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Digby Forever is the next endless arcade game from the developers of Pac-Man 256 (iPhone) 21 January
Dig down, down, down
Endless shooter/flapper Puff showcases its hectic action in new trailer (iPhone) 21 January
Releasing February 23rd
Splitter Critters is a charming puzzler with a unique mechanic, and it's coming to iOS next week (iPhone) 20 January
Move mountains-
Watch out - a new Kingdom Rush title is on its way (Android) 20 January
But there's plenty left to ponder
The bite-sized RPG adventure, Postknight, is coming to mobile on February 9th (Android) 20 January
Dangerous deliveries-
Ultimate Driving Simulation is a satisfying parking simulator, out now on iOS (Android) 20 January
And officially on Android soon
Nicalis looks like it might be bringing more of its titles to the Nintendo Switch (Switch) 20 January
Rumour alert!
Badland 2 gets a huge new 'Warpzone' update on iOS and Android (Android) 20 January
More levels, more opportunities for death
The anticipated MOBA, Planet of Heroes, is finally in soft-launch on iOS (Android) 20 January
And in open Beta on Android
Fire Emblem Direct: Shadows of Valentia, Warriors, and an un-named Switch title (3DS) 20 January
Lots to come...
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