Pocket Gamer
Game of Dragons (iPhone) 19 June
Review by Peter
Lines the Game - A Sunday afternoon puzzler (iPhone) 18 June
The good sort of lines
FireWhip - A sizzling score-attack gem (Android) 18 June
Whip it good
Xenowerk - There's a lot to like here (Android) 18 June
Aliens are breeding
Try Harder - An endless runner with a morbid twist (iPhone) 16 June
You try harder
Blades of Brim - Nothing to get excited about (iPhone) 16 June
Not that sharp
Drift Girls (Android) 16 June
Gentleman driver
Adventure Time Appisode - Not really a game (Android) 15 June
Doesn't bear repeating
Fallout Shelter - Probably not the one you wanted (iPhone) 15 June
Bunker busting?
Transistor - An alluring RPG (iPhone) 15 June
Sword play
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