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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Nintendo Switch review - Does it stave off Mario withdrawal? (Switch) 25 May
And how's the remake job?
VOEZ Nintendo Switch review - Is it worth playing on Ninty's latest handheld? (Switch) 25 May
And how does it differ?
Minecraft Switch Edition review - The best portable version of the block builder? (Switch) 25 May
It might be
Level 24 review - A puzzler that doesn't quite strike the right chords (iPhone) 25 May
Elementary level
Subdivision Infinity review - A space shooter that's worth checking out (iPhone) 25 May
Dark matter
Arkanoid vs Space Invaders review - Arcade mash ups don't come more classic than this (Android) 25 May
In the sense that the games are old
Raster Prime review - Simple mechanics hide a clever-designed sci-fi puzzler (Android) 23 May
Updated with video
Terminator Genisys: Future War review - A belated tie-in (Android) 22 May
Come with me if you want to live
Survival Arena review - Can it bring tower defence to the new generation? (Android) 22 May
Tower defence Royale
Hello Kitty Music Party review - An uninspired rhythm-based idle clicker (Android) 22 May
Party's over
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