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Zodiac is a beautiful 2D online RPG for mobile and Vita by some ex-Final Fantasy talent (PS Vita) 19 September
You can ride a griffin
Phantasy Star Nova (PS Vita) 19 September
TGS 2014: Check out the Japanese trailer for Phantasy Star Nova
TGS 2014: Day 1 Round-up (PS Vita) 18 September
RPG Vines direct from the show floor
TGS 2014: Final Fantasy Agito is heading to the Vita as a free to play title in Japan (PS Vita) 18 September
Back to school
Check out the new trailer for retro-style shooter Gunslugs 2 (PS Vita) 16 September
Bullet heaven
Resident Evil Revelations 2 might be coming to Vita (PS Vita) 16 September
Tokyo Game Show tattletale
The Sun And Moon is a stylish momentum-based platformer heading to Vita (PS Vita) 16 September
Switch and flow
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (PS Vita) 16 September
Swordsman's delight?
SteamWorld Heist (PS Vita) 16 September
Take cover as these space cowbots board enemy ships
SteamWorld Heist takes the series into space with turn-based ship boarding in early 2015 (PS Vita) 16 September
Steam rises
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