Pocket Gamer
Hatch your own tiny creatures in Hatchi 2, an upcoming virtual pet game now in closed beta (Android) 30 October
Pocket pets
After its Apple rejection, Underworld: Drug Lords is now all about ... sweets (Android) 30 October
Is that sherbet or cocaine?
Now you can squish tiny organs with your fingers in Surgeon Simulator for iPhone (iPhone) 30 October
Pocket knife
Bullet Hell Infinite, the love letter to '90s Danmaku shooters, is out and free right now on iOS (iPhone) 30 October
Shootin' in the rain
Boulder Dash - 30th Anniversary lets you punch dirt in cute 3D on iOS and Android (Android) 30 October
Head's up
Proun+ is a modern art racer as energetic as its jazzy music, releasing on November 27th (iPhone) 30 October
Race through art
Drift'n'Drive funnels racing into a loop of bustling car bumping and engine upgrades (iPhone) 30 October
Driving in circles
Kemco's latest RPG Asdivine Hearts stars a chubby cat claiming to be the Light of Deity (Android) 30 October
Cat-like confidence
Raise your own aquatic friends, teach them tricks in virtual pet iOS game TouchFish (iPhone) 30 October
Find your Nemo
Cute cuboid Frogger-like freebie Crossy Road is out November 20th (iPhone) 30 October
Why did the chicken cross the road?
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