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Bonecrusher - I've got a bone to pick (iPhone) 17 June
And a few to break
Fall Hard - Fall harder (iPhone) 16 June
Fall Hard with a vengeance
2-bit Cowboy Rides Again - Spurred on (iPhone) 16 June
Ride 'em, Game Boy
Dawnbringer - Sunshine of your life? (iPhone) 15 June
Bladed weapons
Kickerinho World - Keep it up for as long as you can (iPhone) 15 June
By any means necessary
Heroes of Loot 2 - Loots and loots going on here (iPhone) 13 June
It's a loot
Epic Flail - It is that (iPhone) 10 June
Whole-flail slaughter
Alphapit - Pits you against your vocabulary (iPhone) 10 June
Word to your mother
Transformers: Earth Wars - Day 7 (Android) 09 June
More than meets the eye
Star Nomad 2 - Keep moving on (iPhone) 07 June
There's not much to see here
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