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SUP Multiplayer Racing review - A zippy little racer (Android) 13 June
Stunt racing with a twist
Fowlst review - An arcade shooter without all that much shooting (iPhone) 13 June
Chicken butt
Fancy Cats Solitaire review - A card game that does exactly what it says on the tin (Android) 12 June
Dashing, darling
Mr. Mustachio 2 review - A number puzzler that you can count on? (iPhone) 09 June
One, two, and so on
Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode Two: Under Pressure review - the story continues (iPad) 09 June
But is it any better?
Super Nano Jumpers review - A decent enough hardcore platformer (iPhone) 08 June
Two touchy
Epic Little War Game review - A turn-based strategy that's certainly little (Android) 08 June
Not sure on the Epic part
Disgaea 5 Complete Nintendo Switch Review - If you love grinding, you'll be in heaven (Switch) 07 June
Fire Emblem fans need not apply
Ultra Street Fighter II Nintendo Switch review - The ultimate version of the ultimate Street Fighter? (Switch) 07 June
Monument Valley 2 review - A sequel that stands on its own two feet (iPhone) 06 June
Updated with video
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