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Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle platformer that tests the limits of the screen, heading to PS Vita (PS Vita) 05 March
Magic box
PS Vita-exclusive pretty puzzler htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary is now available in Europe (PS Vita) 05 March
Out of the shadows
OlliOlli 2 and CounterSpy are your PS Plus games on Vita this month (PS Vita) 04 March
Skateboarding and sneaking
OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS Vita) 04 March
Nose to the grind rail
GDC 2015: Hands-on with Drifter - the ultra ambitious space empire game from Celsius Studios (PS Vita) 04 March
GDC 2015: Hands-on with Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon - a creepy puzzler you'll want to play when it's raining (PS Vita) 04 March
Eight legged freaks
Incoming! The most exciting Vita games for March 2015 (PS Vita) 03 March
Aliens, ollies, ghosts, and demons
Heart Forth, Alicia is a metroidvania RPG inspired by '90s games heading to Vita in 2016 (PS Vita) 03 March
Love heart
The Pocket Gamer Awards 2015 winners announced (PS Vita) 03 March
Stoic, ustwo, Nitrome, and Nintendo win big
Shutshimi is a shmup starring a fish with giant, muscular arms heading to Vita (PS Vita) 03 March
Fish fingers
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