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Layers of Fear: Legacy Switch review - A horror game to play with the lights down low (Switch) 07 March
Enter if you dare
Subsurface Circular Switch review - Subsurface? Maybe. Sub-par? Not at all (Switch) 07 March
Definitely sub-edited though
Temple of Spikes - A super cruel platformer that will eat you alive if you let it (Android) 06 March
Die, die, die
Tiny Metal Switch review - Right, so who remembers Advance Wars? (Switch) 06 March
What IS war good for?
ChronoBlade review - A side-scrolling brawler that lacks finesse but still packs a punch (Android) 06 March
Violent times
Part Time UFO review - An arcade delight from the house of Kirby (iPhone) 02 March
Nintendo's second-party friends make a mobile gem
Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! review - A cheeky FTL alternative (iPhone) 02 March
Star chip enterprise
A Normal Lost Phone review - A mobile-based narrative adventure (iPhone) 01 March
That you should definitely play
Subsurface Circular review - A brief but brilliantly told tale (iPad) 01 March
Teks on a train
Lichtspeer review - A superb, hilarious action game (iPhone) 01 March
Have no speer
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