Pocket Gamer
The Muscle Hustle review - A wrestling game with an Angry Birds twist (iPhone) 03 November
Flick him
Final Fantasy Legends 2 review - Somewhere between a true Final Fantasy and a mobile game (Android) 01 November
And it works
Elliot Quest review - A familiar but still entertaining adventure (Switch) 31 October
Dungeon hunter
Simulacra review - An unnerving mobile adventure just in time for Halloween (Android) 31 October
Swipe to open
ArcheAge Begins review - An RPG that forgets what makes it interesting (Android) 31 October
Here's to new beginnings
Dreamworks: Universe of Legends review - A casual RPG with all of your favourite Dreamworks animated characters (Android) 31 October
Y'know, if you have any
Super Mario Odyssey review - The wildest ride on Switch (Switch) 26 October
Mad as a hatter
Highwind review - The mobile shooter deconstructed (iPhone) 26 October
But how does it fit back together?
Subsurface Circular review - A brief but brilliantly told tale (iPad) 26 October
Teks on a train
Guns Royale AR review - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with a mobile AR twist? (iPhone) 25 October
Eh, sort of
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