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SpacePlan review - A fun narrative makes this a surprisingly enjoyable clicker (Android) 10 May
A spud odyssey
Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics review - Can it topple Clash Royale? (Android) 08 May
Not a chance
Her Majesty's Spiffing review - A charmingly British point and click adventure (iPhone) 04 May
One lump or two?
Ever Knight review - An arcade slasher with a bit more going for it (iPhone) 04 May
A Snake's Tale review - A puzzler with a twist in its tail? (iPhone) 04 May
More of a rattle
TumbleSeed review - A clever, devious roguelike that has you crawling in more ways than one (Switch) 04 May
I hate it, but I love it
Die With Glory review - An adventure that loses a lot in the telling (iPhone) 02 May
Viking trip
Antitype review - A clever-designed minimalist word game (iPhone) 02 May
The opposite of bad
War of Crown review - A strategy RPG as functional as it is unoriginal (Android) 01 May
Time for regicide
Pengy Has a Dream review - a neat platformer with a unique mechanic (iPhone) 28 April
If you can dream it, you can do it
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