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Weird Earthbound-inspired RPG Y2K is bringing the millennium bug to Vita (PS Vita) 11 November
Techno crash
Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops (PS Vita) 11 November
Mission Failed
Spelunky has been updated on PS Vita with leaderboard replays, ghosts, and more (PS Vita) 11 November
Update down cave
Pocket Rumble, the 2D SNK-inspired fighter for Vita & 3DS, is back on Kickstarter (PS Vita) 10 November
Handheld ports included in stretch goals
Nonogram-based logic puzzler Sketchcross headed to PS Vita in early 2015 (PS Vita) 08 November
Crossword meets sudoku
Race the Sun (PS Vita) 07 November
Do a barrel roll
Freedom Wars (PS Vita) 07 November
Stockholm Syndrome
Hands-on with Tales of Hearts R, the revamped DS RPG we missed the first time around (PS Vita) 07 November
A taste of the past
Baboon! has bananas, bombs, and polar bears? Coming to Vita soon (PS Vita) 07 November
Big bada baboom
Minutes (PS Vita) 07 November
Not a waste of time
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