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Titan Brawl review - Is this the next big mobile MOBA? (iPhone) 10 November
Take it outside
Mikey Jumps review - A platformer that doesn't quite live up to its predecesors (iPhone) 10 November
My jumps, my jumps, my lovely Mikey Jumps
Madness Road review - Crossy Road meets vehicular zombie slaughter (iPhone) 10 November
Can't we get beyond Thunderdome?
Yankai's Triangle review - A simple puzzler with surprising complexity (iPhone) 08 November
In good shape
Football Manager Touch 2017 review - Another championship-winning sports sim (Android) 07 November
One horse race
Space Food Truck review - A smart card game and challenging space strategy (iPad) 05 November
All hands on deck
Gurumin 3D review - JRPG-lite, and a little bit creepy (3DS) 04 November
DC Legends review - Can it take down Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? (Android) 04 November
World of Final Fantasy review - The Final Fantasy / Pokemon hybrid you've always wanted (PS Vita) 03 November
This one won't make you Drowsee
Bloons Supermonkey 2 review - Pop 'til you drop (Android) 03 November
This ain't your Daddy's Bloons
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