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Wobblers review - An arcade game that mixes the subtle and the chaotic (iPhone) 23 February
And does it pretty well
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain review - Tin Man Games takes the gamebook in an interesting new direction (iPhone) 22 February
Rolling with the big boys
Ink Spotters review - A frustrating detective mystery (iPhone) 22 February
Get a clue
Vampire: Prelude review - An undead classic or just dead confusing? (iPhone) 21 February
Go to a party, get undead
Djinn Caster review - An action RPG with a fresh coat of paint (iPhone) 21 February
Cast your eyes over this
Gravity Galaxy review - a smart, spacey physics-based puzzler (Android) 20 February
Pulling me closer
Causality review - A challenging puzzler with clever mechanics (Android) 17 February
Cause and effect
Digby Forever review - Dig Dug for the Crossy Road generation (iPhone) 16 February
It's all mine
Evergrow review - A match-stuff puzzler and an action game blended into one (iPhone) 16 February
Ever get the feeling
Hidden Folks review - A hidden puzzle game which offers up a hell of a challenge (iPhone) 16 February
Not quite hidden in plain sight.
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