Pocket Gamer
BlockQuest - An action packed RPG puzzler (Android) 01 October
Crossy RPG
Shooty Skies - Shooting everything just to make it explode (iPhone) 30 September
Skies of arcade-yeah
SPL-T - A baffling retro-infused puzzler (iPhone) 30 September
Make your brains do the splits
PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist (Android) 30 September
Should you subscribe?
Land Sliders - More of a gentle crumble really (iPhone) 29 September
Slide with me
Astra - Of corsa it's quite good (iPhone) 29 September
Not the car
Hopiko - A joyously hateful experience (iPhone) 28 September
Hop to it
Champ Man 16 - Should Football Manager be watching its back? (Android) 28 September
Ready for promotion
Puzzle & Glory - It's sort of a match (iPhone) 24 September
Not a gem
Blackwell 4: Deception - an engrossing ghostbusting story (iPhone) 24 September
Psychic chic
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