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Invert review - Just what we're looking for in a puzzler? (Android) 24 April
Move carefully or move quick
Ms Spell review - A magical misfire (iPhone) 24 April
Watch your step in these woods
Evergrow: Paper Forest review - A cute, but repetitive, puzzler (iPhone) 24 April
Can't see the wood for the trees
Nonstop Chuck Norris review - Nonstop Knight wearing a slightly different jumper (iPhone) 21 April
Can't stop this
Get Me Outta Here review - A shooter that takes a while to get going (iPhone) 20 April
But when it does...
Crash Arena Turbo Stars review - A game about building and bashing (Android) 20 April
And cats
Tempest review - An action RPG without any action or much roleplaying (iPhone) 19 April
That sinking feeling
Yo Kai Watch 2 Review - Worth finding time for? (3DS) 19 April
Mallow Drops review - Does this avian puzzler fly too close to the sun? (iPhone) 19 April
Birds of a feather
Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy review - Is there hope for the galaxy? (Android) 19 April
I...am Groot
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