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Mega Man heads to Nintendo Switch with the Mega Man Legacy Collection (Switch) 19 February
The Blue Bomber returns
Best iOS and Android sales this week - Her Story, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, You Must Build a Boat, and more (Android) 19 February
Fat bargains
If you're looking for a board game deal for iPhone and iPad this Monday, Acram Digital has you covered (iPhone) 19 February
Cheap tracks
The pixel platformer Reed is finally making its way to iOS and we couldn't be more excited (Android) 19 February
Here kitty, kitty
The psychedelic action game Lichtspeer was great on Nintendo Switch but how will it hold up on iOS? (iPhone) 19 February
Pretty well, tbh
This is the indie strategy game you should be playing – now with added multiplayer (Android) 18 February
We've raved about The Battle Of Polytopia before (and it's time to challenge us!)
Subsurface Circular is making its way to Nintendo Switch (Switch) 17 February
Subway secrets
Give your campsite some razzle dazzle in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's Crystal Collection Event (Android) 17 February
Oo, shiny
Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 431 - Florence, PUBG Mobile (Android) 16 February
Plus an interview with Ken Wong
Registration is up for Hearthstone's 2018 Wild Open - Could it be you scooping the grand prize? (Android) 16 February
I dunno, are you any good at Hearthstone?
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