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The "devilishly challenging" puzzler Shades is free on the App Store this weekend (iPhone) 24 October
Not so shady
Anti-bullying adventure Spirits of Spring gets a hefty price drop on iOS (iPhone) 24 October
Now £1.49 / $1.99
[Update] Hand Circus's epic, adorable adventure Seabeard has been soft-launched in Canada (iPhone) 24 October
Hoist the sails (Updated: Soft-launched in other countries too)
David Hasselhoff may have made the best worst game of all time (iPhone) 24 October
Don't scoff at The Hoff
Great Little War Game series available for free on iOS this weekend as part of Rubicon promotion (Android) 24 October
Also on sale on Android
Catch ghosts and blast them at monsters in nostalgic arcade puzzle shooter Castle Scout (iPhone) 24 October
Ghost to ghost
Spin a planet to match blocks in QbQbQb - a musical, colour explosion of a puzzle game (Android) 24 October
Give it a spin
Fight back the monsters in your bedroom so you can sleep in Go to Bed, out now on iOS (iPhone) 24 October
Bump in the night
Daedalic to publish grim horror adventure Dead Synchronicity on iPad (iPad) 24 October
English and German voices are on the way
Grave Matters is a macabre twist on Minesweeper that's out right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 24 October
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