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The Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES launches in Europe on September 29th (Other) 26 June
It's not the size that counts, mate
King's latest tactical RPG, Legend of Solgard, soft launches on Google Play (Android) 26 June
It's all about the Norse
The cyberpunk RPG Augmented Empire's voice talents include Nick Frost and Doug Cockle (Gear VR) 26 June
Plus, some Pocket Gamer exclusive screenshots
The popular Japanese RPG Fate/Grand Order launches on mobile in the US and Canada (Android) 26 June
In English, obviously
Fire Emblem: Heroes' latest Summoning Focus, 'Heroes With Fury', now live (Android) 26 June
You won't like them when they're angry
Swing King and the Temple of Bling's launch trailer shows off more complex levels and adorable baddies (iPhone) 26 June
Coming to iOS this week
Animal Crossing is still coming to mobile in 2017 (Android) 26 June
Reggie's on the case
A whole bunch of Asmodee digital board games are on sale for iPhone, iPad, and Android (Android) 26 June
Only until July 5th
Nintendo counts down to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's DLC release (Switch) 26 June
Interesting facts and discussions
The GearVR experience A Night Sky will be getting monthly content packs, starting June 30th (Gear VR) 26 June
Owls and dragons and butterflies, oh my!
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