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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle review - The best Nintendo Switch exclusive so far (Switch) 28 August
No kidding
Radiation City review - Survival is a messy business (iPhone) 25 August
Hard going
Cat Bird review - Do we need another mobile pixel platformer? (iPhone) 25 August
Looks more like a bat to me
Darkest Dungeon review - A dungeon crawler that hurts so good (iPad) 25 August
Glutton for punishment
Technobabylon review - A gripping point-and-click sci-fi adventure (iPhone) 18 August
Minority support
Chicken Wiggle review - A generic 2D platformer with a notable DIY spirit (3DS) 18 August
Poultry offering
Sonic Mania Nintendo Switch review - The mania stems from Sonic fans (Switch) 18 August
Sonic Meh-nia
War Wings review - A slick and super fun dogfighting sim (iPhone) 18 August
Planes though, not dogs
Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen review - A frantic and entertaining cooking sim (Android) 18 August
Table service
Super Phantom Cat 2 review - More like decent phantom cat (iPhone) 17 August
Where's the kitty?
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