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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 announced for release in October, on Halloween (Android) 27 April
Pretty sure it's been more than five nights by now...
Critically acclaimed Hitman GO slides onto Windows Phone and Windows desktop (Windows Mobile) 27 April
Hit it up
Bandai brings Tamagotchi into the 21st century with an Apple Watch app (iPhone) 27 April
Watch them grow
Lots of SNK's mobile games on sale for the Neo Geo 25th Anniversary commemoration (Android) 27 April
Blast 'em
Alto's Adventure, Swap Heroes 2, more iOS games on sale for the first time (iPhone) 27 April
Gather your pennies
Political powerhouse Democracy 3 receives price drop on iPad (iPad) 27 April
That gets my vote
Cerulean Moon is an upcoming platformer in which you move the world rather than the character (Android) 27 April
Falling with style
148Apps Round-Up: Terra Chroma, Crack Attack! and More (iPhone) 27 April
The week in casual games
Morpha challenges you to dodge through a 'Tron-like' world on iOS (iPhone) 27 April
Geometric dash
Ridiculous brawler One Finger Death Punch lands on iOS and Android in a flurry of punches (Android) 27 April
Don't forget to kiai
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