Pocket Gamer
Tsuro - The fast path to family fun (iPhone) 10 February
Dragons down the garden path
Marvel Avengers Academy - Free to play at its very worst (Android) 08 February
Marvel at the unsophisticated free to play
Adventures of Mana - A mid-sized but expensive blast from the past (iPhone) 05 February
With a new snazzy look
Kill the Plumber World - I'm still waiting for Super Kill the Plumber Bros World 2 (iPhone) 04 February
It's fine, everything is fine
Space Grunts - But you can't hear it, because you're in space (iPhone) 04 February
Grunt work
Ultimate Briefcase - I mean, yes it is, but isn't that damning with faint praise? (iPhone) 04 February
Casing the joint
Anime Studio Story - Crack cartoons (Android) 01 February
A fantastic story with an unhappy ending
Lost Journey - Probably worth buying a map for (Android) 01 February
Hello, is it me you're looking for
Sandstorm: Pirate Wars - A fun apocalyptic pirate adventure slightly spoiled by F2P (Android) 01 February
Free to play wars
Twofold Inc. - A puzzling numerical romp with a lot going for it (iPhone) 29 January
Two folds into four, and so on
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