Pocket Gamer
Beneath the Lighthouse - Mobile gaming done with aplomb and intelligence (iPhone) 29 October
Twist it up
Dead Effect 2 - Not quite the effect it was looking for (Android) 29 October
Not dead yet
Future Sense - Time travel gaming done right (iPhone) 27 October
Forward thinking
Lethargy (iPhone) 26 October
Gets out the wrong side of bed
Afterpulse - Almost certainly shouldn't be as good as it is (iPhone) 23 October
Pulse-pounding. Oh I'm sorry
Dub Dash - Absurdly hard twitch gaming (iPhone) 23 October
Hopes dashed
Please, Don't Touch Anything - Or there'll be trouble (iPhone) 22 October
What MC Hammer said
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - It takes one to tango (iPhone) 22 October
To me, to also me
Pokaboo - Like playing peekaboo, but with a ghost and some coloured blobs (iPhone) 22 October
Ghost with the most
Zombie Match Defense - Oh so very generic (iPhone) 22 October
Do what it says
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