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Sci-fi action game Icey is now available on the App Store (iPhone) 21 October
Story-driven hack-n-slash
Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 415 - Warhammer Quest II, Game of Thrones: Conquest (Android) 20 October
Plus an interview with Jonathan Blow
A crowd-funded board game version of Fightlings could well be on the way (Android) 20 October
If if gets the cash
The stunning card game Brave Hand soft-launches on Google Play before November's worldwide release on iOS/Android (Android) 20 October
Don't miss the chance
The adventure platformer Cally's Caves 4 heads to iOS on November 7th (iPhone) 20 October
Don't mess with Cally's mates, Mate
Jodeo is an experimental puzzler from 'hocus' and 'voi' developer, coming to iOS November 2nd (iPhone) 20 October
Front and centre
Tickets now available for Clash Royale's Crown Championship finale, taking place in London's Copper Box Arena December 3rd (Android) 20 October
Stiff competition
Ridiculous Rugby's fast-paced contact sports charges on iOS and Android next month (Android) 20 October
Keep moving forward
Pokemon GO introduces Ghost-type Pokemon from the Hoenn Region just in time for Halloween (Android) 19 October
Ghost hunter... sort of
Stardew Valley's sleep bug can be managed by sorting your chests on the Switch (Switch) 19 October
At least until the patch comes out
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