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I Am Setsuna review - How does it hold up on Nintendo Switch? (Switch) 03 April
A new classic?
ROME: Total War - Barbarian Invasion review - the same RTS action you've always known (iPad) 03 April
March of death
Meganoid review - A fun roguelike platformer held back by clunky controls (Android) 31 March
Lock and load
Gangstar: New Orleans review - An open world crime game that's a little closed (Android) 30 March
Gang-star rating
Construction Simulator 2 review - The name says it all (Android) 30 March
The foreman has injured his hand
Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed review - A very mobile version of the classic franchise (Android) 30 March
Dy-nasty or dy-nice?
Kami 2 review - Paper perfect or tear-rible? (iPhone) 30 March
Like my puns...
Royal Dungeon review - A dualistic reinterpretation of the dungeon crawler (iPhone) 29 March
But not a great one
Snake Pass review - A new type of puzzle platformer altogether (Switch) 28 March
Gets a pass or should you pass?
Cube Escape: The Cave review - A decently creepy point-n-click (iPhone) 27 March
Mystery cave
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