes introduces Amelia, Seth, Innes, and Tana from The Sacred Stones (Android) 14 August
Here they come
Pokemon GO introduces Mewtwo in Yokohama Stadium raid (Android) 14 August
There's our genetically-engineered chap
The audio adventure game The Girl Who Sold the World's first chapter hits iOS and Android on August 15th (Android) 14 August
Use your headphones
Thimbleweed Park lands on the Nintendo Switch this September (Switch) 14 August
So soon!
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