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Out at midnight: Astro Party is a same-device multiplayer blaster for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 01 October
Blast it all
Out at midnight: Spirits of Spring is a gorgeous looking 3D adventure for iOS from the developer of Papa & Yo (iPhone) 01 October
Spring spring
Out at midnight: Adventure Xpress is a match-stuff RPG puzzler for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 01 October
Xpress delivery
Tin Man Games has released its latest gamebook collection, The Sagas of Fire*Wolf on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 01 October
You're fired, wolf
Far Cry 4 designer by day, indie dev by night - Sean Noonan launches Jack B. Nimble on iOS (iPhone) 01 October
Switching gears
Assassin's Creed Identity will free-run onto Android, too (Android) 01 October
Soft launch exclusive to iOS
Darkness Reborn is an upcoming fantasy RPG from Gamevil (Android) 01 October
The Secret Cove is a Myst-like point-and-click on Kickstarter now (Android) 30 September
Myst-y Cornwall
Hands-on with Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge - Cursing bats and blades while dodging towards the Dot King (iPhone) 30 September
Crushed, stabbed, spiked, and burned
Imps In Tokyo is about catching dreams and dodging a big bad dragon, coming to iOS (iPhone) 30 September
Light up the sky
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