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A-list RPG Final Fantasy VI drops its price on Android (Android) 29 July
Well, it's not really the FINAL fantasy
[Update] Adult Swim's Try Harder comes to Android, out now on Google Play (Android) 29 July
Sometimes you've just got to - ahh, you know the drill
Gerty: Robots in Love is upcoming sci-fi interactive fiction from the developers of Docking Sequence (iPhone) 29 July
A journey across space and time
Vibrant arcade game Power Hover is Apple's free App of the Week (iPhone) 28 July
Free ride
Apple Watch-exclusive Cosmos Rings comes out of hiding and launches on the App Store (Apple Watch) 28 July
I should have expected that-
Rodeo Stampede gets a ton of new animals in update 1.1.0 (Android) 28 July
I hope their next update has dragons
Moomin Quest: The Lost Winter is coming to iOS and Android sometime in the next few months (Android) 28 July
I don't really understand it, but I'm excited
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awaken love surprises as it suddenly drops on Android (Android) 28 July
I BB-8 when that 'appens
[Update] Drinkbox's acclaimed slice-em-up Severed is now out on iOS (iPhone) 28 July
3D slicing
Duck Roll may be a delicious food but it's an even better puzzler, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 28 July
Can I have some pancakes with this?
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