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Super Fancy Pants Adventure review - A glorious freewheeling platformer (iPhone) 25 January
Anything but pants
The Room: Old Sins review - Is it worth entering The Room for a fourth adventure? (iPhone) 25 January
Of course it is
Blocky Racing review - A fun casual kart racer (iPhone) 23 January
Race around the block
It's Full of Sparks review - A stylish but flawed platform-puzzler (iPhone) 19 January
Neither a bang nor a whimper
Jydge review - A hardcore shooter that plays really well on mobile (iPhone) 18 January
So that's good
Hero Academy 2 review - A brilliant game of tactical battles (Android) 17 January
And one that's well worth your time
Black: The Fall Switch review - A dystopian platformer with shades of Limbo (Switch) 16 January
But in a good way
Space Cycler review - A unique shmup that slightly outstays its welcome (iPhone) 16 January
Round and round
[Update] The Escapists 2 review - Just how much fun can be had behind bars? (Switch) 15 January
Shacked up
HeliHopper review - A different kind of bird pinger (iPhone) 15 January
City hopping
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