Pocket Gamer
Elsword: Evolution Part 5 - How does it compare and how does it play? (iPhone) 25 May
The PG review diary
How does Rush Rally 2 compare to Real Racing 3, AG Drive, and more? (Android) 23 May
The PG review
Britney Spears: American Dream - is it 1999 Britney or 2007 Britney? (Android) 23 May
Can Glu do it one more time?
Warhammer 40,000: Regicide - Does it kill the king? (iPhone) 19 May
With a chainsword?
Bushido Bear - A bit polarizing (iPhone) 19 May
But no need to desbear
Leap Day - One thumb platforming dished up by a sadist (Android) 19 May
Tap! Tap! Leap! Die!
Mekorama vs Monument Valley - Which is the better game? (Android) 18 May
The PG review
Olympus Rising - Day 7 (Android) 17 May
Gods at war
Minecraft for the Gear VR is going to drain your battery (Gear VR) 17 May
Just so long as we never have to see a bloody Enderman
Talisman: Horus Heresy - Fittingly chaotic (iPhone) 16 May
You can't teach an old Genestealer new tricks
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