Pocket Gamer
Revolution 60, the hugely entertaining unique action adventure, is on sale right now on iPad and iPhone (iPhone) 30 September
Cheap time
Pokémon TCG Online, the pocket monster based digital card-collecting game, is now available for iPad worldwide (iPad) 30 September
Pikachu of spades
Adventure Xpress, Adult Swim's match-3 RPG, coming to iOS on October 2nd (iPhone) 30 September
Go postal
Wicked Lair looks to be a pleasing 2D take on classic Dungeon Keeper, coming to iOS and Android (Android) 29 September
Monstrous manor
In Spellspire you battle monsters by spelling out words to cast as nasty magic (iPhone) 29 September
A spell for spellings
Freemium version of Cut the Rope 2 soft-launched in Canadian iOS App Store (iPhone) 29 September
Free candy
Shred It! imagines snowboarding through the papercraft world of Tearaway (iPhone) 29 September
Paper shredder
Kickstart this: Blossom Tales is a retro Zelda-inspired action-RPG from the Rex Rocket devs (iPhone) 29 September
Join the Knights of the Rose
Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Final Fantasy World Wide Words released in Japan (Android) 29 September
Kairosoft's The Pyraplex finally arrives on iOS, 2 years after the Android version (iPhone) 29 September
Call that "pyramid building time"
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