Pocket Gamer
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (PS Vita) 14 July
Blazing Battles
Callys Caves 2 (iPhone) 14 July
Worth spelunking?
Pyramid Solitaire Saga (Android) 14 July
Indiana Jones with a penchant for gerbils
Urban Trial Freestyle (iPhone) 11 July
Trial run
The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5, Cry Wolf (iPhone) 11 July
Bark at the moon
Cargo King (iPhone) 11 July
Lightly stacked
Transworld Endless Skater (Android) 11 July
FFFFF2P (Android) 10 July
The fast moving world of advertising
Blackwell 1: Legacy (iPhone) 10 July
Occult classic
Magical Beat (PS Vita) 09 July
A new rhythm
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