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Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament - A grand expansion's out (Android) 01 September
But it won't cost you a grand to get the cards
Magic River - Frustrates more than entertains (Android) 01 September
What Justin Timberlake wanted you to cry
Nova-111 - Not quite charming or well-realised enough to fulfill its potential (PS Vita) 01 September
Wrong turn
Dice Mage – Catchy but unfair (iPhone) 28 August
Dicey and pricey
Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS Vita) 28 August
Glitchy. Tasty.
Calvino Noir - A mixture that just doesn't come together (iPhone) 28 August
Stumbling in the dark
Ski Safari 2 - Pretty sure we've seen this mountain before (iPhone) 27 August
Winter Fugitives – Suspenseful and spectacular (Android) 27 August
Get out of jail free
Lara Croft GO - One of the best puzzle games this year (Android) 27 August
Wait your turn
Championship Manager: All-Stars (Android) 26 August
Manage your expectations
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