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Reigns review - A strategy game mixed with Tinder (iPhone) 11 August
Reigning blood
Save the Planet review - An epic premise with a boring execution (Android) 11 August
Can't save itself
It's a Space Thing review - How can multiplayer arcade shooting go wrong? (iPhone) 11 August
Boldly going nowhere
Satellina Zero review - Bullet hell puzzling (Android) 11 August
Neon rain
Eisenhorn: Xenos review - Arkham Asylum, but in the grim dark future (iPhone) 10 August
Only war. And sneaking
Masquerade: The Faceless - First impressions (Android) 09 August
What's the point?
Sleepy Mouse review - Angry Birds but with tired mice? (iPhone) 09 August
More narcoleptic than dozy
Panic Drop review - The new ZigZag? (iPhone) 08 August
Thinking outside the box
Return to Grisly Manor review - An adventure better than The Room? (iPhone) 05 August
Nah mate
Chaos Chronicle review - Yet another Korean RPG (Android) 05 August
Chaotic neutral
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