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Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 435 - Fortnite vs Fortcraft (Android) 16 March
Plus an interview with the creator of Polytopia
AIIA is the new MMORPG that brings a console-quality experience to Android (Android) 16 March
Arma up
The first lot of Fortnite beta invitations have gone out, but don't worry if you haven't got one yet (iPhone) 16 March
Good praise for early days
Take a sneaky look at one of the cards from Shadowverse's next expansion, Dawnbreak, Nightedge (Android) 16 March
Coming later this month
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's fishing tourney is now live (Android) 16 March
The competition is heating up
Dino survival game ARK: Survival Evolved coming to mobile this spring (Android) 16 March
Clever girl
Lost in the Dungeon lets you loose in the catacombs with just a deck of cards to protect you (iPhone) 15 March
Out now for iPhone and iPad
Best new iOS and Android games out this week: Armello, Death Coming, My Tamagotchi Forever, and more (Android) 15 March
It's a mixed bag
It's a good time to be a Switch and mobile gamer as the BAFTA Games Awards nominations include some real gems (Android) 15 March
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Ubisoft's fast-paced RPG Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians heads to iOS and Android in May (Android) 15 March
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