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Join the App Army to get free games and participate in our bi-weekly Clash Royale tournament (Android) 27 June
And the winner takes home an iOS or Android voucher
The best deals this week in handheld and mobile (Android) 27 June
We all like cheap games
Warlocks & Wizards is Clash Royale with a focus on spells over troops (iPhone) 27 June
Fight magic with magic
Kairosoft goes back to its roots with Pocket Arcade Story, now out on Android (Android) 27 June
Game Dev Arcade
Experience the puzzle-y journey of Eon in the adorable and relaxing Zenge, free for the first time (iPhone) 27 June
Piece it together
Monster Hunter Explore is seemingly closing before it even launched worldwide (Android) 27 June
No more hunting for you sir
Sleeper hit elastic platformer Goo Saga is at its lowest price yet on iOS and Android (Android) 27 June
Goo Home
Hack infected brains in Imprint-X, a tactile puzzler from the developer of Rymdresa (Android) 25 June
This is your brain on nanobots
Real-time strategy title Battleplans is coming to Google Play (Android) 24 June
Move over, iOS users
Nanuleu is a minimalist territory-conquering strategy game coming soon to iOS (Android) 24 June
Blowing up the wrong tree
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