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Cast of the Seven Godsends Switch review - A vibrant 2D run-and-gun platformer that tells an age old tale of heroism (Switch) 14 May
But is it any good?
Bleed 2 Switch review - A fast-paced arcade inspired shooter (Switch) 14 May
That knows what it wants to be
Tiny Bubbles review - A puzzler which offers up more than you'd expect (Android) 10 May
Colourful strategy
Among the Stars review - A card game that sees you building space stations (iPhone) 10 May
Lazaretto review - A dark and grim horror game with a few surprises (iPhone) 08 May
And some spooks
Axe.io review - A chop and slash arena game that shouldn't be as good as it is (iPhone) 08 May
Axe me anything
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy review - Plenty of bang for your buck? (Switch) 07 May
Blow me away
Glides review - Another competent but uninspiring iOS flier (iPhone) 04 May
Glides by without incident
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review - One of the best platformers on Switch (Switch) 04 May
As great on Switch as it was on Wii U
Spike City review - Another Nitrome gem, but not quite a classic (Android) 04 May
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