Pocket Gamer
Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne cutting heads on February 25th (Android) 10 February
Season three coming afterwards
Minecraft: Pocket Edition big 0.14 update coming before the end of the month, adds comparators, repeaters and more (Android) 10 February
No longer pocket-sized
Ready for more? Picross 3D: Round 2 gets approved for release in Europe (3DS) 10 February
3D headache
Mario & Sonic's 2016 Olympic Games dated on 3DS, out April 8th (3DS) 10 February
Will it be a RIOt?
Dungeon crawler Dark Quest gets a sequel, first footage released (iPhone) 10 February
Quest for funds
An Amiga classic comes back with Tennis Champs: Returns, soft launched for now (iPhone) 10 February
Tennis Gramps
Furdemption 2 will inflict more pain on a poor rabbit, beta test now open (iPhone) 10 February
Red Dead Furdemption
The Tiny Bang Story's creators release Abandoned: The Underground City, a gorgeous looking adventure game (iPhone) 10 February
Sliders: The Game
Restore peace to Esteria in classic RPG Ys Chronicles II, out now (Android) 10 February
Ys man
Survive death traps and endless labyrinths in Happymagenta's Tomb of The Mask (iPhone) 10 February
Adventure upward
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