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Bethesda Pinball features three iconic titles and hits out on mobile tomorrow (Android) 07 December
How interesting...
Looks like Clash of Clans is getting its own animated web series, Clash-A-Rama (Other) 06 December
Coming this Friday-
Bring peace back to a mystical land in Lyto Mobi’s new MMORPG, Enneas Saga (Android) 06 December
Let the saga begin
After several years in the making the submarine simulator Silent Depth is out on iOS (iPhone) 06 December
Shoot to kill
Dropa is a circular puzzler about fitting pieces in the right places (iPhone) 06 December
Coming to iOS this Thursday
40 years after Rocky debuted in the cinema, the fighting franchise is getting an iOS game (iPhone) 06 December
Coming later this week
Moonlight Express is a one-touch, present-shooting Christmas game without the cliche (iPhone) 06 December
It's a marvellous night for a moondance
Wield blade and fang in tactical RPG Demon's Rise 2 new update (iPhone) 06 December
A deadly duo for your party
The futuristic arcade racer Hovercrash is headed to iOS this Thursday (iPhone) 05 December
Try not to crash and burn
Put on your detective's hat and solve the case in Pine Grove, out now on iOS (iPhone) 05 December
Elementary, dear sidekick.
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