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Mulaka Switch review - An action adventure worthy of mythology? (Switch) 19 March
Lost in the Dungeon review - A card-based dungeon crawler that's got a few too many problems (iPhone) 16 March
Card to please
Death Coming review - Murder most horrid, or a dark and interesting puzzler? (iPhone) 16 March
A bit of both
.Projekt review - A smart spatial puzzler that casts a long shadow (iPhone) 16 March
Fresh perspective
Blissfull review - A puzzler that locks you out (iPhone) 15 March
Some kind of bliss
Kirby Star Allies Switch review - A fun but lop-sided Switch action platformer (Switch) 14 March
Are Kirby's eyes bigger than his stomach?
Scribblenauts Showdown review - A party puzzler which doesn't quite deliver on its potential (Switch) 12 March
Nought but scribbles
Gravity Dash review - a solid but deeply familiar runner (Android) 12 March
Weighed down by history
The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands review - A bright light of strategy and planning in the dark (iPhone) 09 March
Burn it all
Steredenn Binary Star Switch review - Bullet heaven or hell? (Switch) 09 March
Bullet hell meets roguelike meets agony
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