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Clash of Clans creator Supercell cans another game as Smash Land gets smashed (iPhone) 03 July
End of the road
Nintendo boss Iwata: premium mobile games 'have not been doing a great job' (Android) 03 July
Plus: thoughts on free to play and whales
Adventures of Pip is the platforming quest of an evolving pixel hero (iPhone) 03 July
From 1-pixel zero to 8-bit hero
Samurai Blitz is a pixel-art slash 'n' dash through colorful Japanese landscapes (iPhone) 02 July
Sharpen your thumbs
Objects In Space is a low-fi space trading sim coming to iPad next year (iPad) 02 July
Deep space
This War of Mine is coming to Android tablets and you can pre-order right now (Android) 02 July
15% of all proceeds go to War Child
Hitman GO, Lifeline, King of Dragon Pass, and more are on sale on Android (Android) 02 July
Grab 'em while they're cheap!
Tweechi is a virtual pet game where retweets and selfies equal currency (iPhone) 02 July
Coming to iPhone this autumn
Daedalic has released the first official iPad trailer for Fire headed to the App Store soon (iPhone) 02 July
It burns
Halo: Spartan Strike on sale for first time on iOS in 4th of July sale [Updated] (iPhone) 02 July
Update: Fearless Fantasy, The Trace and more added to the sale
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