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AMBI Entertainment brings its bee-utiful debut HiveFall onto iOS and Android (Android) 26 August
If you don't get the reference, we can't bee friends anymore
Esper: The Collection set to replace Esper 2 on the Oculus Store next week (Gear VR) 26 August
It's a puzzle-head's dream
Future Proof Games is bringing classic flash game, The Majesty of Colors, to mobile and desktop (Android) 26 August
It's so cinnamon-
New puzzle game Six! released by makers of 1010! and Merged! (iPhone) 26 August
Let's talk about hex, baby
[Update] Bandai Namco's Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing soft launches in select countries (Android) 26 August
Hopefully the worldwide release date will blaze ahead
Follow a tale of stars in atmospheric Gemini: A Journey of Two Stars (iPhone) 25 August
Explore together
Pan-Pan is an open-world isometric puzzle adventure slated for mobile (Android) 25 August
A puzzle quest
Tons of Bullets is a pretty classic platformer, coming to iOS next month (iPhone) 25 August
In the name of love
Keybol honours some of our favourite classic games in its upcoming platformer Tower Fortress (Android) 25 August
Tower fortuitous
Frima Studios brings Con Man: The Game to iOS and Android, out now (Android) 25 August
Here one minute, con the next
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