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Road Warriors is a wild, intergalactic combat racer, coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android (Android) 21 February
Battle of the beasts
Blasty Bubs is a mixture of Brick Breaker and Pinball, from the makers of Chezz (iPhone) 21 February
Always aim, never guess
[Update] All 39 confirmed Nintendo Switch games, prices, and release dates so far (Switch) 21 February
With release dates and prices
Round³ is a procedurally generated one-touch game, available on iPhone and iPad tomorrow (iPhone) 21 February
Keep your cool
Get creative in Castaway Home Designer, coming to iPhone and iPad next week (iPhone) 21 February
It's SO in this year
Become a wealthy oil baron in the simulation game Turmoil, heading to iPad February 23rd (iPad) 21 February
Money, money, money, money - monaaay!
Server boundaries are broken down in MU Origin’s colossal new update (Android) 21 February
MUving on up
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is no longer a Switch release title (Switch) 21 February
But you'll still be getting it in March
The anti-platformer Mushroom 11 comes to iPhone, iPad, and Android on March 9th (Android) 21 February
Like 'The Blob', but post-apocalyptic
If you're getting a Switch you'd best secure your online user ID sooner rather than later (Switch) 21 February
And yes, Mario and Luigi are apparently gone already
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