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Lords of the Fallen review - An Infinity Blade-style hack and slasher (iPhone) 09 February
But not as good as Infinity Blade
Heart Star review - A charming and engaging puzzling platformer (iPhone) 08 February
Switch it around
Evil Factory review - A pixel-perfect boss battler let down by its controls (Android) 06 February
The evil within (the controls)
Glitchskier review - A shooter with a style and a substance all of its own (iPhone) 03 February
The glitch king
Pixel Craft review - A retro shooter with a modern vibe (iPhone) 03 February
Pixel that
Edo Superstar review - A superstar mobile brawler? (iPhone) 03 February
Sort of
Warlock's Tower review - A simple yet surprisingly varied puzzle game (Android) 03 February
Mail's on the way
The Frostrune review - just beautiful on the outside? (Android) 02 February
Nah, it's got a personality to match.
Fire Emblem: Heroes review - A casual, free to play RPG from Nintendo (Android) 02 February
Take that how you will
Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron review - A twangy platformer with a lot of polish (iPhone) 01 February
Slime by me
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