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Jet Car Stunts brings its high-speed ridiculousness to Vita next week (PS Vita) 03 October
I'm flying through the aaaaaaaarggghhh
PS Vita custom themes have arrived today in the 3.30 firmware update (PS Vita) 03 October
Better scenery
Weird arcade action game Pix the Cat coming to Vita on October 7th (PS Vita) 01 October
Nostalgia mode revealed
Incoming! The most exciting 3DS and PS Vita games for October 2014 (PS Vita) 01 October
Frozen Synapse Prime (PS Vita) 30 September
Icy cool
Run Sackboy! Run! Sony's Little Big Planet flavoured endless runner, is in soft launch on iOS in New Zealand (PS Vita) 29 September
Myth-weaving RPG Moon Hunters is headed to PS Vita in late 2015 (PS Vita) 25 September
14 hours left to go on Kickstarter
OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS Vita) 25 September
New tricks, split routes, bigger air, and multiplayer.
OlliOlli 2 takes you to Olliwood with new tricks and multiplayer, coming to Vita in 2015 (PS Vita) 25 September
See you on the skate side
TGS 2014: Weekend round-up (PS Vita) 25 September
A look back at the show's busiest days
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