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Bik, a retro-style adventure game, coming to Google Play and App Store on August 14th (Android) 29 July
Also on Steam Greenlight
Spot the pairs in Tap Two, a timed matching game (Android) 28 July
Race to the top
The Sailor's Dream is Simogo's newly announced challenge-free dream voyage coming to iOS (iPhone) 28 July
Drifting out to sea
Deep Loot will let you explore its F2P oceans on iOS from July 31st onwards (Android) 28 July
Sink or swim
Twitch Plays Pokemon is now playing Pokemon X with a modified 3DS (3DS) 28 July
Type the co-ordinates
SPACE COLORS will explode onto iOS in a couple of weeks in an array of colour (iPhone) 28 July
Big orange explosions
You'll be able to craft Link's equipment in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS (3DS) 28 July
Green with envy
Kiwanuka - a game about togetherness - was possible due to close supporters and meditation (iPhone) 28 July
Hold hands
Enterchained will turn gladiatorial combat into a deathly dance on iOS and Android (Android) 28 July
Are you not?
Firefly Online will see the cast of the original TV series back in their roles (Android) 28 July
Fillion fly-in
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