Pocket Gamer
Pac-Man has chomped his way onto iOS and Android in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Android) 01 August
Fincon has finally released Angel Stone to the mobile masses (Android) 31 July
Action-packed RPG
Beautiful, Greek myth-inspired platformer Astra will be out for iOS this September (iPhone) 31 July
Chase the darkness away
Chaotic '80s-inspired shooter Gunslugs 2 is blasting its way from mobile to 3DS (3DS) 31 July
With 3D stereoscopic pixel art
First trailer for Digimon World: Next Order on PS Vita shows us its vibrant world (PS Vita) 31 July
A little at a time
Platform-runner Stranded - Mars ONE will have you helping out an unfortunate astronaut soon (Android) 31 July
Catch your breath
Fight for the solar system with massive robots in Square Enix's Colossus Command, in soft launch now [Update] (Android) 31 July
Stomp and bop
Cartoon Stone Age adventure Fire: Ungh's Quest trips and falls onto iOS (iPhone) 31 July
Me find fire
Horror-adventure Whispering Willows will project its spirit onto iOS and Android on August 12th (Android) 31 July
Rovio talks Angry Birds 2, launching on Android, and the new energy mechanic (Android) 31 July
The birds are back in town
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