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Spry Fox's challenging puzzle roguelike Road Not Taken arrives on iOS (iPhone) 27 July
Watch your step
Daily Chthonicle is a newspaper management RPG in a town of eldritch horrors, that could come to mobile (Android) 27 July
If it bleeds...
Level-5 announces Professor Layton's successor, Lady Layton, coming next year to 3DS (Android) 27 July
Curiouser and curiouser...
Crooked Path is an emotive exploration of life's twists and turns (iPhone) 27 July
The path to your destiny won't always be a straight one
Broken Window Studio's exploration narrative-focused Reflections wins Global VR Challenge (Virtual Reality) 27 July
Nintendo delays Pokemon GO Plus until September (Other) 27 July
So more 'Pokemon In-a-bit' than 'Pokemon GO'?
[Update] Red Story comes out of soft launch and onto iOS, out now (iPhone) 27 July
You'd think Red would just move Grandma closer
Nintendo's sales this week include classic Street Fighter titles and much more (Other) 27 July
And the list goes on-
Adult Swim's Try Harder set to hit Google Play this Thursday (Android) 27 July
Sometimes you've just got to - ahh, you know the drill
Portable Gaming System pulls out of Kickstarter for good, but it's still coming March 2017 (Other) 27 July
It's an emotional rollercoaster
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