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Super Crossfighter is back out on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and it's cheap as well (Android) 01 August
Cheap cross
Rush Horizon is a fast paced mash up of arcade racing and auto-running that's out right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 01 August
Bring me the rush
Joinz is a mix of Tetris and Threes that's coming soon to iOS and Android (Android) 01 August
Warballoon has released some incredible Star Command concept art to tease what's coming next in the epic space exploration sim (Android) 01 August
Star command wars
Bronze Award-winning Marvel Pinball free on iOS this week (iPhone) 31 July
Snap Attack, a free competitive word-building game, now available on Android (Android) 31 July
Sequel to the Bronze Award-winning Wordament
Superhero Workout will train you to save the world in August (Android) 31 July
Earn your super powers
Epic Skater is a F2P endless skater for iOS and Android from ex-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater devs (Android) 31 July
Ollie this
MUJO has you stacking swords to slay monsters of Greek myth, it's a compelling match-3 puzzler (iPhone) 31 July
Don't stare at me, Medusa
Silver Award-winning Duet updated with 40 new epilogue stages, music, mechanics, and more (iPhone) 31 July
Double dizzy
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