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[Update] Infinity Blade and Joe Danger are among the best game bundles on iOS 8 (iPhone) 20 September
Modern Combat! Angry Birds! Billions of game books! (Updated with games from Inkle, Kemco, and more)
Microsoft buys Minecraft, Apple unleashes iOS 8, and we tackle GamerGate (Android) 20 September
The past 7 days in bite-sized portions
TGS2014: Day 2 Round-up (Android) 20 September
Hands-on with the New 3DS XL, more Vines, iOS and Vita
Spirits of Spring is an anti-bullying adventure game coming to iOS this October (iPhone) 20 September
Formerly titled Silent Enemy
Reverse platformer Spoiler Alert is available now on Kindle Fire and Fire TV (Android) 20 September
No spoilers here!
Nova-111 is a sci-fi action puzzler with a peculiar sense of time, heading to Vita in 2015 (PS Vita) 19 September
Turn-based real-time?
Inferno 2 from Radiangames will bring more hyperactive neon shooting to iOS in October (Android) 19 September
Sequel if you wanna go faster
iOS 8 - Doom 3 and Quake III tech demos show the potential of WebGL games support (iPhone) 19 September
Quake in your boots
[Update] Talisman: Digital Edition will be playable on iPhone next week (iPhone) 19 September
Formerly an iPad exclusive (Updated: Out on iPhone now)
Zodiac is a beautiful 2D online RPG for mobile and Vita by some ex-Final Fantasy talent (iPhone) 19 September
You can ride a griffin
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