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Fallen London - This doesn't flounder (iPhone) 22 April
Because it's filled with porpoise
Pang Adventures - I'm getting pangs for the days of the arcade (iPhone) 22 April
Star Knight - Starry starry knight, cut your enemies blue and red (iPhone) 22 April
Bit of culture for you there
Tormentum - Not as tormenting as the name might suggest (iPhone) 20 April
Bit of indigestion?
Warbits - Has war even been so much fun? (iPhone) 19 April
Cannon fodder
Cursed Loot - More of a blessing than a curse, really (iPhone) 18 April
Loots to do
Mars Mountain - More attitude, less altitude (Android) 18 April
Comet me bro
Toby: The Secret Mine - Probably should have stayed a secret (iPhone) 15 April
It's not mine and I don't want it
Spellspire - Tower is a five letter word (iPhone) 14 April
Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run - How many times can you say dead before it loses all meaning? (iPhone) 13 April
Loads, apparently
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