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Big Sport Fishing 2017 review - A simple fishing game for the casual crowd (Android) 24 July
Hook, line, and sinker
WWE Tap Mania review - One for fans of wrestling and tapping, and that's about it (Android) 24 July
I am flexing dramatically
Full Throttle Remastered review - A port that's a little low on gas (iPhone) 21 July
Hit the breaks?
Wagers of War review - Hearthstone gives Clash Royale a hug over a game of snap (iPhone) 21 July
Stick or twist?
Layton's Mystery Journey review - A perplexing puzzler for Layton lovers? (Android) 21 July
Indeed it is
Augmented Empire review - A virtual reality worth sinking into? (Gear VR) 20 July
Out of this world
Leap On! review - A one-touch arcade game that gets a little one-note (iPhone) 20 July
Round and round
Brainful review - A fast-paced puzzler that will keep you on your toes (iPhone) 20 July
My brain is so full now
Project MALLOW review - Angry Birds getting in a fight with a Super Meat Boy (iPhone) 19 July
Chicken is meat
Sidewords review - A tough but rewarding letter puzzler (iPhone) 19 July
My side word
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