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Telltale reckons that October will be a 'mega-month' for its adventure games (PS Vita) 30 September
Prepare yourself
B-SIDES is a free text adventure from your pals at Pocket Gamer, AppSpy, and 148Apps (PS Vita) 30 September
Full details of how to play it, how we made it, and how you can easily create an epic of your own!
Why is Uncharted: Golden Abyss missing from the series' remastered collection? (PS Vita) 29 September
Naughty Dog explains
Axiom Verge creator confirms the game is still coming to PS Vita, eventually (PS Vita) 29 September
Maybe by the end of the year
Muv-Luv, one of the most beloved visual novels, probably coming to Android and PS Vita (PS Vita) 28 September
From Japan with love
Frantic anime fighting game One Piece: Burning Blood confirmed for Europe in 2016 (PS Vita) 28 September
The devil's fruit
Don't expect Mighty No. 9 on 3DS or PS Vita before February 2016 (PS Vita) 28 September
Release dates for everything but handheld platforms
Sony says mobile gaming's dominance makes a PlayStation Vita successor unlikely (PS Vita) 28 September
"The climate is not healthy"
The Pocket Gamer Podcast 332: FIFA 16, Monster Hunter X, PewDiePie, Spl-t, (PS Vita) 26 September
Messy up front
The PS Vita's 'panty-wearing, bra-seeking' dungeon RPG comes out tomorrow (PS Vita) 24 September
Only bras can save the world now
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