Pocket Gamer
Winter is a upcoming narrative-driven puzzler set on the verge between life and death (Android) 26 September
A cold wind
Mika Mobile reveals the prettier co-op Battleheart 2, coming in 2017 (Android) 26 September
Battleheart's legacy
Clash of Kings: The West is designed with Western gamers in mind (Android) 26 September
Agatha Christie: The A.B.C. Murders hits iOS and Android later this week (Android) 26 September
Find the clues; solve the case
Neon lights and retro beats; Mediocre announces its upcoming title, PinOut, with an epic trailer (iPhone) 26 September
Don't skip a beat
Pre-register for Zombie Anarchy and receive an extra survival kit for your troubles (Android) 26 September
Nothing says 'zombie apocalypse' like anarchy
Lichtspeer releases tomorrow on PC/PS4, delays Vita until November (PS Vita) 26 September
You call that a throw?
YouTube hoax causes iPhone 7 owners to create irreparable damage to their new handsets (iPhone) 26 September
I think we need an iPhone helpline
Earn a 24K gold bar as Dig That Gold hosts The Great Gold Hunt in London tomorrow, 27th September (iPhone) 26 September
Pack a rain coat
Minecon 2016 - the Big Boss Update gets a date, and Add-Ons are on their way (Android) 26 September
Minecraft YOUR way
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