Pocket Gamer
Iconic social game Habbo Hotel is coming to Android tomorrow (Android) 31 March
Check in
Spin rooms to avoid spikes in brutal iOS freebie Cube Koala (iPhone) 31 March
Down under and back up again
Square Enix shares first details on Mevius Final Fantasy's elemental battle system (Android) 31 March
Earth, wind, and fire (and water)
[Update] Namco to pull Katamari, Pac-Man, Ridge Racer and more from the App Store next week (iPhone) 31 March
Rolling away (Updated: The games are now gone)
Blek gets temporary price drop to 69p / 99c on iOS only (iPhone) 30 March
Get in line
DUAL is a local multiplayer shooter played across two screens (Android) 30 March
Cross-platform competition
Forgotten Memories gets a creepy trailer ahead of its launch on April 23rd for iOS (iPhone) 30 March
Why is it always mannequins?
Star Wars Rebels getting its own table in Zen Pinball 2, Star Wars Pinball (Android) 30 March
Force tilt
Kill the Plumber is a 'reverse Mario' platformer in which you play as the enemies (iPhone) 30 March
Payback time
Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary gets a premium edition due to fan demand (Android) 30 March
Pay your way
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