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Quirky runner-brawler The Executive goes on sale alongside Riverman's new release (iPhone) 24 February
Businessman versus werewolves
Combine magic and powerful weapon to survive in action match-3 Tavern Guardian (iPhone) 23 February
Match warriors
Hidden Variable's Skullgirls should be soft-launching sometime this spring (Android) 23 February
Keep your chins up, it's coming
FAST RMX and two Shovel Knight games join the Nintendo Switch at launch (Switch) 23 February
Not long to go now
Pocket Gamer Nintendo Switch AMA - Ask us anything about Ninty's new console, and we'll do our best to answer it (Switch) 23 February
Within reason
Idle RPG Endless Frontier offers a novel twist on incremental gaming (Android) 23 February
A different kind of infinite warfare
Troll and I is a split-screen co-operative adventure, coming to Switch in the spring (Switch) 23 February
No internet trolls this time
Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console won't be with us at launch (Switch) 23 February
Here, take this...in a bit
Grab Deus Ex GO for a teeny 99p/99c on iOS and 79p on Android (Android) 23 February
But the deal won't last forever
Get your hands on female Robin and a new summoning focus in Fire Emblem: Heroes' latest Grand Hero Battle (Android) 23 February
Only on for the next three days
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