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The original Rayman seems to be getting a port, out next week (Android) 11 February
Now's the perfect time to check out Jelly Blast (Android) 11 February
Out right now on iOS and Android
Heroki's latest update adds Apple TV support, iCloud and tons of changes (iPhone) 11 February
The Heroki we deserve?
Must have and Gold Award recipient Lara Croft GO is on sale (Android) 11 February
GO get it now!
Popular boardgame Forbidden Desert gets released on iPad, Forbidden Island on sale (iPad) 11 February
Friends not included
Happy Tennis wants to be the Wii Tennis of the Apple TV, out now (iPhone) 11 February
Weeeee Tennis
Gold Award-winning Alto's Adventure backflips onto Android, out now (Android) 11 February
Time to chase llamas again
Clever puzzler The Mesh is free for the first time on the App Store (iPhone) 11 February
Meshing with numbers
Forever Lost creators lets you explore a Toy Story-like world in the just released A Short Tale (Android) 11 February
Size matters not
Gross kissing simulator Smooth Operator is out now (iPhone) 11 February
Bro-shake that tongue
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