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Venture Kid - A venture into the dim and distant past (iPhone) 14 January
Not bad, kid
Pixel Starships - A pixellated vaccum (iPhone) 13 January
FTS: Faster than Sloths
Jetpack Fighter - Fighting the quite good fight (iPhone) 08 January
Back of the jet
Age of Wushu: Dynasty - Sometimes you want someone else to grind for you (iPhone) 07 January
Wushu-d you try it?
Lonewolf - More of a cub really (iPhone) 07 January
Snipe to see you
BattleHand - A solid and gorgeous fantasy blend of CCG and RPG (Android) 07 January
Did we mention it's gorgeous?
Candy Crush Jelly Saga - I think you're probably ready for this jelly (Android) 07 January
Wiggle it
Nuclear Throne - It's Pretty Rad! (PS Vita) 05 January
No need to go fission for compliments
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - Old dog, same tricks, more bite (iPhone) 05 January
Steal all the things, shoot all the things
Squareface - A square peg in an almost square hole (iPhone) 05 January
Squaring the circle
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