Pocket Gamer
Devolver Digital’s Ronin 'is on its way' to mobile (Android) 03 July
By the sword
Gamelab Barcelona 15: Fighters of Fate turns rock-paper-scissors into a stylish anime beat 'em up (Android) 03 July
Think you're card enough?
Upcoming grid puzzler The Mesh has you unlock the 12 low-poly animals of the Zodiac (iPhone) 03 July
Nature by the numbers
Pete Hines: Fallout Shelter 'should be out next month' on Android (Android) 03 July
C'mon, pleeeease
Hand-drawn comedy adventure Deponia will leap from PC to iPad this August (iPad) 03 July
Down the recycling chute
Dolphin emulator shown off running GameCube / Wii games on Android TV (Android) 03 July
Nearly there
Thunder Jack's Log Runner sees you dodging fish on a large piece of wood on iOS (iPhone) 03 July
He's a lumberjack, and he's OK
Beast Quest update lets you play as Elenna and unlocks a whole new world to explore (iPhone) 03 July
Watch out for the fire bird
BLAZE TAB is a new, retro-gaming focused Android tablet with physical controls (Android) 03 July
Forward into the past
Nintendo responds to Metroid Prime: Federation Force backlash, asks for fans' trust (3DS) 03 July
Not exactly in their prime
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