Pocket Gamer
Shadowrun Dragonfall, the sequel to the Silver Award-winning RPG, is set to hit iOS and Android next week (Android) 27 November
Fall for it
Proun+ is a dangerously fast twitchy racer that's out right now for iPhone and iPad (iPhone) 27 November
Pipe it!
Cult classic Xbox game Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath has just strolled onto iOS, bounty in tow (Android) 27 November
Dead or alive
Luc Bernard's hand-drawn action-RPG Reaper renamed Death Tales, now a Vita exclusive (PS Vita) 26 November
Sorry, iOS and Android players
TIME and Hideo Kojima pick mobile games as their top game of 2014 (Android) 26 November
Moving on up
YouTubers have been told to clearly disclose promotional videos by the ASA (Android) 26 November
Paid to play
Some PS Vita owners are getting refunds due to Sony's 'misleading' adverts (PS Vita) 26 November
Slap on the wrist
Steam Sales is an Android app that tracks and filters sales on Steam for you (Android) 26 November
Keep it handy
Thomas Was Alone, Surgeon Sim, Twelve A Dozen in Bossa Studios Thanksgiving sale (Android) 26 November
Half-price holiday
Rescue Quest is a pretty decent free to play match-stuff puzzler that's out now for iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 26 November
A close match
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