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Minecraft on PS Vita adds a new Halloween world and even more Star Wars skins (PS Vita) 26 October
The horror!
Get your first look at Day of the Tentacle with its new hand-drawn art (PS Vita) 26 October
Where'd all the pixels go?
Grim dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon will creep onto PS Vita and iPad next year (PS Vita) 22 October
Brave the horrors within
Start your media career with Pocket Gamer (PS Vita) 22 October
Internships available
Guitar Hero Live turns your iPhone into a next-gen console (PS Vita) 21 October
Rocking in the free-to-play world
AppSpy has a new look and a new attitude. Behold its glory (PS Vita) 20 October
Organ Trail: Complete Edition brings the zombie adventure and all its expansions to PS Vita (PS Vita) 16 October
There's so much of it
New screenshots show off Slain's beautiful pixel art on Vita (PS Vita) 15 October
Portable pixels
Have a look at the first image of Fallout 4 running on PS Vita (PS Vita) 15 October
Not quite a Pip-Boy
Space Hulk stomps its way onto PS Vita in Europe and Australia on October 23rd (PS Vita) 14 October
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