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Say hello to Oz: Broken Kingdom's newest violent veggie character - Jack Pumpkinhead (Android) 21 October
Just in time for Halloween
Time to fight some big, beautiful bosses in Minecraft: Pocket Edition/Windows 10's Big Boss Update (Android) 21 October
I ain't afraid of you - okay, maybe I am a little
Nintendo shares drop following the Nintendo Switch reveal, but it's not too big of a deal (NX) 21 October
This ain't no Wii U, fella
Oceans & Empires preview build sets sail on Android devices (Android) 21 October
Land ho
Retro RPG Avadon 3: The Warborn kicks it old-school and heads to iPad later this year (iPad) 21 October
It's the end of an era
[Update] Collect weird items and make a brew in KleptoCats-like Alchademy, out now on iOS and Android (Android) 21 October
What would Snape say?
[Update] SwapTales: Leon!, a gamebook with changeable madlibs, is out now on iOS (iPad) 21 October
That's quite an imagination you've got there
[Update] Rusty Lake: Roots gets an awesome new trailer and it's the RIGHT kind of creepy (Android) 21 October
Out now on iOS, Android, itch.io, and Steam
Enjoy your stay at Rusty Lake Hotel, during its first sale (Android) 21 October
A point-n-click to die for
Klei's Don't Starve bring surreal survival and starvation to Android (Android) 21 October
You probably won't survive
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