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How to beat UFO catcher crane games in Tokyo (PS Vita) 21 March
Catch all those Pokémon plush toys
EGX Rezzed 2015: Titan Souls is The Legend of Zelda meets Shadow of the Colossus (PS Vita) 20 March
...and every bit as good as that sounds
Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes - two games meet in a single spin-off, coming to PS Vita (PS Vita) 19 March
No release date yet
The 'El Psy Kongroo Edition' of visual novel Steins;Gate for PS Vita has cute goodies (PS Vita) 19 March
A Metal Upa, primarily
Start your media career with Pocket Gamer (PS Vita) 17 March
Internships available
This week on Twitch: Irish indies! Hot video game previews! More! (PS Vita) 16 March
Check out our complete streaming schedule here
Bloodborne's buttons can be re-mapped to the PS Vita's touch controls during Remote Play (PS Vita) 16 March
Bloodied hands
Lego Jurassic World flees from a T-Rex on PS Vita, 3DS this June (PS Vita) 16 March
Check out the new trailer
The mysterious Terraria: Otherworld gets a pretty gameplay trailer (PS Vita) 11 March
A more story-driven approach
Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart (PS Vita) 11 March
A console war where no one wins
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