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Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - Pair Solitaire (iPhone) 21 December
Suits you
Deus Ex: The Fall is on sale for only 69p / 99c on iOS and Android (Android) 21 December
Price fall
Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - World of Tanks Blitz (Android) 20 December
Tanks for the gifts
Club Penguin, the popular children's MMO, arrives on Android (Android) 19 December
Family friendly
Lords of the Fallen on mobile will be 'brand new' game, says publisher (Android) 19 December
Planned for 2015
Drancia is a cute action-RPG you can play for a few minutes, or a lot longer (Android) 19 December
Grab a bargain in the iOS and Android Christmas 2014 sales (Android) 19 December
Spread the cheer
Square Enix's Holiday Sale includes Final Fantasy, Chaos Rings, and Dragon Quest (Android) 19 December
Shove that in your stocking
Call of Duty, GTA, Far Cry, Elite - AppSpy rounds up the companion apps for this year's biggest games (Android) 19 December
Do you use these things?
Sol Invictus, the sequel to grim gamebook Heavy Metal Thunder, is set to hit iOS and Android early next year (Android) 19 December
The unconquered sun
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