Pocket Gamer
Heroki - Right now, probably not worth it (iPhone) 03 July
Five years is a long time
Divide By Sheep - A fresh and engaging puzzler (iPhone) 02 July
Far from wooly
Siegefall (Android) 02 July
Subtle to the point of formlessness
The Executive - An awful lot of silly arcade fun (iPhone) 02 July
Wolf it down
CivMiner (iPhone) 02 July
Digging deep
Retimo Adventure (Android) 01 July
Retim-oh no!
Lego Minifigures Online - Something genuinely entertaining (Android) 01 July
If you keep building it, they will come
Piloteer (iPhone) 30 June
She pilots-eer, she pilots there
Dragon Quest VI - Full of charm (iPhone) 30 June
Some dragons are bigger than others
Arrow - Way off target (Android) 30 June
Quivering with anger
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