Pocket Gamer
Morphite review - A space adventure that gets everything spot on (iPhone) 21 September
It's morphite time
Thimbleweed Park review - Exactly what point-and-click adventures should be (iPhone) 20 September
No question, just a statement
Through The Ages review - A board game on a truly massive scale (Android) 20 September
But it fits in your pocket
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero review - A brilliant Switch platformer (Switch) 19 September
Hey! Pikmin review - A much simplified take on the cult Nintendo IP (3DS) 19 September
Straight-forward strategy
OPUS: Rocket of Whisper review - An adventure that's unlike anything you've played (iPhone) 18 September
Ghosts of the civil dead
Sprnkls review - A match-three puzzler with hidden depths (iPhone) 18 September
Sprnklng of new ideas
Minos Strategos review - A complex hybrid of card game, puzzler, and tactical roguelike (iPhone) 18 September
Grab the bull by the horns
Coloristic review - A deliciously tactile puzzler (iPhone) 15 September
Throwing shade
Iron Marines review - The mobile RTS we've all been waiting for? (Android) 14 September
Could be
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