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Playdead's award-winning puzzler LIMBO drops in price on iOS (iPhone) 30 August
This ain't a stick you can duck under
Mojang teases us with what to expect in Minecraft: Pocket Edition's Big Boss Update 0.16 (Android) 30 August
Sounds pretty boss
Niantic opens up about disabling third-party services and the most recent account bans (Android) 30 August
Privacy? What privacy?
Guild of Dungeoneering releases its first pirate-y Adventure Pack alongside the newest update (iPhone) 30 August
En guard, matey
She Remembered Caterpillars is a hand-drawn color-blending puzzler coming to iOS and Android (Android) 29 August
Red, blue, and purple
Leap again and again when one-touch platformer One More Jump releases on iOS and Android this Thursday (Android) 29 August
Leap and slide
Carefully creep around patrolling drones in isometric stealth puzzler Maruta 279 (Android) 29 August
Clone alone
Siralim 2 combines monster-catching RPG with pixel-art roguelike on iOS and Android. (Android) 29 August
Monster fighters
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is an upcoming FMV mystery that delves into lovecraftian horror (Android) 28 August
Are those gills?
The best deals this week in handheld and mobile (Android) 28 August
We all like cheap games
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