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'Tengami' creator's upcoming iOS game is the astrological comedy Astrologaster (iPhone) 21 September
Look to the stars
[Update] Middle-earth: Shadow of War should arrive on iOS and Android on September 28th (Android) 21 September
And there's a new Nemesis System trailer, too
Disjoint is a story-rich puzzler, coming to iOS and Android in November (Android) 21 September
And it rhymes, too!
Battle Princess Madelyn's new trailer reveals a 2018 release date for Switch and Vita (PS Vita) 21 September
A brave warrior to save us
[Update] The gorgeous puzzler The Witness is now out on iPhone and iPad (iPhone) 21 September
At last
Morphite gets a release trailer just ahead of its iOS launch (iPhone) 20 September
Only a few hours to wait
The free to play real-time strategy Art of War: Red Tides heads to iPhone and iPad later this month (iPhone) 20 September
Can't blast your way through it
Earn double Stardust, triple XP on new Pokemon, and more in Pokemon GO's upcoming equinox event (Android) 20 September
All the leaves are brown...
Get a real life ticket to ride with digital board game Ticket To Ride (Board Game) 20 September
Choo-choose your adventure
The tactical card collecting game Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is now available worldwide on iOS and Android (Android) 20 September
Think smart
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