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Missile Cards will combine missile defense and Solitaire when it arrives on iOS this year (iPhone) 28 April
Card-carrying Earth defender
Quantum Revenge gets discounted to 99p / 99c in first sale (Android) 28 April
Quantum price
Build your ultimate team in Robot Unicorn Attack 3, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 27 April
Hello neeeeeeighbour
Team17 drops the sadistic circus show Penarium on iOS and Android (Android) 27 April
The audience knows what it wants (and it wants your blood)
The bright and destructive twin-stick shooter Neon Chrome arrives on Android (Android) 27 April
Now everyone can play
Nintendo's got something to tell us about Fire Emblem: Heroes tomorrow (Android) 27 April
What could it be?
Nintendo spills the details on Splatoon 2's new game mode, Salmon Run (Switch) 27 April
Ink it real good
The popular drawing game Pictionary launches its first official mobile app (Android) 27 April
Out now on iOS and Android
[Update] Under Leaves is a colourful hidden object game, out now on iOS and Steam (iPhone) 27 April
And so pretty too
The Nintendo Switch beats its original estimates after selling 2.74 million units in March (Switch) 27 April
And Breath of the Wild beat that further
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