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Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope plummets to its lowest price ever (iPhone) 29 June
It's hotter than hell, this desert deal
[Update] Turn Based RPG Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is finally out in the west (Android) 29 June
No longer just a fantasy
The galaxy's yours again: Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore has just soft launched on iOS (iPhone) 29 June
Warp drive initiated
Genre-classic Lumo comes to PlayStation Vita July 5th (PS Vita) 29 June
Nostalgia is magical, ain't it?
Humble Bundle 14 contains Please, Don't Touch Anything and Desktop Dungeons (Android) 29 June
Charitably done, sir
[Update] Don't Be Squared is a gorgeous endless autorunner by the creators of Pirate Legends TD, out now (Android) 29 June
Draw your own path
Fallen Tree Games is coming back with Quell Zen, out July 14th on iOS and Android (Android) 29 June
Emotional bubble
[Update] Kairosoft goes back to its roots with Pocket Arcade Story, now out on Android and iOS (Android) 29 June
Game Dev Arcade
Incredible FMV detective game Her Story finally out on Android, on sale (Android) 29 June
Words and their stories
Creature-building puzzler Incredipede goes on sale for the first time since 2013 (iPhone) 29 June
Break a leg
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