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All 16 upcoming games from the Big Indie Pitch at Develop (PS Vita) 18 July
The greatest as-yet-undiscovered titles, from Pocket Gamer's big night at this year's Develop conference
Beyond Human will bring sci-fi metroidvania action to PS Vita next year (PS Vita) 13 July
Exo-suit vs extraterrestrials
Pocket Gamer is hitting up Develop 2016 to find the best upcoming games (PS Vita) 13 July
And eat ice cream, ride on roller coasters, and play arcade games. Obvs.
Bandai Namco announces A.W. : Phoenix Festa for PlayStation Vita, launching July 26th in selected countries (PS Vita) 11 July
Kids fighting kids in a government-led tournament...that sounds familiar
Last chance to enter the Big Indie Pitch at Develop 2016 (PS Vita) 05 July
Indie devs: Show off your game and win some fame
Genre-classic Lumo comes to PlayStation Vita July 5th (PS Vita) 29 June
Nostalgia is magical, ain't it?
Square Enix's Adventures of Mana drops out of nowhere on PSVita, out now in Europe (PS Vita) 28 June
Adventures on the go
Read Only Memories is a cool cyberpunk adventure game with multiple solutions, coming August 16th (PS Vita) 24 June
Might be read-only but we're writing about it
Yomawari: Night Alone trailer shows just how creepy things can be after dark (PS Vita) 23 June
In the dark of the night, evil will find her...
Persona-like Caligula by FuRyu is getting a western release on Vita next spring (PS Vita) 17 June
Studying abroad
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