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Tired of waiting for a hero, the princess in Dragon Hills hops on a dragon to get revenge (Android) 27 February
1-2, dragon's coming for you
La-Mulana EX whips a vulture, explores lost cities on PS Vita in Europe on March 4th (PS Vita) 27 February
It will kill you
Badland update adds Daydream co-op levels, new missions, achievements (Android) 27 February
Soar and die together
New iOS version of classic RPG NetHack gets it working on iOS 7, and beyond (iPhone) 27 February
New clothes for old bones
Color Guardians looks like a children's TV show version of Ikaruga, coming to Vita (PS Vita) 27 February
Not just black and white
Dead Trigger dev announces new zombie shooter Unkilled for iOS and Android (Android) 27 February
New York slaughter
Vainglory's newest character Celeste launches a storm of stars across the world at enemies (iPhone) 27 February
Stars in their eyes
Alien planet exploration game Extrasolar gets a smart, new mobile interface (Android) 27 February
This way, Rover
Record Keeper is a crazy Final Fantasy compilation, coming to iOS and Android in English this spring (Android) 27 February
Cloud storage
Endless 3D physics puzzler Block Amok depicts the eternal struggle of sheep versus cows (Android) 27 February
Down I go
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