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BFB Champions lines up a ton of new content in its latest update (Android) 30 September
Footie fanatics are in for a treat
Amazon Game Studios reveals its plans to merge Twitch and gaming with three new projects (Steam) 30 September
Breakaway, Crucible, and New World
Enjoy a trio of minimalist puzzlers for free, as Klocki, Hook, and oO go on sale (iPhone) 30 September
Hooks and lines
Infuriating autorunner Mr Jump is headed to Android next month (Android) 29 September
Start your breathing exercises
Arrogant Pixel teases a trailer for The Tale of Doris and the Dragon, episode two (Mobile) 29 September
It's the waiting and wondering I can't stand...
[Update] Looty Dungeon blazes onto Android, out now (Android) 29 September
No one can hear you scream in the dungeon
[Update] Colourful puzzler Two or More is out now on iOS (iPhone) 29 September
Match 'em up
Perform some sick tricks with Noodlecake's final BMX instalment, Pumped BMX 3, out now on Android (Android) 29 September
Do a flip! Oh, you did one? Do another!
Adventure/puzzler Legend of the Skyfish arrives on Android and brings a sale with it (Android) 29 September
Cast it out and reel in sweet, sweet victory
JoyCity have released a new update for Game of Dice with another cool King of Fighter's twist (Android) 29 September
Get the deck stacked in your favour with two new characters
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