Pocket Gamer
Keep the adorable Ticklefluff happy by poking, stroking, and squeezing it on iOS (iPhone) 27 March
Not an innuendo
Call of Duty: Strike Team goes on sale to celebrate the 2015 Call of Duty Championship (Android) 27 March
Cheap warfare
Manic party game Finger Derpy has you control a horse - two hooves at a time (Android) 27 March
Coming in time for the Kentucky Derby
Researchers reduce motion sickness in VR games with the addition of a virtual nose (Virtual Reality) 27 March
If you nose what I mean
Rules! is the very first Apple Watch game to be released (iPhone) 27 March
Dawn of a new era?
XCOM: Enemy Within is cheap on Android too, as 2K spring sale migrates to Google Play (Android) 27 March
Balance the books
Hearthstone adventure Blackrock Mountain launches on April 2nd (Android) 26 March
April 3rd in Europe
Kickstart this: A racing wheel that fits around your iPad, great for tilt controls (iPad) 26 March
Proper racing at last
Taichi Panda has officially co-launched on iOS and Android with the Teumessian Update (Android) 26 March
Freedom to play
[Update] 16-bit battler Final Fantasy Record Keeper goes global on iOS and Android (Android) 26 March
In the Cloud (Updated: Now on Android, too)
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