Pocket Gamer
The Sly Trilogy (PS Vita) 16 April
One sly bean
Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse (PS Vita) 16 April
Episode 2 contains hostages, pizza, AND eagles
Conception II comes to Europe in May, along with free Danganronpa tie-in DLC quests (PS Vita) 15 April
Demo will be available as well
Offline bots will finally be available in Killzone: Mercenary for Vita tomorrow (PS Vita) 15 April
But you'll have to pay for 'em
Beautiful exploration game Eufloria Adventures will glide onto PlayStation Mobile on April 16th (PS Vita) 15 April
Alien flora
Silver Award-winning King of Dragon Pass will be roaring onto Android, Vita, and Windows Phone soon (PS Vita) 15 April
Unleash the dragon
Terraria will be updated with thousands of additional features for Vita on April 17th (PS Vita) 15 April
More than you wished for
Conception II (PS Vita) 15 April
Childish delight
Soul Sacrifice Delta will come to western Vita owners this May (PS Vita) 14 April
Not-so-Grim news
Kickstart this: 16-bit detective RPG Pixel Noir will have you snooping around a dark city (PS Vita) 14 April
Smoky streets
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