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The Zero Escape collection has been delayed on Vita in Europe, will release in March in the US (PS Vita) 07 February
Hopefully we won't have to wait 999 days.
Visually striking metroidvania Forma.8 finally out February 23rd on Vita (PS Vita) 06 February
Coming later this year to mobile and N3DS
The best deals this week in handheld and mobile (PS Vita) 06 February
We all like cheap games
Sci-fi metroidvania forma.8 hovers onto PS Vita and Steam on February 23rd (PS Vita) 03 February
iOS version still in the works
Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea - a solid PS3 JRPG port (PS Vita) 18 January
Shall we?
App Army Assemble: Xenoraid (PS Vita) 12 January
Space is the place for carnage
The vertically-scrolling shooter Xenoraid launches on Vita, but only in the US (PS Vita) 11 January
Other regions delayed for another week.
The big Pocket Gamer accessory guide 2017 - PS Vita accessories (PS Vita) 07 January
PS Vita accessories: give your Vita a treat
Our most anticipated upcoming Vita games for 2017 (PS Vita) 31 December
Holding out for a hero
Shop over a thousand deals on games and more with Amazon Digital Day (PS Vita) 30 December
Cracking deals
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