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Danganronpa turns into a shooter in Vita exclusive Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (PS Vita) 20 February
Ronpa? I barely even knew her!
AppSpy and Pocket Gamer's 12 hour stream for charity kicks off... now! (PS Vita) 20 February
Streaming from 9AM - 9PM UK / 1AM - 1PM Pacific / 4AM - 4PM Eastern
Cover-based shooter Not A Hero's new trailer is violent but stylish, out for Vita later this year (PS Vita) 19 February
Vote for BunnyLord, or die
Tough medieval fantasy brawler Strength of the Sword Ultimate is coming to PS Vita (PS Vita) 18 February
Thrusted by Kickstarter
Magicka creators bringing top-down co-op alien shooter Helldivers to Vita on March 4th (PS Vita) 16 February
Out of my way
Criminal Girls: Invite Only (PS Vita) 16 February
These are the 100-odd PS Vita games that are launching in the US and Europe this year (PS Vita) 16 February
The ultimate checklist
Bryan Henderson isn't the god he was promised to be in Godus yet, but he is in Roll7's Not A Hero (PS Vita) 13 February
God of another realm
What the GEOFF!? Episode 2: The Kim Kardashian Question (PS Vita) 12 February
Are you Sirious?
The Swindle is a bit like Spelunky with a cybercrime edge, heading to Vita this year (PS Vita) 12 February
It might be a bit like Spelunky ... a bit
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