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Legend of the Skyfish review - A pretty Zelda-inspired adventure game (iPhone) 19 August
Leave the sword. We're going fishing.
Zootropolis Review - A hidden object game for younger players (iPhone) 18 August
Where's the fox?
Hyper Blaster review - An arena shooter lacking in flair (iPhone) 18 August
Monkey business
Pandora's Books review - A word game worth your time? (iPhone) 18 August
Words of power
Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n review - Another Telltale classic? (iPhone) 17 August
Domo Arigato
Deus Ex GO review - Another hit, man? (Android) 17 August
I DID ask for this
Ruins Ahead review - Crossy Road with a literal twist (iPhone) 17 August
Spin the road
Chasers review - Just another endless runner? (iPhone) 17 August
You'll need a chaser after this
Championship Manager 17 review - How does it compare to Football Manager? (Android) 15 August
The not so beautiful game
Tricky Test 2 review - WarioWare on mobile? (Android) 12 August
Think outside of the box
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