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Zombies, Run! is available on Apple Watch at last, gets new custom Training Plans (iPhone) 26 November
Convenience run
Out now: One Button Travel takes you on a mysterious journey into the future (iPhone) 26 November
Just push the button already
If Pixar made a Mega Man game it would probably look like Super Powerboy (iPhone) 26 November
Sign-up to be a beta tester
Out now: Nitrome wants to start a pogo rebellion with springy platformer Gopogo (Android) 26 November
Boing against The Man
Search for the Shard of Life in new Lara Croft GO expansion (Android) 25 November
Also on sale for £2.29 / $2.99
Shakedown Hawaii takes Retro City Rampage's open world into the 16-bit era (3DS) 25 November
Older, fatter, and balder
Out now: Go Home Dizzy gets you spinning through a gauntlet of pesky skeletons (Android) 25 November
It'll get you in a tizzy
Door Kickers gets kicked down in price for the first time on iOS (iPhone) 25 November
Get it for kicks
Out now: Get rhythmic and competitive in Go! Go! CommanderVideo, and all for free (iPhone) 25 November
All about that rainbow cape
Out now - Star Wars: Galaxies of Heroes lets you fight for the Dark or Light side (Android) 25 November
Out now worldwide
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