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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer announced at Nintendo Direct, uses card-based amiibos (3DS) 01 April
3DS getting external amiibo reader this year
Bronze Award-winning Help Volty is free on iOS until April 2nd (iPad) 01 April
Help Volty... for free
UK-themed Crossy Road update reduces our great nation to chimney sweeps, double decker buses, and rain (Android) 01 April
Just like home
Out at midnight: Last Voyage is like going through the Star Gate in 2001: A Space Odyssey (iPhone) 01 April
Out at midnight: Tap 'n' Slash brings speed and heavy metal to dungeon crawling (iPhone) 01 April
More metal by the minute
Also out at midnight: Corridor Z, DUAL!, more (iPhone) 01 April
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, CivCrafter
Be a boss and defeat puny heroes in iPad card game Boss Monster (iPad) 01 April
Like a boss
Oh hey, here's a video of the Steamworld Heist demo I played at GDC (Android) 01 April
Can you dig it
PS Plus members get Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag for free in April (PS Vita) 01 April
Choice cuts
Cute 'boxel' freebie The Quest Keeper turns Crossy Road into a streamlined dungeon crawler (Android) 01 April
Save the quest till last
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