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Siralim is a monster-taming RPG with roguelike elements heading to PS Vita (PS Vita) 12 August
Over 300 unique monsters
Hidden gems: 8 Vita games that (almost) everybody forgot (PS Vita) 11 August
Dig 'em up
Beat up ghouls and goblins when Curses 'N Chaos lands on PS Vita on August 18th (PS Vita) 11 August
Knuckle dust
The next RPG from the Final Fantasy VII writer ditches free to play (PS Vita) 11 August
Good riddance
Mind bending puzzler The Bridge is bringing its impossible architecture to PS Vita (PS Vita) 11 August
Wrap your head around this
PS Plus prices are rising in the UK (PS Vita) 11 August
Plus plus money
AppSpy and Pocket Gamer respond to Miller Report Big Indie Pitch disaster (PS Vita) 11 August
The REAL truth
This week on Twitch: #Gamescom2015 catch-up (PS Vita) 10 August
The core team returns
Otome visual novel Amnesia: Memories heads west on PS Vita, iOS, and Android (PS Vita) 10 August
Who are you?
Roll a gentleman around in Japanese platformer TorqueL, out on PS Vita tomorrow (PS Vita) 10 August
Dressed to kill
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