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[Update] Super Meat Boy Forever is Team Meat's newest project, an endless runner for tablets (Android) 30 August
Flesh it out (Updated with new details and screenshots)
Tile-based puzzler Joinz gets a new trailer and September 18th release date (iPhone) 30 August
Joinz the club
Bronze Award-winning AiRace Speed is racing its way from 3DS to iOS very soon (iPhone) 29 August
Hope it doesn't get a ticket
Hands-on with FOTONICA: No time for blinking in this intense yet elegant platformer (iPhone) 29 August
Fast as a train
Frantic platformer Duke Dashington is falling onto iOS on September 4th (Android) 29 August
Try not to fall over...again
Nintendo has revealed the first set of Amiibo figures for 3DS (3DS) 29 August
More than a dime a dozen
Custom themes coming to Nintendo 3DS in October system update (3DS) 29 August
Fresh lick of paint
Bravely Second gets first gameplay video, will release in Japan this winter (3DS) 29 August
Put on a brave face
[Update] Nintendo has announced two new 3DS models with better CPUs and an extra analogue stick (3DS) 29 August
C-stick Steve? (Updated: Won't hit Europe until 2015)
Super Smash Bros. gets Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles as a playable character (3DS) 29 August
Final Smash
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